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Who We Are

Castbox is the product of a small startup team founded by xGoogler from App Genie in 2016. All of Castbox’s team members come from top tier internet companies with years of vertical experience.

Our Vision

Audio Aggregation Platform

Audio Recommendation System

Audio Generation Center

CastBox’s Achievement

Castbox provides global audiences with the best fitting audio, making information more accessible for daily playback scenarios like commuting, sports, chores and more.

Achieved Within 2 Months:

  • User Experience: Better than a 3-year old competitor
  • Day 1 Retention: Increased from 5% to 67%
  • Featured by Google Play Official Editor in 135 countries

Achieved Within 10 Months:

  • Installs: More than 3 million
  • Daily Active Users: More than 500k
  • Average time spent: More than 2 hours/day
CastBox’s Achievement

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