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Stuff To Blow Your Mind

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Deep in the back of your mind, you’ve always had the feeling that there’s something strange about reality. There is. Join Robert, Joe and Christian as they examine neurological quandaries, cosmic mysteries, evolutionary marvels and our transhuman future on Stuff To Blow Your Mind, a podcast from


Six Deadly Poisons

01:11:16Update: 08-173

The Science of Secrets

01:42:25Update: 08-033

The Buddha is a Mountain

00:54:06Update: 08-016

The Biophilia Hypothesis

01:09:26Update: 07-182

Cultural Appropriation

01:00:10Update: 07-061

Sword of the Samurai

01:03:26Update: 07-044

CRISPR and the Genetic Astronaut

01:11:21Update: 06-271

Science Communication Breakdown

00:57:31Update: 06-141

The Tower of Babel

01:25:50Update: 06-063

Weird Wonders of House Gastropoda

00:52:18Update: 05-111

Push the Frontier

01:06:16Update: 05-04

Where is my mind?

01:09:43Update: 04-201

The Demon-Haunted Mind

01:04:15Update: 04-11

Beyond the Uncanny Valley

00:55:56Update: 04-06

Into the Uncanny Valley

01:02:44Update: 04-041

The Necessity of Patient Zero

00:58:46Update: 03-14

The Holy Black Stone of Mecca

01:18:25Update: 02-161

The Mystery of Crab Boxing

00:38:36Update: 02-14

Jump Into The Void

00:46:54Update: 02-09

Scientific Reductionism

01:15:28Update: 02-07

Interplanetary War

01:53:23Update: 01-241

The Science of Holy Butter

00:51:38Update: 01-10


01:06:34Update: 01-03

What Mind Control Feels Like

01:31:38Update: 12-29

The Nature of Heroism

01:12:53Update: 12-15

The Creep

01:18:11Update: 11-29

To The Escape Pod!

01:38:29Update: 11-24

I Was Eaten by a Giant Spider

01:13:47Update: 11-18

The Creepypasta Experiments

01:21:41Update: 10-111

Conjoined Dreamers

01:20:40Update: 09-29

Weird Mushrooms!

00:54:44Update: 09-20

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