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Season 2: A soft-hearted prison minister was found killed in her Kentucky apartment, and Newport police zeroed in on an ex-convict she’d counseled. Thirty years later, the conviction is overturned and the case is once again unsolved. The Cincinnati Enquirer investigates: Was William Virgil wrongly convicted for murder?

Season 1: When Elizabeth Andes was found murdered in her Ohio apartment in 1978, police and prosecutors decided within hours it was an open-and-shut case. Two juries disagreed. The Cincinnati Enquirer investigates: Was the right guy charged, or did a killer walk free?


Chapter 4: The missing witness

00:43:04Update: 2017-10-191

Chapter 3: The case unfolds

00:38:34Update: 2017-10-171

Chapter 2: The hooded figure

00:45:20Update: 2017-10-124

Chapter 1: The first Sin City

00:37:34Update: 2017-10-123

Introducing Accused Season 2

00:02:36Update: 2017-09-281

Chapter 9: The Update

01:10:00Update: 2016-12-271

Chapter 8: The aftermath

00:46:46Update: 2016-09-291

Chapter 7: The evidence

00:50:56Update: 2016-09-262

Chapter 6: The strangers

00:50:52Update: 2016-09-211

Chapter 5: If not Bob, who? - Part 2

00:51:06Update: 2016-09-192

Chapter 4: If not Bob, who? - Part 1

00:44:49Update: 2016-09-151

Chapter 3: The investigation

00:46:27Update: 2016-09-133

Chapter 2: The couple

00:54:18Update: 2016-09-082

Chapter 1: The crime

00:39:46Update: 2016-09-0812

Introducing Accused

00:02:48Update: 2016-08-195

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