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Good Morning and Good Night !Join us as we break down all the latest essentials of nerd culture: Comics, video games, anime, and more! Here at the BodySnatchers Podcast we won't hold back any punches as we give you honest opinions and reviews you won't find anywhere else, with new discussions/pod casts being added every week!


Superior Iron-Man a Marvel Classic

01:05:33Update: 2017-10-041

Pokemon Go Chicago Disaster and More!

00:51:36Update: 2017-08-041

Spider-Man Homecoming !

00:45:30Update: 2017-07-132

Transformers - The last Knight

00:26:51Update: 2017-06-302

E3 highlights/Xbox one X

00:51:44Update: 2017-06-183

Wonder Woman and Tekken 7 Breakdown

00:39:20Update: 2017-06-093

Episode 14

00:44:26Update: 2017-05-102

Episode 13

00:51:14Update: 2017-05-092

Daddy Daughter Dance of Death.

01:19:14Update: 2017-04-102

Episode 11 Gantz-O Review

01:11:45Update: 2017-03-202

Gantz-O Review

01:11:45Update: 2017-03-201

Episode 10

00:43:37Update: 2017-02-271

Episode 9

00:29:11Update: 2017-02-091

Episode 8 - "I don't bleed, I spark."

00:58:26Update: 2017-01-261

Episode 7

00:41:10Update: 2017-01-242

Episode 6

00:52:06Update: 2017-01-201

Episode 5

00:44:06Update: 2017-01-141

Episode 4

00:27:25Update: 2017-01-131

Episode 3

00:17:26Update: 2017-01-101

Episode 2

00:44:00Update: 2017-01-033

Episode 1

00:57:30Update: 2017-01-036

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