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Author: Art Middlekauff and Brittney McGann

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Charlotte Mason Poetry is dedicated to promoting Charlotte Mason's living ideas. We strive to share an authentic interpretation of Mason’s life work through a combination of original and vintage articles by a wide variety of authors. Our team draws from and transcribes many rare and wonderful documents from the PNEU many of which cannot be found anywhere else on the web.


The Nativity

00:36:14Update: 2017-12-05

A Programme for Shakespeare

00:14:27Update: 2017-11-28

From Urbanite to Conservationist

00:16:12Update: 2017-11-21

Women Must Weep

00:23:36Update: 2017-11-14

A Dangerous Adventure

00:56:10Update: 2017-11-071

The Reception of Volume 6

00:18:11Update: 2017-10-31

How to Safeguard the Love of Learning

00:15:58Update: 2017-10-24

Charlotte Mason and the SAT

00:08:18Update: 2017-10-17


00:20:06Update: 2017-10-12

The Teacher of Physics

00:12:59Update: 2017-10-10

Charlotte Mason’s Call to Parents

01:04:08Update: 2017-10-07

Childhood’s Estate

00:14:51Update: 2017-10-05

Education is the Science of Relations

00:15:11Update: 2017-09-28

Musical Drill Practices

00:33:54Update: 2017-09-26

Living Lessons in Physics

00:22:18Update: 2017-09-19

Rhythm In Music

00:37:13Update: 2017-09-14

Worship, War, and Musical Drill

00:39:21Update: 2017-09-12

The Teaching Methods of Charlotte Mason

00:23:39Update: 2017-09-07

Physics the Charlotte Mason Way

00:22:03Update: 2017-09-05

Trop de Zèle

00:38:35Update: 2017-08-31

Smart About Your Wool

00:12:03Update: 2017-08-29

A Principle in the Practices

00:16:09Update: 2017-08-24


00:25:16Update: 2017-08-22

Lessons of Rush-Bearing

00:18:32Update: 2017-08-17

Nothing Is Trivial

00:10:19Update: 2017-08-15

Manual Training

00:08:21Update: 2017-08-10

Teaching Cardboard Sloyd

00:17:23Update: 2017-08-08

Teaching Paper Sloyd

00:18:37Update: 2017-07-25

A Mother Without a Governess

00:13:16Update: 2017-07-13

The Living Principles of Sloyd

00:17:42Update: 2017-07-11

The Mediocre Purist

00:13:48Update: 2017-03-221

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