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Ever find yourself in a conversation about race and identity where you just get...stuck? Code Switch can help. We're all journalists of color, and this isn't just the work we do. It's the lives we lead. Sometimes, we'll make you laugh. Other times, you'll get uncomfortable. But we'll always be unflinchingly honest and empathetic. Come mix it up with us.


Disrespect To Miss-Respect

00:27:51Update: 2017-11-292

A Code Switch Thanksgiving Feast

00:21:12Update: 2017-11-22

Live From Chicago...It's Code Switch!

00:45:52Update: 2017-11-15

Reflections On A Year At Ron Brown High

00:29:14Update: 2017-11-083

The Passing Of A "Failing" School

00:38:43Update: 2017-10-112

Puerto Rico, My Heart's Devotion

00:22:48Update: 2017-10-042

A Weed Boom, But For Whom?

00:28:20Update: 2017-09-183

It's Getting (Dangerously) Hot in Herre

00:30:06Update: 2017-09-131

'I'm Not A Racist, I'm Argentine!'

00:20:50Update: 2017-08-30


00:32:23Update: 2017-08-16

The U.S. Census and Our Sense of Us

00:26:06Update: 2017-08-02

A Police Video From Charlotte

00:44:29Update: 2017-07-12

It's Our Anniversary

00:33:33Update: 2017-06-28

Encore: 'You're A Grand Old Flag'

00:31:06Update: 2017-06-14

'Give It Up For DJ Blackface!'

00:28:52Update: 2017-06-01

Japanese Americans Exiled In Utah

00:18:30Update: 2017-05-20

The LA Unrest (Or Riots) 25 Years Later

00:21:09Update: 2017-04-29

Changing Colors In Comics

00:27:50Update: 2017-04-05

A Bittersweet Persian New Year

00:23:58Update: 2017-03-22

So, What Are You Afraid of Now?

00:21:02Update: 2017-01-26

Obama's Legacy: Did He Remix Race?

00:32:09Update: 2017-01-18

Obama's Legacy: Callouts and Fallouts

00:37:18Update: 2017-01-11

A Chitlins Christmas: Bah Humbug!

00:28:36Update: 2016-12-21

Hold Up! Time For An Explanatory Comma

00:28:36Update: 2016-12-142

Audie and the Not-So-Magic School Bus

00:33:30Update: 2016-12-07

Want Some Gravy With Those Grievances?

00:24:22Update: 2016-11-23

Encore: "I'm Not Black I'm O.J."

00:19:48Update: 2016-10-12

Who Is A Good Immigrant, Anyway?

00:19:55Update: 2016-10-05

Why Do We Still Care About Tupac?

00:24:55Update: 2016-09-14

Struggling School, Or Sanctuary?

00:41:27Update: 2016-08-171

Black and Blue

00:33:13Update: 2016-07-14

Code Switch Extra: No Words

00:26:29Update: 2016-07-09

"You're A Grand Old Flag"

00:29:18Update: 2016-07-06

"I'm Not Black, I'm O.J.!"

00:20:06Update: 2016-06-29

Re-Remembering Muhammad Ali

00:28:26Update: 2016-06-10

Made For You And Me

00:21:26Update: 2016-06-081

Can We Talk About Whiteness?

00:38:08Update: 2016-05-315

The Code Switch Podcast Is Coming!

00:03:26Update: 2016-05-09

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