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Welcome to Crimetown, a new series from Gimlet Media and the creators of HBO's The Jinx. Every season, we'll investigate the culture of crime in a different American city. First up: Providence, Rhode Island, where organized crime and corruption infected every aspect of public life. This is a story of alliances and betrayals, of heists and stings, of crooked cops and honest mobsters—a story where it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Hosted by Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier.


Bonus Episode: Sins of the Father

00:30:30Update: 2017-11-294

Gimlet presents: Uncivil

00:22:08Update: 2017-10-111

Introducing Mogul

00:42:30Update: 2017-07-106

The Crimetown Season One Soundtrack

00:12:39Update: 2017-05-181

Chapter 18: The Prince of Providence

00:45:41Update: 2017-05-086

Chapter 17: The Trial of Buddy Cianci

00:30:52Update: 2017-04-303

Chapter 16: Operation Plunder Dome

00:45:38Update: 2017-04-236

Bonus Episode: The Gangster's Daughter

00:19:13Update: 2017-04-162

Chapter 15: Family Ties

00:37:17Update: 2017-04-106

Chapter 14: Renaissance Man

00:34:54Update: 2017-04-024

Bonus Episode: Cat and Mouse Part II

00:19:32Update: 2017-03-265

Chapter 13: The Network

00:32:50Update: 2017-03-194

Chapter 12: Mob Justice

00:29:29Update: 2017-03-126

Chapter 11: The Doctor Broad

00:35:23Update: 2017-03-051

Chapter 10: The Ghost

00:35:35Update: 2017-02-266

Chapter 9: A Deal With the Devil

00:33:04Update: 2017-02-052

Chapter 8: Cat and Mouse

00:34:39Update: 2017-01-294

Chapter 7: Power Street

00:33:07Update: 2017-01-224

Reply All’s On the Inside

00:41:01Update: 2017-01-151

Chapter 6: Gerald and Harold

00:33:06Update: 2016-12-185

Chapter 5: The Art of the Deal

00:33:07Update: 2016-12-114

Chapter 4: The Bonded Vault Heist

00:35:59Update: 2016-12-048

Chapter 3: The Making of a Mayor

00:31:23Update: 2016-11-275

Chapter 2: The Wiseguys

00:36:11Update: 2016-11-2010

Chapter 1: Divine Providence

00:33:34Update: 2016-11-2026

Coming Soon

00:03:01Update: 2016-10-302

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