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The day's top stories from BBC News compiled twice daily in the week, once at weekends.


Islamic State defeated in Iraq

00:30:20Update: 2017-12-102

'Breakthrough' Deal in Brexit Talks

00:25:13Update: 2017-12-081

Russia Banned from 2018 Winter Olympics

00:30:06Update: 2017-12-053

Trump: Michael Flynn Acted 'Lawfully'

00:30:49Update: 2017-12-021

War Criminal Dies after Drinking Poison

00:31:39Update: 2017-11-291

War Criminal 'Takes Poison' in Court

00:29:31Update: 2017-11-293

North Korea Launches Missile

00:31:32Update: 2017-11-291

Egypt Sinai Attack: Death Toll Rises

00:29:32Update: 2017-11-261

Inside Saudi Arabia's gilded prison

00:32:25Update: 2017-11-23

A 'New Democracy' Starts in Zimbabwe

00:29:15Update: 2017-11-223

Zimbabwe's President Mugabe Resigns

00:32:27Update: 2017-11-221

Defiant Mugabe stays on

00:27:10Update: 2017-11-20

Pressure Mounts on Mugabe

00:28:06Update: 2017-11-181

Defiant Mugabe makes Public Appearance

00:26:13Update: 2017-11-17

Mugabe Meets Army Chief

00:29:53Update: 2017-11-171

Mugabe in Crunch Talks over His Future

00:32:10Update: 2017-11-16

Robert Mugabe 'Under House Arrest'

00:28:24Update: 2017-11-15

Army Takes Control in Zimbabwe

00:17:08Update: 2017-11-15

Raqqa's Dirty Secret

00:30:56Update: 2017-11-142

Iran-Iraq Border Hit by Major Earthquake

00:30:32Update: 2017-11-133

Lebanese PM's Party Backs Saudi Arabia

00:29:08Update: 2017-11-113

The Crisis in Lebanon Worsens

00:29:55Update: 2017-11-111

Trump Talks Tough on Trade

00:31:15Update: 2017-11-10

2017: The Predictions Podcast

00:53:11Update: 2017-01-04

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