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American, Texan, father, husband, musician, Granger Smith connects with listeners in the most personal way possible, in the back of the bus on tour producing a podcast.


When the Good Guys Win: Behind the Music

00:50:27Update: 2017-10-251

The World Isn't Flat

00:22:46Update: 2017-09-292

The Biggest Scam in Country Music

00:43:32Update: 2017-09-191

Getting Injured on Stage

00:38:45Update: 2017-08-173

The First Words from a Songwriter

00:19:14Update: 2017-08-172

The Beginning of a Music Career

00:25:40Update: 2017-08-173

I'm a Fan

00:26:49Update: 2017-08-175

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