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The Hard and Soft is a podcast about love, sex, and relationships for college students in the Bay Area, brought to you by UC Berkeley's independent student newspaper, The Daily Californian.


Shorts Episode #6: Kill 'em with Contour

00:14:14Update: 2017-05-041

Episode #11: Marandah's Mission

00:23:55Update: 2017-04-30

Shorts Episode #5: Good Vibes

00:08:00Update: 2017-04-26

Episode #10: High Sex

00:12:43Update: 2017-04-231

Episode #9: Not Your Mama's Sex Ed

00:32:36Update: 2017-04-16

Episode #8: Z against racist D

00:29:45Update: 2017-04-09

Shorts Episode #4: Never Have I Ever

00:12:52Update: 2017-04-051

Episode #7: Ace Ace Baby

00:21:32Update: 2017-04-02

Shorts Episode #3: Your LDRs

00:12:34Update: 2017-03-29

Episode #6: Love, Long Distance

00:17:45Update: 2017-03-26

Shorts Episode #2: Oski(nks)

00:18:54Update: 2017-03-22

Episode #5: Coffee Meets Kink

00:30:20Update: 2017-03-19

Shorts Episode #1: Hard vs Soft

00:15:16Update: 2017-03-15

Episode #4: Sex Under Pressure

00:25:22Update: 2017-03-121

Episode #3: Semen Demon

00:23:51Update: 2017-03-052

Episode #2: Firsts

00:23:56Update: 2017-02-261

Episode #1: Luv In The Club

00:24:03Update: 2017-02-212

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