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Self destructive writer Dan Harmon claims he will one day found a colony of like-minded misfits. He's appointed suit-clad gadabout Jeff Davis as his Comptroller. It's like a neurotic town hall meeting, often with alcohol and famous people.]]>


We Killed Charles Manson

02:12:20Update: 2017-11-22

No Lime

02:11:02Update: 2017-11-151

The Pearl is Ragnarok

02:05:12Update: 2017-11-082

Cheese Stain

02:02:56Update: 2017-11-011

Seventeen Chicken Boots

02:05:37Update: 2017-10-255

Porcelain Birds

02:06:23Update: 2017-10-182

Grodily Plausible

02:06:14Update: 2017-10-11

Grodily Plausible

02:03:38Update: 2017-10-112


01:55:45Update: 2017-09-276


02:04:21Update: 2017-09-204

Retired Ninja Quarterly

02:10:58Update: 2017-09-137

I Change the World’s Oil

02:09:08Update: 2017-09-063

Dan Harmon’s Top Five Shoe Jokes

02:03:39Update: 2017-08-307

The Ian Bowers Birthday Special

02:08:27Update: 2017-08-234

Down with Sighty

01:56:16Update: 2017-08-166

No Church People Got No Hortches

02:11:11Update: 2017-08-094

Special Announcement!

00:07:02Update: 2017-07-31


02:00:42Update: 2017-07-191

I Don’t Want to Ghostsplain

02:02:13Update: 2017-07-062

Harmontown From ID10T Fest

01:28:08Update: 2017-06-28

Come Out and Fight Like a Ghost

02:07:18Update: 2017-06-21

Explain Your World View

02:04:39Update: 2017-05-24

God Made Us To Kill Us

02:02:00Update: 2017-05-102

Adult Onset Pyromania

02:02:53Update: 2017-05-031

The Final Meltdown

02:02:39Update: 2017-04-26


01:55:23Update: 2017-04-19

Blackest Friend in the World

02:02:50Update: 2017-04-12

My name is Johnny Varvatos

01:49:39Update: 2017-03-29

Less Than White

01:50:39Update: 2017-03-22

The Patron Saint of Acid Wash

01:43:11Update: 2017-03-01

The Only Enemy is Stopping

02:00:39Update: 2017-02-22

You're An Ant To My Cum

02:05:50Update: 2017-02-15

Pacman Versus Garfield

02:04:40Update: 2017-02-08

LIVE From SF Sketchfest 2017

01:57:02Update: 2017-02-02

I F_cking Love White Sh_t

02:00:48Update: 2017-01-121

Harmontownunder: Melbourne, Australia

01:59:34Update: 2016-12-28

Harmontownunder: Brisbane, Australia

01:55:52Update: 2016-12-21

Charles Manson Shark Tank

01:58:48Update: 2016-12-07

Anne Frank Kicked A Cat Once

01:46:44Update: 2016-11-24

It Happened In Silverlake

02:11:20Update: 2016-11-162

Walter Blanco

02:02:33Update: 2016-10-27

I Wanna Shave With Me

01:59:07Update: 2016-10-20

No On Prop 60

01:54:11Update: 2016-10-122

Amazing Blades

01:56:46Update: 2016-10-051

Live At JFL Toronto 2016

01:52:28Update: 2016-09-30


01:56:48Update: 2016-09-211

The Medicine Of Attention

01:56:29Update: 2016-09-14

JonBenét Gacy

01:58:08Update: 2016-08-31

A Haunted House With A Glass Ceiling

02:01:27Update: 2016-08-24

Pantyhose & Coconuts

01:57:13Update: 2016-08-17

Kratom Barrel

01:54:40Update: 2016-08-10

LIVE from Just for Laughs Montreal 2016

01:30:58Update: 2016-08-03

Celebrity Highlander

02:07:23Update: 2016-07-30

Pubic Hairs Travel Or Migrate

02:01:30Update: 2016-07-06

Black Woman Against Over Here

02:00:14Update: 2016-06-22


02:11:23Update: 2016-06-08

Flesh Thing Made Of Four Strings Of Dude

02:03:38Update: 2016-06-011

Complete Access To Air

02:08:02Update: 2016-05-25

Stop Singing And Make A Chair

02:01:03Update: 2016-05-18


02:05:03Update: 2016-05-11

What Did You Do To Norman Lear?

02:05:21Update: 2016-05-04

Talk, Talk, Talk, Wounded

01:59:05Update: 2016-04-27

Ghost Dinosaurs

01:58:14Update: 2016-04-201


01:57:45Update: 2016-04-06


01:55:33Update: 2016-03-30

Monster Man

02:00:26Update: 2016-03-23

Donna Schrab Gets Things Done

02:03:33Update: 2016-03-16

The Four Points Of The Triangle

01:58:30Update: 2016-03-09

Auld Lang Schrab

01:55:33Update: 2016-03-02

LIVE in Chicago 2016 at Park West!

01:53:50Update: 2016-02-24

Strain Has A New First Name

01:57:19Update: 2016-02-10


01:50:33Update: 2016-02-03

Sociopolitical Anal Beads

01:55:48Update: 2016-01-28

LIVE From Magic City Comic Con

01:55:51Update: 2016-01-26

Your Boobs Are Sick

01:56:37Update: 2016-01-18

LIVE at San Francisco Sketchfest 2016!

01:48:47Update: 2016-01-13

178 - Press F To Control Fred

01:57:22Update: 2015-12-23

Press F To Control Fred

01:54:24Update: 2015-12-231

Why Is It Called Lord of the Rings?

02:07:30Update: 2015-12-16

176 - I Don't Want To Die!

02:22:35Update: 2015-12-08

I Don't Want To Die!

02:19:09Update: 2015-12-08

Princess Spencer Crittenden Nipples

02:12:22Update: 2015-12-03

174 - Crazy Gums

02:06:54Update: 2015-11-26

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