DiscoverMogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

Author: Gimlet

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Chris Lighty was a giant in hip-hop. He managed Foxy Brown, Fat Joe, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, 50 Cent—anyone who was anyone worked with Lighty. But in 2012 he was found dead at his home in the Bronx, a death that left the music world reeling. In this podcast miniseries from Gimlet Media and Loud Speakers Network, we tell the story of Chris Lighty, from the first breakbeat to the last heartbeat.


Gimlet Presents: Uncivil

00:24:37Update: 2017-10-092

Mogul Live!

01:21:01Update: 2017-09-251

Behind the Beats: Part 2

00:17:41Update: 2017-09-14

Behind the Beats: Part 1

00:35:48Update: 2017-09-071

On That Lo Life $hit

00:29:31Update: 2017-08-032

Part 6: August 30, 2012

00:37:12Update: 2017-07-283

Mogul Cameo: Uncle Murda

00:08:03Update: 2017-07-251

Part 5: How Heavy It Was

00:34:33Update: 2017-07-212

Mogul Cameo: N.O.R.E.

00:06:15Update: 2017-07-183

Mogul Cameo: Joan Morgan

00:06:36Update: 2017-07-18

Part 4: Gucci Boots

00:31:29Update: 2017-07-143

Exclusive: Fat Joe

00:13:15Update: 2017-07-071

Mogul Cameo: Warren G

00:04:20Update: 2017-07-051

Mogul Cameo: Maseo

00:04:56Update: 2017-07-052

Part 3: Rice Pilaf

00:31:59Update: 2017-06-301

Part 2: Not Just Me and Snakes

00:30:37Update: 2017-06-234

Part 1: That Beat, That Beat Right There

00:33:24Update: 2017-06-164


00:03:28Update: 2017-06-101

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