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The NPR Politics Podcast is where NPR's political reporters talk to you like they talk to each other. With weekly roundups and quick takes on news of the day, you don't have to keep up with politics to know what's happening. You just have to keep up with us.


Opioid Emergency/Listener Mail

00:26:05Update: 08-141

Listener Mail

00:15:16Update: 08-072

Scaramucci Out/Listener Mail

00:22:47Update: 07-311

Weekly Roundup: Thursday, July 13

00:44:46Update: 07-131

Weekly Roundup: Thursday, July 6

00:52:05Update: 07-072

Weekly Roundup: Thursday, June 29

00:42:24Update: 06-293

Health Care/Listener Mail

00:34:18Update: 06-191

GOP Baseball Practice Shooting

00:27:49Update: 06-15

Jeff Sessions Testifies

00:28:58Update: 06-14

James Comey Testifies

00:52:07Update: 06-092

President Trump Overseas

00:26:26Update: 05-22

"I hope you can let this go."

00:51:51Update: 05-18

Comey FAQ/Listener Mail

00:33:00Update: 05-15

Weekly Roundup: Thursday May 11

00:53:54Update: 05-12

Sally Yates Testifies

00:30:41Update: 05-09

Weekly Roundup: Thursday, May 4

00:50:43Update: 05-05

Listener Mail: Monday, April 10

00:21:34Update: 04-10

US Strikes Syria

00:21:41Update: 04-07


00:23:53Update: 04-04

Listener Mail - Sunday, April 2

00:20:16Update: 04-02

Gorsuch Hearings Continue

00:41:04Update: 03-22

Russia/Gorsuch Hearings

00:38:07Update: 03-20

Latest News + Listener Mail

00:28:40Update: 02-21

Michael Flynn Resigns

00:20:50Update: 02-14

Trump's Travel Ban Halted

00:19:13Update: 02-06

Announcing a live show!

00:00:45Update: 01-13

Donald Trump and Russia

00:26:43Update: 12-12

Covering 2016 As A Muslim

00:43:38Update: 12-07

Monday, November 28

00:31:00Update: 11-28

Announcing a Live Show!

00:00:47Update: 11-24

The Election Of Donald Trump

00:51:23Update: 11-11

Trump's Victory: The Day After

00:29:24Update: 11-10

Donald Trump Elected President

00:29:49Update: 11-09

Tuesday, November 8

00:20:22Update: 11-08

Monday, November 7

00:30:21Update: 11-07

Sunday, November 6

00:23:17Update: 11-07

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