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On the Record, Off Script

Author: Springtide

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On the Record, Off Script is a podcast documentary project based on conversations we’ve had with former Nova Scotia MLAs. Each week, we dig into one small piece of politics.


Ep. #9: The 52nd Seat

00:26:10Update: 06-10

Ep #8: Ready, willing and able

00:40:40Update: 05-20

Ep #7: The white House

00:37:54Update: 05-02

Off Script - Important Update

00:04:21Update: 02-25

Ep #5: Roads

00:32:43Update: 02-08

Ep #4: Party Time

00:37:49Update: 01-25

Off Script: It's flu season.

00:03:48Update: 01-10

Off Script Ep #2: Casting Call

00:41:12Update: 12-01

Off Script - Ep #1: Road Map

00:36:53Update: 11-18

Off Script: Starting Up

00:04:02Update: 10-02

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