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The Paul Harvey Podcast features rebroadcasts from his 'News and Comment' and 'The Rest of the Story' radio shows from the 1970s through 1990s. He blended news reporting along with an expression of his personal values: love of God and America, Midwestern roots, heart-warming tales of average Americans, family values, and optimism for the future of America. Mr. Harvey was a broadcaster for more than half a century on the ABC News Network with a weekly audience of more than 24 million. He was recognized many times including the Horatio Alger Award and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States' most prestigious civilian award. Mr. Harvey passed at age 90 in 2009.


(Bonus PDF) Thanksgiving Day in Canada

--:--:--Update: 2017-11-231

(Bonus PDF) Memorial Day in the U.S.

--:--:--Update: 2017-11-111

(Bonus PDF) Armed Forces Day in the U.K.

--:--:--Update: 2017-11-111

(Bonus PDF) Veterans Day in the U.S.

--:--:--Update: 2017-11-111

(Bonus PDF) Colt Police .38 Handgun

--:--:--Update: 2017-11-071

(Bonus PDF) Life of Benjamin Franklin

--:--:--Update: 2017-06-15

(Bonus PDF) Life of Davy Crockett

--:--:--Update: 2017-05-221

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