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Four former aides to President Obama — Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — are joined by journalists, politicians, comedians, and activists for a freewheeling conversation about politics, the press and the challenges posed by the Trump presidency.


“A bottomless pit of bad faith.”

00:58:16Update: 2017-12-076

“Legislative looting.”

01:21:08Update: 2017-11-3018

“Have some crullers, bureaucrats.”

01:26:29Update: 2017-11-2714

“Happy Podsgiving.”

01:04:37Update: 2017-11-2314

“The Donor Relief Act of 2017.”

01:14:05Update: 2017-11-2011

"Say what it takes to heal a culture."

01:03:41Update: 2017-11-1614

“Watch out for falling Keurigs.”

01:09:45Update: 2017-11-1310

“A good day.”

01:28:23Update: 2017-11-0921

"Don't Hiss. Vote." (LIVE from Richmond)

01:34:37Update: 2017-11-068


01:20:06Update: 2017-10-3015

“Another cuck bites the dust.”

01:10:55Update: 2017-10-2612

“No blood for ego.”

01:13:13Update: 2017-10-166

“A feckless despot.”

01:15:45Update: 2017-10-1213

"Paul Ryan's my dad". (LIVE from Madison)

01:24:47Update: 2017-10-0610

"A cannibal who's for single-payer."

01:31:30Update: 2017-09-2812

"Stick to sports."

01:10:22Update: 2017-09-256

"Bad criminals."

01:38:08Update: 2017-09-2111

“Sean Spicer is good now.”

01:10:11Update: 2017-09-183

“Amnesty Don.”

01:20:55Update: 2017-09-146

Hillary Clinton

00:47:17Update: 2017-09-1217

"Schumer's bump."

01:03:09Update: 2017-09-115

"The misadventures of Paul RINO."

00:59:07Update: 2017-09-078

"Trump always shoots the hostage."

01:03:54Update: 2017-09-057

“This snowflake is enraged.”

01:09:15Update: 2017-08-3111

"Hits from the Aaron Sorkin bong."

01:24:29Update: 2017-08-243

“The dog whistle is now a bullhorn.”

01:01:42Update: 2017-08-175

“Denouncing Nazis is so fucking easy.”

01:04:54Update: 2017-08-1410

"A song of fire and fury."

01:05:00Update: 2017-08-105

“The MAGA industrial complex.”

01:25:21Update: 2017-08-074

“Jeff Sessions’s mixtape.”

01:16:09Update: 2017-08-035

Pod Save the Planet with Al Gore

00:27:10Update: 2017-07-291

“This is like a car crash.”

01:15:00Update: 2017-07-27

“Mooch saves America.”

00:57:22Update: 2017-07-246

"Hack away, China."

01:10:53Update: 2017-07-17

“Turd in the GOP punchbowl.”

01:26:42Update: 2017-07-131

"Propaganda, foreign and domestic."

01:13:56Update: 2017-07-103

"Making redistricting sexy again."

01:19:45Update: 2017-07-06

"Tweet your feelings."

01:15:50Update: 2017-07-03

“Never bet against Mitch McConnell.”

00:33:43Update: 2017-07-011

"Kill Bill Vol. 2."

01:00:59Update: 2017-06-291

"CBO Brother, Where Art Thou?"

00:49:52Update: 2017-06-26

"Same shitburger, different bun."

01:04:16Update: 2017-06-22

“We can win this fight.”

00:50:40Update: 2017-06-20

"Tiny, decent things."

01:05:38Update: 2017-06-161

"All hands on deck."

01:07:15Update: 2017-06-121

"Comey came to play."

01:11:57Update: 2017-06-081

“Some kind of decline.”

01:11:01Update: 2017-06-051

“More fucked than we think.”

01:15:49Update: 2017-06-01

“The cycle of bullshit.”

01:11:10Update: 2017-05-25

"Exhausted from Obstructing Justice."

00:52:11Update: 2017-05-222

Pod Save America Takes Los Angeles

01:35:39Update: 2017-05-18

"Government by sucker punch."

01:09:46Update: 2017-05-15

“Literally farcical.”

01:03:17Update: 2017-05-11

"Think globalist, act localist."

01:14:02Update: 2017-05-081

Pod Save America Takes Seattle

02:07:53Update: 2017-05-071

BONUS POD with Trevor Noah

00:25:22Update: 2017-05-031

"Doris Trump Goodwin."

01:05:37Update: 2017-05-011

"A very 'Cuck You' week."

01:02:44Update: 2017-04-271

"The odorless gas of misogyny."

01:11:40Update: 2017-04-24

“We’ll do it live.”

01:08:36Update: 2017-04-20

“Game of Cucks.”

01:12:25Update: 2017-04-13

"Thanks for unmasking"

01:07:06Update: 2017-04-06

"The outrage meter is on tilt."

01:09:24Update: 2017-03-30

"Blitzkrieg of blame."

00:58:48Update: 2017-03-27

"It's like late season Sopranos."

00:52:41Update: 2017-03-20

"Who pays for the wall? The elderly!"

01:07:24Update: 2017-03-16

Pod Save America takes Austin

01:10:45Update: 2017-03-131

"The dogs who caught the car."

01:13:17Update: 2017-03-09

"The most damning conclusion of all."

00:52:21Update: 2017-03-06

"The greatest speech in history."

01:11:14Update: 2017-03-02

"It's making us dumber."

01:03:48Update: 2017-02-27

"A conversation about our divides."

01:07:04Update: 2017-02-23

"Card-carrying badass."

01:05:49Update: 2017-02-20

"Caps lock freakout mode."

01:03:18Update: 2017-02-161

Pod Save America Takes Brooklyn

02:13:32Update: 2017-02-11

"Can I call you Easy D?"

01:09:58Update: 2017-02-09

BONUS POD: "He has a lot of edits."

00:36:49Update: 2017-02-031

"A season for happy warriors."

01:01:21Update: 2017-02-02

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