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“Pod Save America” cohost Tommy Vietor thought foreign policy was boring and complicated until he got the education of a lifetime working for President Obama’s National Security Council. His new show “Pod Save the World” will bring you behind the scenes into White House Situation Room meetings and secret negotiations through a series of conversations with people who were there.


Jerusalem went to Jared

00:45:46Update: 2017-12-086

On the ground in Burma

00:37:32Update: 2017-12-012

WTF happened in Lebanon and ISIS update

00:59:25Update: 2017-11-175

Trump’s adventures in Asia

01:05:40Update: 2017-11-105

Middle East Peace

00:58:06Update: 2017-11-013

Hunting Osama bin Laden

00:56:04Update: 2017-10-254

The rise of the European far-right

00:38:39Update: 2017-09-271

Crisis in Burma

00:29:02Update: 2017-09-201

Republican Congressman Will Hurd

00:30:22Update: 2017-09-13

War Policy

00:50:50Update: 2017-09-062

North Korea update then the Army’s CEO

00:49:46Update: 2017-09-011

Crisis in Venezuela

00:35:37Update: 2017-08-30

Trump's new war plan

00:38:00Update: 2017-08-232

Right-wing radicals and CIA secrets

00:52:32Update: 2017-08-162

Are they gonna’ nuke us?

00:38:25Update: 2017-08-021

The worst humanitarian crisis since WWII

00:36:45Update: 2017-07-263

Why did Putin do it?

00:41:18Update: 2017-07-19

Russians, guns and Mosul

00:37:44Update: 2017-07-122

Ambassador Susan Rice

00:45:32Update: 2017-07-05

Europe, Nukes, and Cybersecurity

00:46:31Update: 2017-06-211

Illegal Wars with Senator Tim Kaine

00:39:08Update: 2017-06-141

Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns

00:45:04Update: 2017-05-31

Love, Africa with Jeffrey Gettleman

00:50:35Update: 2017-05-161

Trump Fired Jim Comey?!?

00:29:32Update: 2017-05-10

100 Days of foreign policy with Eli Lake

00:49:06Update: 2017-05-032

Understanding the Syrian Civil War

00:34:37Update: 2017-04-103

China’s Rise with Evan Medeiros

00:46:56Update: 2017-04-051

Gayle Smith, former USAID Administrator

00:40:09Update: 2017-03-291

North Korean Nukes with Mark Lippert

00:54:34Update: 2017-03-221

Of Russia with Love with Mike McFaul

00:50:21Update: 2017-03-08

Scary Sh*t with Lisa Monaco

00:43:12Update: 2017-02-22

Half the World with Dan Restrepo

00:48:37Update: 2017-02-08

Secret Iran Talks with Jake Sullivan

00:56:56Update: 2017-02-011

Pod Save the World Teaser Episode

00:01:09Update: 2017-01-27

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