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Everyone wants something they can’t have. Holden wants Seyah to notice him. Nevaeh wants to be cancer-free. Loki wants to be a hero. They’ll die to make it happen. But dying is just the beginning for them. They will be remade together in a mysterious, abandoned world, hunted by killer machines. Each of them finally has what they always wanted – but at what cost?ReMade, a 15-part post-apocalyptic thriller from Serial Box, is written by an award-winning team of writers including Matthew Cody, Andrea Phillips, Carrie Harris, E.C. Meyers, Kiersten White, and Gwenda Bond. Narrated by Greg Tremblay and Laurel Schroede. Visit for a special offer.


Serial Box presents the Remade podcast

00:01:16Update: 2017-09-14

1: Shadows and Dreams

01:07:37Update: 2017-10-022

2: Hungry

01:26:26Update: 2017-10-02

3: Home, Perilous Home

01:22:38Update: 2017-10-05

4. The Most Dangerous Game

01:27:21Update: 2017-10-091

5. Umta

01:09:35Update: 2017-10-12

6. Reality No-Show

01:26:28Update: 2017-10-16

7. Mourning Train

01:08:59Update: 2017-10-19

8. End of the Line

01:37:36Update: 2017-10-23

9. Whiteout

01:24:23Update: 2017-10-26

10. Mirror of Fate

01:23:25Update: 2017-10-30

11. We’re Dead in this Ghost Town

01:41:04Update: 2017-11-02

12. Modern History

01:10:50Update: 2017-11-06

13. Memories of Arcadia

01:33:41Update: 2017-11-09

14. The Slow Fade

01:24:14Update: 2017-11-13

15. The End of the Beginning

01:03:47Update: 2017-11-15

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