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The original classic gaming podcasts continues its endless quest to explore the history of video games, one game at a time. Join hosts Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey each week as they team up with a host of expert guests to chronicle the creations that have paved the way for today's hits. From forgotten black-and-white arcade machines to modern-day remakes, Retronauts spans more than four decades of vintage gaming greatness!


Retronauts Micro 73: Monster Party

00:46:16Update: 2017-11-03

Retronauts Episode 122: Maniac Mansion

01:29:15Update: 2017-10-23

Retronauts Episode 119: Yoshi's Island

01:39:19Update: 2017-09-251

Retronauts Episode 117: Zork

01:41:32Update: 2017-09-18

Retronauts Episode 114: Gradius

01:59:53Update: 2017-08-28

Retronauts Micro 68: Dragon Slayer

00:57:58Update: 2017-08-25

Retronauts Episode 106: Final Fantasy V

01:56:41Update: 2017-07-03

Retronauts Episode 105: Cancelled games

01:47:35Update: 2017-06-26

Retronauts Episode 101: Mario Kart

01:50:57Update: 2017-05-29

Retronauts Episode 97: BRO-totypes

01:41:07Update: 2017-05-01

Retronauts Episode 96: Ghostbusters

01:32:44Update: 2017-04-24

Retronauts Micro 59: Atari's SwordQuest

00:51:27Update: 2017-04-21

Retronauts Episode 92: Celebrity games

01:48:34Update: 2017-03-27

Retronauts Episode 88: Yoshi Games

01:38:29Update: 2017-02-27

Retronauts Episode 84: Wii

01:31:54Update: 2017-01-30

Retronauts Micro 050: Fester's Quest

00:38:06Update: 2016-10-31

Retronauts Episode 75: Punch-Out!!

01:31:26Update: 2016-09-26

Retronauts Episode 74: Nintendo 64

01:39:54Update: 2016-09-12

Retronauts Episode 71: SimCity

01:16:53Update: 2016-08-01

Retronauts Episode 70: Final Fantasy I

01:13:46Update: 2016-07-18

Retronauts Episode 69: EarthBound

01:33:14Update: 2016-07-04

Retronauts Episode 68: Pac-Man

01:37:09Update: 2016-06-20

Retronauts Micro 040: GamePro TV

00:35:42Update: 2016-06-13

Retronauts Micro #039: Klonoa

00:12:33Update: 2016-05-30

Retronauts Episode 66: Zelda on NES

01:41:55Update: 2016-05-23

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