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Lexicon Valley is a podcast about language, from pet peeves, syntax, and etymology to neurolinguistics and the death of languages. Hosted by linguist John McWhorter.


Sometimes Just Because

00:30:40Update: 2017-11-14

Against Strunk & White

00:30:35Update: 2017-10-311

Whence Baby Mama?

00:35:58Update: 2017-10-17

Este No Es Parqueo

00:35:36Update: 2017-10-03

From Pidgins to Creoles

00:37:46Update: 2017-09-191

Do Languages Simplify Over Time?

00:29:46Update: 2017-09-05

Did Cavebabies Say Mama and Papa?

00:29:33Update: 2017-08-221

New Life for Dying Languages

00:34:58Update: 2017-08-08

In the Negative

00:29:29Update: 2017-07-25

Why Do Languages Have Contractions?

00:33:30Update: 2017-07-11

The Incredible Lightness of Being

00:26:37Update: 2017-06-27

Is There a Jewish Way of Talking?

00:35:38Update: 2017-06-131

Mining Graffiti for Slang

00:30:24Update: 2017-05-30

That's Not a Word, Is It?

00:28:31Update: 2017-05-16

The Language of Female Friendships

00:33:39Update: 2017-05-02

The Euphemism Treadmill

00:27:45Update: 2017-04-18

Heyo, Let's Talk About Hamilton

00:30:12Update: 2017-04-041

Like, Why Do We Use Like So Much?

00:32:57Update: 2017-02-07

What Had Happened Was Storytelling

00:34:10Update: 2017-01-24

Black Like Us

00:32:42Update: 2016-11-29

Language Lessons of Past Presidents

00:30:53Update: 2016-11-15

Whither Didst Thou Go?

00:34:07Update: 2016-11-01

What Is a Dictionary, Really?

00:23:47Update: 2016-09-20

Word Sex

00:35:20Update: 2016-08-23

Are Emoji a Language?

00:38:08Update: 2016-07-26

Finding Life in a Dead Language

00:26:12Update: 2016-07-12

Rules Are Made to Be Spoken

00:31:08Update: 2016-06-29

The Tragedy of English Spelling

00:27:56Update: 2016-06-14

Your Brain on Profanity

00:33:31Update: 2016-05-31

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!

00:27:35Update: 2016-05-17

Defecation Presentation

00:27:47Update: 2016-04-04

Take This Episode with a Grain of Salt

00:30:07Update: 2016-03-08

A British Insult Fit for Trump

00:32:41Update: 2016-02-08

They Had a Good Year

00:36:10Update: 2016-01-27

Sleeping Hobos in a Tent, Rush 'Em!

00:30:14Update: 2015-12-14


00:29:16Update: 2015-11-30

Woody Guthrie's Folk Etymology

00:28:11Update: 2015-11-16

A Cat, a Coward, and Female Genitalia

00:32:40Update: 2015-11-02

A Drone, a Bell, and a Suffix

00:29:10Update: 2015-10-19

Seven Centuries of F--ks

00:32:16Update: 2015-10-05

How New York Became the Big Apple

00:22:50Update: 2015-09-07

What Do You Mean What Is It Like?

00:29:51Update: 2015-08-10

LinguaFile XIV | Heebie Jeebies

00:38:01Update: 2015-07-27

LinguaFile XIII | Bozo

00:24:55Update: 2015-06-29

The Pollyanna Hypothesis

00:47:33Update: 2015-06-17

LinguaFile XII | Kibitz

00:37:44Update: 2015-06-011

M'athchomaroon, Zhey Lajak Vezhven!

00:41:47Update: 2015-05-18

LinguaFile XI | Seersucker

00:33:28Update: 2015-05-04

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

00:38:09Update: 2015-04-20

LinguaFile X | Pumpernickel

00:35:52Update: 2015-04-06

And Infinitum

00:37:02Update: 2015-03-23

LinguaFile IX | Carnival

00:27:12Update: 2015-03-09

Sex Workers

00:33:33Update: 2015-02-23

LinguaFile VIII | Quiz

00:24:42Update: 2015-02-09

The Many Lives of Anna Karenina

00:37:39Update: 2015-01-26

LinguaFile VII | Cockamamie

00:32:23Update: 2015-01-12

Exposure to Vape Culture

00:49:13Update: 2014-12-29

LinguaFile VI | Grog

00:25:57Update: 2014-12-15

What Does It Mean to Sound Gay?

00:37:22Update: 2014-12-01

LinguaFile V | Get One's Goat

00:33:38Update: 2014-11-17

Number Theory

00:27:37Update: 2014-11-03

LinguaFile IV | Snark

00:42:10Update: 2014-10-20

Man on the Street

00:38:57Update: 2014-10-06

LinguaFile III | Orange

00:29:12Update: 2014-09-22

Demonstratively Speaking

00:30:42Update: 2014-09-08

LinguaFile II | Lagniappe

00:24:29Update: 2014-08-25

The Manic Pixie and the Magical Negro

00:30:56Update: 2014-08-11

LinguaFile I | Discombobulate

00:18:59Update: 2014-07-28

Lexicon Valley No. 36: The Dude Abides

00:36:06Update: 2014-01-27

Lexicon Valley: Special Announcement

00:01:16Update: 2013-12-04

Lexicon Valley No. 31: Name That Tone

00:28:30Update: 2013-07-15

Lexicon Valley #29: 30 Million By Four

00:29:35Update: 2013-06-24

Special Announcement

00:01:29Update: 2013-06-01

Special Announcement

00:02:00Update: 2013-02-13

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