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Sleep and Relax ASMR is a Youtube channel / podcast dedicated to helping you relax and/or fall asleep. Each week we'll be uploading at least one new episode full of whispers and calming background noises to help put you in a deep state of relaxation.


Melbourne, Australia

00:25:24Update: 08-21

Useless (Random) Facts!

00:23:31Update: 08-17

Relaxing Countryside Breeze

00:25:02Update: 08-162

Dunkirk: Film Review

00:22:28Update: 08-14

Carleton Library

00:25:44Update: 08-09

Office Rants

00:19:33Update: 08-071

An Evening in New York

00:23:12Update: 08-033


00:24:12Update: 08-021

Crunching Snow in Montana

00:30:02Update: 07-31

What's in a Name

00:22:29Update: 07-262

Enjoying the Rain Indoors

00:30:02Update: 07-246

Whispered Words (Letter B)

00:24:51Update: 07-20

An Evening in the Vineyard

00:23:00Update: 07-19

Choppy Waters by the Lakehouse

00:26:49Update: 07-173

Let's Eat! (Eating ASMR)

00:16:09Update: 07-06

The Bar in Bavaria

00:28:06Update: 07-05

Sleeping Kittens Purring

00:27:23Update: 07-031

Edgar Allan Poe

00:25:27Update: 06-281

Driving in the Rain

00:27:21Update: 06-264

Useless (Summer) Facts!

00:26:13Update: 06-221

Binaural Waterfalls

00:24:53Update: 06-214

The Pub in London

00:25:02Update: 06-12

Summer Day on the Porch

00:22:11Update: 06-071

Musee Jean Cocteau, France

00:23:20Update: 06-05

Dodge City War

00:16:32Update: 05-31

The Sounds of Yorkshire

00:31:42Update: 05-29

The Rainforest in Venezuela

00:30:20Update: 05-252

Bedtime Poems #5

00:20:02Update: 05-24

Big Little Lies: Series Review

00:19:59Update: 05-22

Relaxing in Santorini

00:32:42Update: 05-17

The Log Cabin

00:22:52Update: 05-111

Kona Lanes

00:13:58Update: 05-10

Wind Chimes on the Porch

00:23:45Update: 05-082

13 Reasons Why: Series Review

00:21:51Update: 05-03

Coasting in the Sky

00:31:57Update: 05-01

Useless (Spring) Facts!

00:20:47Update: 04-271

Crinkle Paradise Vol. 3

00:26:13Update: 04-261

Sounds of Oxford, London

00:30:02Update: 04-24

Whispered Trigger Words

00:16:47Update: 04-17

Driving Through the Car Wash

00:14:43Update: 04-12

Movie Review: Logan

00:24:28Update: 04-10

Train Ride in Brussels, Belgium

00:24:09Update: 04-06

Getting a Haircut

00:21:11Update: 04-051

Movie Review: Get Out

00:19:39Update: 04-03

Whispered Words on a Beach

00:30:14Update: 03-31

Blue Jays in the Forest

00:25:35Update: 03-29

Supermarket Ambiance

00:25:24Update: 03-241

The Treehouse

00:24:45Update: 03-20

Mediterranean Pond

00:25:33Update: 03-17

Ambiance of Cafe Brazil

00:25:02Update: 03-15

Car Ride for Luke

00:26:26Update: 03-13

Winds of the Mojave Desert

00:21:23Update: 03-10


00:20:06Update: 03-08

Random Facts #2

00:22:13Update: 03-06

The Jungle in Borneo, Indonesia

00:25:51Update: 03-03

Bedtime Poems #4

00:25:04Update: 03-01

Waves of Malolo, Fiji

00:25:28Update: 02-271

Suburbs of Clerkenwell, London

00:24:16Update: 02-24

Popping Bubble Wrap

00:21:35Update: 02-22

Whispering Words Vol. 2

00:22:55Update: 02-20

Jazz Bar, Vancouver

00:27:34Update: 02-171

Hang Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

00:25:58Update: 02-131

You're on a Beautiful Island

00:16:39Update: 02-10

Kittens Purring

00:30:36Update: 02-081

The National Gallery, London

00:31:02Update: 02-061

Whispering Words

00:25:03Update: 02-03

Writing a Letter

00:31:59Update: 01-30

Random Facts!

00:26:21Update: 01-27

The Barn in Patagonia

00:36:29Update: 01-25

On a Pirate Ship at Sea

00:36:35Update: 01-232

North American Folktales

00:26:21Update: 01-20

Ice Skating in Engelen, Holland

00:31:28Update: 01-18

Guided Meditation #2

00:22:08Update: 01-16

Crinkle Paradise Vol.2

00:31:33Update: 01-13

Rainy Morning in the Car

00:32:53Update: 01-11

Waterfalls in Croatia

00:35:09Update: 01-06

Bedtime Poems #3

00:30:02Update: 01-04

The Fireplace

00:36:14Update: 01-02

Trafalgar Square in London

00:35:33Update: 12-26

Useless (Winter) Facts!

00:31:38Update: 12-231

Blizzard in the Great Plaines

00:41:39Update: 12-21

Footsteps Crunching the Snow

00:32:42Update: 12-08

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