DiscoverStalkers; FBI, Masons, Scientology
Stalkers; FBI, Masons, Scientology

Stalkers; FBI, Masons, Scientology


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FBI uses THUGS 2 Harass, Vandalize, Gang-Stalk, Demonize & continually Provoke Black-Listed Targets, using CoIntelPro Tactics.
Intro Script for this Show:
Hello, this is Welcome to GangStalking and Targeted Individuals. This show IS being recorded, and anything said will go into the public domain. The public is entitled and ENCOURAGED to republish any part of this recording -- or ALL of it. Without permission, notification or attribution. The time, out on the West Coast is XX O'Clock -- TUE-Jan-17-2012. To find more of these audios, visit -- or search for 'Vancouver' or show 87161. And please keep TRYING to find me, I've been told that my shows are mysteriously not appearing in people's searches. I am live EVERY night at 11PM Eastern Time, that's 8PM here on the west coast, plus other unscheduled times daily. So should this show not appear, please keep trying, and to find the 'live now' button on the top-left corner of any's screen -- OR the search in the top-RIGHT corner of the screen. In addition, many people on this show seem to lose their connection. This is episode # 1099, I have on my show right now [name], and how are you...
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