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Barstool Sports presents the baseball podcast that everyone wants but no one else will give you. Do you care about play by play baseball coverage? We don't either. This is the pod for fans of America's greatest pastime who want hosts willing to cut through the noise and talk about the game the way we really see it. Hosted by MLB great Dallas Braden and Blogger Jared, The Starting 9 makes baseball podcast listening fun again.


Starting 9 Episode #12: Casey Stern

01:27:45Update: 2017-10-19

Starting 9 Episode #11: Karl Ravech

01:26:35Update: 2017-10-12

Starting 9 Episode #9: Christian Yelich

01:27:34Update: 2017-09-28

Starting 9 Episode #8: Ken Rosenthal

01:25:05Update: 2017-09-21

Starting 9 Episode #6: Rhys Hoskins

01:26:24Update: 2017-09-071

Starting 9 Episode #5: Mark Melancon

01:16:43Update: 2017-08-31

Starting 9 Episode #4: David Ross

01:20:00Update: 2017-08-24

Starting 9 Episode #3: Travis Shaw

01:11:41Update: 2017-08-171

Starting 9 Episode #2: Aaron Boone

01:22:03Update: 2017-08-101

Starting 9 Episode #1: Brian Wilson

01:04:25Update: 2017-08-03

Starting9 Coming Soon

00:00:20Update: 2017-07-28

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