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Stuff They Don't Want You To Know Audio

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From UFOs to psychic powers and government conspiracies, history is riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, an audio podcast from


Missing 411 with David Paulides

01:17:37Update: 07-214

What about the other pyramids?

01:07:06Update: 07-142

Is Money a Religion?

01:20:42Update: 06-302

The Search For Bigfoot

01:14:05Update: 06-231

What was the Black Hand?

00:46:33Update: 06-092

What is red mercury?

01:02:42Update: 05-26

The Collapse of Atlanta

00:41:55Update: 05-05

What happened to Hitler?

01:02:36Update: 04-21

What happened to Elisa Lam?

01:10:10Update: 02-032

Grimoires: Fact and Fiction

01:13:55Update: 01-20

The Hemp Car Cover-up

00:56:46Update: 01-13

The Mystery of the Cagots

00:52:57Update: 12-23

The Search For Noah's Ark

00:42:59Update: 12-16

Is the Military On Drugs?

01:08:55Update: 12-091

News: The Fake vs. The Real

01:14:11Update: 12-02

What is Project Iceworm?

00:42:20Update: 11-26

The Hidden World of Psychopaths

01:02:58Update: 09-23

Sport Conspiracies, Part II

00:50:37Update: 09-09

Sports Conspiracies, Part I

00:49:27Update: 09-02

Cannibalism: Fact and Fiction

00:37:58Update: 08-27

Is Sesame Credit Dangerous?

00:54:24Update: 08-12

Wikileaks and the DNC

00:47:45Update: 07-29

Banks, Drugs and Money: Part 2

00:54:52Update: 07-22

Banks, Drugs and Money: Part 1

00:59:27Update: 07-15

STDWYTK Live: The Future of VR

01:07:11Update: 06-24


00:47:31Update: 05-20

Ghosthunters: The Warrens

00:05:14Update: 05-14

What are the Primary Elections?

00:57:25Update: 04-30

What are primary elections?

00:53:51Update: 04-29

What are Jinn?

00:50:03Update: 04-22

Missing in National Parks

00:44:04Update: 04-081

ISIS Recruitment Tactics

00:07:43Update: 04-02

ISIS Recruitment Tactics

00:55:55Update: 04-02

Technology and the Occult

00:58:42Update: 03-11

Flat Earth Update

00:52:35Update: 02-27

The Rise of the Superbug

01:09:52Update: 02-19

Cattle Mutilation

00:59:13Update: 02-12

Political Conspiracies: 2016

00:12:12Update: 01-30

What is Gnosticism?

00:03:09Update: 01-23

Does the UK control the US?

00:48:34Update: 12-18

What are "Crisis Actors?"

00:53:32Update: 12-12

Ghosts and Infrasound

00:04:11Update: 12-05

Congress 101

00:40:28Update: 11-27


00:39:30Update: 11-20

The Future of Poverty

01:01:21Update: 11-13


00:42:53Update: 10-30

Serial Killers on the Loose

01:18:54Update: 10-241

What is the Highway of Tears?

01:11:11Update: 10-18

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