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The TED Radio Hour is a journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create. Based on Talks given by riveting speakers on the world-renowned TED stage, each show is centered on a common theme – such as the source of happiness, crowd-sourcing innovation, power shifts, or inexplicable connections. The TED Radio Hour is hosted by Guy Raz, and is a co-production of NPR & TED. Follow the show @TEDRadioHour.


The Unknown Brain

00:53:11Update: 2017-12-089


00:52:43Update: 2017-12-0115

Big Data Revolution

00:53:13Update: 2017-11-2424

Simple Solutions

00:52:25Update: 2017-11-1718

How Art Changes Us

00:53:13Update: 2017-11-1027

Maslow's Human Needs

00:53:12Update: 2017-11-0360

Dialogue And Exchange

00:52:26Update: 2017-10-2740

Press Play

00:52:53Update: 2017-10-2039


00:50:56Update: 2017-10-1392

Getting Organized

00:52:01Update: 2017-10-0642

Citizen Science

00:51:51Update: 2017-09-2924

Failure Is An Option

00:51:20Update: 2017-09-2264

Future Consequences

00:50:57Update: 2017-09-1540

The Power of Design

00:58:15Update: 2017-09-0830


00:52:39Update: 2017-09-0129


00:51:56Update: 2017-08-2547

Fighting Cancer

00:51:18Update: 2017-08-1818

Rethinking School

00:50:59Update: 2017-08-1141

Shifting Time

00:51:51Update: 2017-08-0431

Beyond Tolerance

00:52:09Update: 2017-07-2817


00:51:00Update: 2017-07-2112

Crisis And Response

00:52:22Update: 2017-07-1412


00:51:33Update: 2017-07-0721

Peering Into Space

00:52:31Update: 2017-06-3027

Truth And Lies

00:52:25Update: 2017-06-2312

A Better You

00:51:13Update: 2017-06-1695


00:52:47Update: 2017-06-0934

Disruptive Leadership

00:52:19Update: 2017-06-0217

Wired For Altruism

00:51:01Update: 2017-05-2618

7 Deadly Sins

00:50:55Update: 2017-05-1925


00:52:48Update: 2017-05-1215

How Things Spread

00:51:23Update: 2017-05-0511

To Endure

00:51:41Update: 2017-04-2811

The Digital Industrial Revolution

00:50:56Update: 2017-04-2113

How It All Began

00:51:40Update: 2017-04-1416

Speaking Up

00:51:43Update: 2017-04-078

Building Better Cities

00:51:14Update: 2017-03-316

Painfully Funny

00:51:24Update: 2017-03-2412

Open Source World

00:51:20Update: 2017-03-178

Decisions Decisions Decisions

00:51:41Update: 2017-03-1015

Spoken And Unspoken

00:52:40Update: 2017-03-036

The Spirit Of Inquiry

00:52:03Update: 2017-02-246

Playing With Perceptions

00:52:51Update: 2017-02-178

Getting Better

00:51:27Update: 2017-02-108

Screen Time - Part II

00:51:49Update: 2017-02-035

Screen Time - Part I

01:00:45Update: 2017-01-276

The Five Senses

00:52:03Update: 2017-01-207


00:51:43Update: 2017-01-135

The Hero's Journey

00:51:18Update: 2017-01-063

Simply Happy

00:52:02Update: 2016-12-3020

Believers And Doubters

00:53:32Update: 2016-12-235


00:51:47Update: 2016-12-163

Just A Little Nicer

00:51:34Update: 2016-12-096


00:51:48Update: 2016-12-0216

Giving It Away

00:51:39Update: 2016-11-252

The Food We Eat

00:52:23Update: 2016-11-188


00:51:19Update: 2016-11-11

Democracy On Trial

00:52:57Update: 2016-11-041


00:50:37Update: 2016-10-285


00:52:11Update: 2016-10-212

The Meaning Of Work

00:51:10Update: 2016-10-147

How We Love

00:51:50Update: 2016-10-0714


00:53:03Update: 2016-09-304

Amateur Hour

00:53:02Update: 2016-09-232


00:52:28Update: 2016-09-166

Big Data Revolution

00:51:43Update: 2016-09-095

The Act Of Listening

00:51:48Update: 2016-09-029

Slowing Down

00:52:19Update: 2016-08-264

Why We Lie

00:51:46Update: 2016-08-196

Brand Over Brain

00:52:10Update: 2016-08-122

Shifting Time

00:51:44Update: 2016-08-053

Failure Is An Option

00:51:25Update: 2016-07-297

The Fountain Of Youth

00:51:34Update: 2016-07-221

What Makes Us ... Us

00:51:41Update: 2016-07-159

Animals And Us

00:55:44Update: 2016-07-082

Growing Up

00:53:11Update: 2016-07-014


00:50:59Update: 2016-06-249

Trust and Consequences

00:51:48Update: 2016-06-171

Becoming Wise

00:52:52Update: 2016-06-109


00:52:20Update: 2016-06-034


00:53:07Update: 2016-05-271

The Power Of Design

00:58:00Update: 2016-05-20

Maslow's Human Needs

00:51:32Update: 2016-05-136

The Case For Optimism

00:50:51Update: 2016-05-061

Press Play

00:52:29Update: 2016-04-293

Beyond Tolerance

00:50:59Update: 2016-04-221

Solve For X

00:52:20Update: 2016-04-15

What Is Original?

00:53:36Update: 2016-04-083

Crisis and Response

00:52:28Update: 2016-04-011

The Unknown Brain

00:51:35Update: 2016-03-254


00:52:58Update: 2016-03-18

What We Fear

00:54:50Update: 2016-03-113

How Things Spread

00:53:13Update: 2016-03-041

Keeping Secrets

00:52:17Update: 2016-02-263

The Money Paradox

00:53:04Update: 2016-02-191

To Endure

00:52:51Update: 2016-02-111

In Search Of

00:51:44Update: 2016-02-051

Rethinking Death

00:51:52Update: 2016-01-293

7 Deadly Sins

00:52:13Update: 2016-01-22

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