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Have you trembled ‘round the campfire as the ghost stories are told? Do tales of horrors wrought by nature and beyond strike fear in your soul? Is it best when you are afraid to turn out the light? Thrill to stories that strike at your deepest fears, as host Stephen Kilpatrick brings the best of horror fiction to your ears and your mind, read to you by the most chilling narrators that podcasting has to offer.

Podcasting the finest in genre fiction, Tales to Terrify is where the depths of horror reveal the truths of good, evil, and the human spirit in the District of Wonders podcast network. Like all shows in the District of Wonders, Tales to Terrify is supported by a welcoming community of dedicated fans and contributors. Subscribe today, and begin your journey through the spine-tingling depths of storytelling.

Everyone has a story in the District of Wonders. Come and find yours.


Tales to Terrify 302 Eliza Clark

00:52:17Update: 2017-11-101

Tales to Terrify 300 D. Morgan Ballmer

00:48:31Update: 2017-10-27

Tales to Terrify 299 Glenndon McDorman

01:14:25Update: 2017-10-20

Tales to Terrify 298 Hal Bodner

00:51:42Update: 2017-10-13

Tales to Terrify 297 Sam Schreiber

00:53:23Update: 2017-10-061

Tales to Terrify 284 Trevor Tolliver

00:48:00Update: 2017-07-07

Tales to Terrify 282 Hal Bodner

00:32:19Update: 2017-06-231

Tales to Terrify 281 Lisa Mannetti

00:47:51Update: 2017-06-16

Tales to Terrify 280 Christopher Golden

00:43:36Update: 2017-06-09

Tales to Terrify 279 Michael Bailey

00:47:31Update: 2017-06-02

Tales to Terrify 271 Greg Sturman

01:00:41Update: 2017-04-07

Tales to Terrify 254 Flashageddon

01:27:04Update: 2016-12-09

Tales to Terrify 253 John C. Foster

00:54:23Update: 2016-12-02

Tales to Terrify 239 Peter Crowther

01:08:42Update: 2016-08-26

Tales to Terrify 233 Gary Braunbeck

00:58:30Update: 2016-07-15

Tales to Terrify 232 John Everson

00:48:42Update: 2016-07-08

Tales to Terrify 231 David Niall Wilson

00:52:11Update: 2016-07-01

Tales to Terrify 229 Nina Allan

00:49:14Update: 2016-06-10

Tales to Terrify 228 Jason Sanford

00:48:38Update: 2016-06-03

Tales to Terrify 226 W. B. Stickel

01:03:03Update: 2016-05-20

Tales to Terrify 221 Samantha Anderson

00:58:16Update: 2016-04-15

Tales to Terrify 215 Caldwell Wilson

00:56:46Update: 2016-03-04

Tales To Terrify 214 Everson Bloch

01:05:09Update: 2016-02-26

Tales to Terrify 213 Lippert

00:54:32Update: 2016-02-19

Tales to Terrify 212 Newman

00:45:15Update: 2016-02-12

Tales to Terrify 211 Kennet Kane

00:56:02Update: 2016-02-05

Tales to Terrify 210 Hewitt Lerman

00:52:07Update: 2016-01-29

Tales to Terrify 209 Thornton Pazuzu

01:13:08Update: 2016-01-22

Tales to Terrify 208 Kurtagich Sturner

00:50:52Update: 2016-01-15

Tales to Terrify 207 Kane

00:38:49Update: 2016-01-08

Tales to Terrify 206 Leslie

00:52:48Update: 2016-01-01

Tales to Terrify 205 Kane McIlveen

01:09:23Update: 2015-12-25

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