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Author: BBC Radio

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Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service


Left, right, and centre

00:02:11Update: 08-22

Donkey's years

00:02:29Update: 08-15

Give us a bell

00:02:36Update: 08-08

Echo chamber

00:02:11Update: 08-011


00:02:08Update: 07-25

The heat is on

00:01:58Update: 07-181

Wet weekend

00:02:16Update: 07-11

No picnic

00:02:02Update: 07-04

A busman's holiday

00:02:18Update: 06-271


00:02:10Update: 06-201

No great shakes

00:02:27Update: 06-13

Not a sausage

00:02:05Update: 06-06


00:01:46Update: 05-30

Not half

00:02:07Update: 05-232

All over the shop

00:03:04Update: 05-16

It comes with the territory

00:02:04Update: 05-09

It won't wash

00:02:27Update: 05-02


00:02:24Update: 04-251

The coast is clear

00:02:28Update: 04-18

Pull a fast one

00:02:16Update: 04-11

Suck it and see

00:01:50Update: 04-04

To cut your teeth

00:02:04Update: 03-28


00:02:28Update: 03-21

La-la land

00:02:11Update: 03-14

A different kettle of fish

00:02:17Update: 03-07

At the drop of a hat

00:02:09Update: 02-28

Brass neck

00:02:56Update: 02-21

Reinvent the wheel

00:02:23Update: 02-14


00:02:23Update: 02-07

To be fair

00:02:18Update: 01-31

On the box

00:02:00Update: 01-24


00:02:26Update: 01-17


00:01:53Update: 01-10

Got your number

00:02:08Update: 01-031

A slap in the face

00:01:55Update: 12-27


00:02:36Update: 12-20


00:02:11Update: 12-13

Air kiss

00:02:15Update: 12-06


00:02:10Update: 11-29

Rolling in it

00:02:12Update: 11-22


00:02:36Update: 11-15


00:02:52Update: 11-08

Cat got your tongue?

00:02:20Update: 10-25

It takes two to tango

00:02:26Update: 10-18

Knee-jerk reaction

00:02:08Update: 10-11

To have an axe to grind

00:02:39Update: 10-04

Close, but no cigar

00:02:03Update: 09-27

Get somebody's goat

00:02:06Update: 09-20

Bust a gut

00:02:10Update: 09-13


00:02:19Update: 09-06


00:02:13Update: 08-30


00:02:14Update: 08-231

In the blink of an eye

00:02:05Update: 08-09

Off the hook

00:01:52Update: 08-04


00:02:26Update: 07-26

The last straw/final straw

00:02:23Update: 07-12

The university of life

00:02:31Update: 07-05

Drama queen

00:02:29Update: 06-211

It's on the cards

00:02:07Update: 06-14

Until you're blue in the face

00:02:44Update: 06-07

Clean up your act

00:02:47Update: 05-31

You're pulling my leg!

00:02:39Update: 05-24

One good turn deserves another

00:02:43Update: 05-17

To fall at the first hurdle

00:02:45Update: 05-10

Pain in the neck

00:01:57Update: 05-03

Burn a hole in your pocket

00:02:29Update: 04-26

To turn something upside down

00:02:01Update: 04-19

Going forward

00:02:19Update: 04-12

A recipe for disaster

00:02:53Update: 04-05

Crash course

00:02:13Update: 03-29

You've sold it to me

00:02:14Update: 03-22

Full of the joys of spring

00:02:36Update: 03-15

Test the water

00:02:12Update: 02-23

To lie through your teeth

00:02:33Update: 02-16

To make a monkey out of me

00:02:53Update: 02-09

There's method to my madness

00:02:32Update: 01-26

In good nick

00:02:04Update: 01-19

Cheap and cheerful

00:02:05Update: 01-12

A bitter pill to swallow

00:02:58Update: 01-05


00:02:00Update: 12-31

I'm game

00:01:59Update: 12-22

Down the pan

00:02:18Update: 12-01

Sweet tooth

00:02:27Update: 11-17


00:02:23Update: 11-10

Eye candy

00:02:24Update: 11-03


00:02:11Update: 10-27

Across the pond

00:02:30Update: 10-20

People person

00:02:23Update: 10-13

It's a steal!

00:02:38Update: 10-06

Bull and bear market

00:02:57Update: 09-29

Social media words

00:02:33Update: 09-22

Don't give up the day job

00:02:31Update: 09-15

A barrel of laughs

00:02:55Update: 09-08

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