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Author: Chris Hardwick

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I am Chris Hardwick. I am on TV a lot and have a blog at This podcast is basically just me talking about stuff and things with my two nerdy friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, and usually someone more famous than all of us. Occasionally we swear because that is fun. I hope you like it, but if you don't I'm sure you will not hesitate to unfurl your rage in the 'reviews' section because that's how the Internet works.


Taran Killam Returns

01:07:38Update: 2017-10-19

Russell Brand

00:50:04Update: 2017-10-173

Jason Blum

01:22:43Update: 2017-10-112

Whitney Cummings

01:19:42Update: 2017-10-066

Ron Perlman #3

01:11:06Update: 2017-10-041

Deon Cole

01:01:02Update: 2017-09-293

David X. Cohen

01:19:29Update: 2017-09-274

Paula Poundstone

01:52:07Update: 2017-09-212

Max Brooks Returns

01:32:55Update: 2017-09-143

Tatiana Maslany (TWCH)

01:03:48Update: 2017-09-083

ID10T Hostful

01:07:23Update: 2017-09-054

Dominic Monaghan (TWCH)

01:11:00Update: 2017-09-022

Andrea Savage Returns

01:17:22Update: 2017-08-30

Neil deGrasse Tyson (TWCH)

01:10:48Update: 2017-08-2717

Michael Cudlitz

01:38:22Update: 2017-08-253

Jaimie Alexander (TWCH)

01:08:27Update: 2017-08-191

Nick Swardson

01:03:22Update: 2017-08-188

Bryan Cranston (TWCH)

01:04:34Update: 2017-08-117

Robert Pattinson

01:00:27Update: 2017-08-093

Jane Lynch (TWCH)

01:05:16Update: 2017-08-053

James Van Der Beek

01:07:52Update: 2017-08-045

Al Gore

01:06:35Update: 2017-08-021

Damon Lindelof (TWCH)

01:14:22Update: 2017-07-282

Aidy Bryant

01:09:47Update: 2017-07-263

Connie Britton (TWCH)

01:16:07Update: 2017-07-24

Jim Jefferies #3

01:21:05Update: 2017-07-222

Tom Holland

01:00:10Update: 2017-07-116

Andy Samberg #3

01:14:23Update: 2017-07-072

Trey Parker

01:00:04Update: 2017-06-308

Will Ferrell Returns

01:04:10Update: 2017-06-295

Edgar Wright

01:06:20Update: 2017-06-263

Sofia Coppola

00:59:27Update: 2017-06-22

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

01:40:18Update: 2017-06-163

T.J. Miller #3

01:33:36Update: 2017-06-082

Orange Is The New Black (TWCH)

01:09:19Update: 2017-06-022

Wayne Coyne

01:23:15Update: 2017-05-31

Bill Burr #3

01:30:56Update: 2017-05-251

Jordan Peele (TWCH)

00:58:49Update: 2017-05-192

Michael Fassbender and Danny McBride

01:01:39Update: 2017-05-182

Charlie Hunnam (TWCH)

01:11:58Update: 2017-05-121

Guy Ritchie

01:11:10Update: 2017-05-102

James Corden (TWCH)

01:12:29Update: 2017-05-05

Michelle Monaghan (TWCH)

01:07:58Update: 2017-04-30

Dave Gahan

01:11:16Update: 2017-04-26

Silicon Valley (TWCH)

01:17:10Update: 2017-04-21

Doree Shafrir

01:44:41Update: 2017-04-18

Elijah Wood (TWCH)

01:04:48Update: 2017-04-14

Steve Carlin

01:28:33Update: 2017-04-11

Allison Williams

01:28:14Update: 2017-04-05

Brandon Routh

01:32:18Update: 2017-03-29

Dax Shepard Returns

01:33:38Update: 2017-03-221

Danny Boyle

01:20:04Update: 2017-03-151

Ben Acker and Ben Blacker Return

01:36:33Update: 2017-03-07

Sidekick with Matt Mira

01:17:28Update: 2017-03-03

Catherine O'Hara

01:28:17Update: 2017-03-02

Jordan Peele

01:11:16Update: 2017-02-221

Lena Dunham

01:23:58Update: 2017-02-191

Pete Holmes Returns

01:59:56Update: 2017-02-171

Alan Tudyk

01:23:35Update: 2017-02-113

Keanu Reeves Returns

01:12:08Update: 2017-02-072

Chilly Gonzales

01:39:45Update: 2017-02-02

SF Sketchfest with Nathan Fillion

01:25:01Update: 2017-01-261

Louie Anderson

01:34:12Update: 2017-01-17

Mark Hamill Returns

01:47:08Update: 2017-01-114

Metallica Returns

01:09:04Update: 2017-01-041

2016: The Year of No Chill

01:22:48Update: 2016-12-27

Neil Finn

01:24:47Update: 2016-12-22

Ian McShane

01:09:45Update: 2016-12-151

She & Him

01:01:49Update: 2016-12-13

Jake Gyllenhaal

01:22:13Update: 2016-12-061

Tracey Ullman

01:10:21Update: 2016-11-291

Jeremy Irons

01:08:07Update: 2016-11-241

Anna Faris and Sim Sarna

01:40:38Update: 2016-11-15

Anna Kendrick Returns

01:42:42Update: 2016-11-094

Rob Zombie #3

01:31:49Update: 2016-11-041

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

01:10:20Update: 2016-10-313

Dakota Fanning

01:15:05Update: 2016-10-252

Elijah Wood and Samuel Barnett

01:03:37Update: 2016-10-20

Rick Astley

01:01:16Update: 2016-10-182

Norm Macdonald

02:11:56Update: 2016-10-122

Gale Anne Hurd

01:28:53Update: 2016-10-06

Sarah Jessica Parker

01:24:27Update: 2016-10-052

Neil deGrasse Tyson #4

01:29:14Update: 2016-09-20

John Stamos

01:01:05Update: 2016-09-142

Colman Domingo

01:17:41Update: 2016-09-09

Max Brooks

01:46:34Update: 2016-08-30

Summer Ash

01:32:07Update: 2016-08-23

Billy West #3

01:44:15Update: 2016-08-191

Seth Rogen Returns

01:02:18Update: 2016-08-112

The Marriage Refs

01:03:38Update: 2016-08-09

Mike Birbiglia #4

01:26:43Update: 2016-08-05

Butch Vig

01:16:41Update: 2016-07-24

Paul Dini

01:49:07Update: 2016-07-15

David Schwimmer

01:01:21Update: 2016-07-07

Dana Carvey

01:28:41Update: 2016-07-061

Hakeem Oluseyi

01:24:56Update: 2016-06-28

Maria Bamford #3

01:23:28Update: 2016-06-22

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