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David Remnick is joined by The New Yorker’s award-winning writers, editors, and artists to present a weekly mix of profiles, storytelling, and insightful conversations about the issues that matter ― plus an occasional blast of comic genius from the magazine’s legendary Shouts and Murmurs page. The New Yorker has set a standard in journalism for generations, and The New Yorker Radio Hour gives it a voice on public radio for the first time. Produced by The New Yorker and WNYC Studios.

WNYC studios is the producer of leading podcasts including Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio, Note To Self, Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin, and more.


Noah Baumbach’s Unhappy Families

00:26:13Update: 2017-11-211

How OxyContin Was Sold to the Masses

00:22:15Update: 2017-10-273

Riz Ahmed Gets the Job Done

00:20:15Update: 2017-10-24

Chelsea Manning on Life After Prison

00:38:26Update: 2017-10-201

St. Vincent’s Seduction

00:27:01Update: 2017-10-13

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wins Again

00:34:24Update: 2017-09-26

At the Brink with North Korea

00:23:52Update: 2017-09-22

What Was It Like Before the Internet?

00:15:54Update: 2017-09-123

Neil Gorsuch and the Uses of History

00:24:43Update: 2017-09-05

Nick Lowe Gets Better with Age

00:31:54Update: 2017-08-29

Why Men Should Read Romance Novels

00:26:36Update: 2017-08-22

Russian Spies Never Go Out of Style

00:31:28Update: 2017-08-181

Foraging for a Salad in Central Park

00:16:39Update: 2017-08-15

Senator Al Franken Really Is Senatorial

00:23:11Update: 2017-08-08

The Scaramucci Call

00:36:45Update: 2017-08-03

The Man Who Would Be King (of Mars)

00:20:52Update: 2017-07-18

Trumpcare Revisited

00:37:45Update: 2017-07-14

Lucinda Williams Talks with Ariel Levy

00:19:43Update: 2017-07-11

James Taylor Will Teach you Guitar

00:38:53Update: 2017-07-07

My Night at Mar-a-Lago

00:28:36Update: 2017-07-03

Podcast Extra: The Stuff of Fiction

00:17:19Update: 2017-03-15

Episode 60: What Is Trumpism?

00:55:28Update: 2016-12-09

Episode 43: Summer in the City

00:55:40Update: 2016-08-12

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