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Seth Andrews, a former Christian broadcaster and believer for 30 years, ultimately escaped the bonds of superstitious thinking to embrace the more satisfying explanations that science provides.

A professional video producer and host of one of the most popular atheist communities on the internet, Seth Andrews brings a polished format, a relaxed environment and a rage-free challenge to the religious beliefs that defined his youth.
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Penny Stewart

I dont care for you waste of my time sent 15 minutes to long .good ye

Nov 6th

Sina Zolfaghari


Sep 22nd

TK Cyberglyph

Very good show on this one. Loved it. I wish this was talked about more!

Sep 13th

Jason Kipfer

steak bagel meal dk the #

Sep 1st

Amy Wong

I cannot stand when someone is anti-science and using all the new tech available, it's such a hypocritical move. You don't want to acknowledge the scientific method or the efforts of the community yet you take advantage of everything they put out and made possible. They simply don't deserve it.

Jul 26th

Sherman Pike

Seth I love your work but why do the podcasts sound like compressed AM radio? Tinny and distorted, I don't get it.

Jul 22nd


so Jordan isn't a guest?

Jun 1st


Disciple he is not. thankfully.

Jun 2nd

TruthShroom why

Seth. I love listening to your podcasts and identifying with you and your listeners. One of the positives that I can take from being brought up in a super strict evangelical Christian home is that I am determined not to allow my own children to suffer the torment,lies and social ostracization that this religion brings with it. I became a heroin addict at age 16 and finally managed to break my addiction by going to a CHRISTIAN rehab! Whilst there, the councilors encouraged us to delve deeper into our past to try and recognize what the reasons were for us to turn to drugs. It wasn't until years after recovery that I really realized what the real root of the probkem was......and without going into too much detail, I realized that the religious upbringing was a huge part of that problem. I finally realized that God had never been there for me and made the break. As with a lot of the listeners,these doctrines are heavily ingrained into my mind and not easy to shift, but this amazing podcast has really helped me✌

May 7th

Liz Ranahan

I grew up in a GIGANTIC Irish Catholic family in Boston. As cliche as it may be, I even went to a Catholic school from kindergarten to eighth grade. "God", ""Jesus" etc was always made out in such a frightening and judgemental way. I was PETRIFIED of him. Soon as I got out on my own, I left religion and never looked back. I do align with Buddhist ways of thinking. But, for the ACTUAL intellectuals sharing this amazing podcast space with me, you'll know that Buddhism is NOT religion. It's a way of life, a state of being. (I wanted to get ahead of the comments that would most certainly come along about not being an Atheist and being Buddhist at the same time!! 🤣🤣😉😉) Have a great day my fellow physics loving, free thinking, free spirited friends!!!!😉

Apr 28th


caught your podcast on the website DeadSpace. The podcast about the $100k bet and absolutely adored it. I am happy I found you on here and look forward to listening.

Apr 27th

André Brait

Seth Andrews is an extremely cool guy who's got this extremely well made, high-quality content podcast. I never liked podcasts before. Never. But Seth made me change my mind. This podcast isn't about religion bashing. Seth is a very respectful guy, and his goal is to make people more rational, not less religious or atheists or whatever. Of course, one thing might lead to another but that's not the point of it all. There's also plenty of original stuff and it's never boring. The format keeps it always fresh and pleasant to listen to, and there's usually some humor. Oh -- and Seth's voice is just wonderful. I'd listen to him read a shampoo bottle label and that would be awesome. Throw in some extremely good content and you got yourself the best podcast on Earth, IMHO.

Apr 25th

Prashant Saphalya

How can i call these podcasts

Nov 2nd

Zx Cv

I can relate to this completely, I'm 18, I began to doubt when I was 16 and I'm now a honest atheist, I thank you for this podcast.

Oct 26th

Ron Esquerra

katten Tissari first we need to translate that comment to English before any claims can be addressed

Mar 12th

katten Tissari

Zx Cv I thougt som like that too, but now here to clear the misconception if n or so, that been annoying me. Sjortly, the prejudist religion of atheists or som cases referred to scientists uncertain of the level convuction or active practice - acting as if the tolerance lack not translate.... Unexpectantly seem to have solved itself for me by in mycket mind reference translated to anarchism.

Nov 13th

Avery Hakes

First, I would like to say that after extensive study into quantum physics, astro physics psychology and basic study into every recognised religion known to civilized man I was a sarcastic, totally skeptical atheist. then becoming more of an agnostic. I was raised as a southern baptist (the most judgemental of all christians that I have observed) Now that being said; I have one question that I would like YOU to answer for me: how do explain video evidence and digital voice recordings? such as: a woman lying in her bed sound asleep not making a sound (except snoring) in the video recorded on an android phone but when compared to the exact time on the digital voice recorder you can very clearly hear the same woman lying soundly asleep in her bed yell loudly as in pleasure oh yeah F blank blank CK me! Ok, not the woman but her voice mimicked precisely. By whom? or what? the machine? Matrix, or God? no.... let me explain something to you... now hear me out as I have sat here listening to your point of view and completely empathize with you: such as with the duality of man I can assure you there is good and there is evil Only the Good won't directly show itself to you oh but the evil it sure will so here is my hypothesis okay if the negative side of the equation is there and I know that for a fact then the only logical explanation would be that there is also a positive side to that equation correct? okay I can already see you that you are so close-minded and sent in your beliefs that in this lifetime there probably will be no convincing you to think anything otherwise and you can thank all of those holier than holier-than-thou Bible Belt Jesus Freaks for actually pushing you away from believing in anything which is not what their motive is actually supposed to be. I know kind of ironic huh? but if you pay attention to things around you and you hear someone say something to you in a matter of fact sort of manner say about a subject that there is no way that they can know anything about how do you say well I think that this person was trying to tell me (that we are offered more than what is this paradigm) and the person looks at you and very reassuringly tells you like they are receiving their information from an unknown source that knows everything about you yes they were (trying to tell you that you are loved beyond measure) and please read my comment all the way to the end and you can thank me in your next life if you are lucky enough two get to come back and try to get it right on your next go-around but I just have this strange feeling that all the non-believers well what do you believe in? nothing right? an Abyss a black hole. okay everyone has a fate so if you go on the rest of your life feeling sorry for yourself and not believing in anything believing in your Abyss your black hole then guess what that's what your fate is going to be when you die and lights go out guess what you do you fall backwards forever and ever and ever and ever and ever into the abyss into a black hole into what you believe in. yeah sorry guys I don't quite buy into the whole atheist thing I just don't sell anything like my cup of tea but I respect your opinion and much love to you all. but look it's like this life isn't fair none of us are perfect and none of us have perfect lives but go around your whole life blaming others 4 whatever judging them is it your call that's not your job all you can do is leave those people and say wow and just go on about your business you know everyone's belief is their belief as long as they don't push it on you then let them know that you don't share their belief but also try to show a little compassion and don't be so close-minded you should always be open to the possibility of anything but then it is up to you whether you decide to believe that or not but people having a spirituality and having faith in something in their lives is not a bad thing and it's not entirely just for control of the population and I'm sorry but in a society I mean we all live in the same Society right okay we can't live in a complete Anarchy there has to be some order that's why as human beings were born with what we called the duality of man that keeps us from killing each other and ourselves but I'm just here to tell you from my personal experience that there is something Beyond this realm that we know this Physical Realm that we live in. okay I'm sorry but just one more question exactly how do you propose that we got here do you not believe that there is a creator okay if you don't believe in it in a spiritual sense okay then don't you think that there is some Supreme Being way smarter than any of us humans that created the computer program that we live in my only internet folks in the freaking internet don't you get it I'm sorry but I just have to say this all have such an attitude and it's like this over educated idiots okay I'm sorry I just had to say it and after you fall forever and ever and ever then maybe you'll start to believe or you'll start to hear or see my point of view but by the end[(then)funny choice of words for typos] I say it'll probably be too late but somebody tried to warn you just call me the messenger so dumping all the holy Jargon... messenger over and out... And again much love to you all. signed, the messenger Avery Hakes

Oct 6th

André Brait

Avery Hakes have you considered that this is far from being the ideal place for such discussion?

Apr 25th

Valeriy Ovechkin

Avery Hakes Nope. The Universe doesn't give a shit about you.

Feb 13th


Love the podcast!

Aug 28th
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