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Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a podcast drama with a modern twist on old time radio that delves into the mystery of true cold cases and unsolved murders. With the help of an ensemble cast, follow our hosts as they take you on an entertaining journey through the crime scene, the investigation and attempt to solve the case. With many surprising plot twists, it’s important you start listening from the first episode of a cold case. New episodes are released every other Tuesday. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media Production.


E62: The Joan Robinson Hill Murder

00:36:05Update: 2017-09-261

E61: The Peasenhall Murder Pt. 2

00:39:52Update: 2017-09-191

E60: The Peasenhall Murder

00:41:29Update: 2017-09-124

E59: Bob Crane Pt. 2

00:26:45Update: 2017-09-052

E58: Bob Crane

00:33:04Update: 2017-08-2911

E57: Elsie Paroubek Pt. 2

00:37:10Update: 2017-08-224

E56: Elsie Paroubek

00:34:43Update: 2017-08-152

E55: Sir Harry Oakes Pt. 2

00:31:04Update: 2017-08-083

E54: Sir Harry Oakes

00:26:23Update: 2017-08-013

E53: Alphabet Murders Pt. 2

00:41:28Update: 2017-07-256

E52: Alphabet Murders

00:40:48Update: 2017-07-1813

E51: Johnny Stompanato Pt. 2

00:41:29Update: 2017-07-042

E50: Johnny Stompanato

00:33:24Update: 2017-06-272

E49: The Villisca Axe Murders Pt.2

00:48:16Update: 2017-06-209

E48: The Villisca Axe Murders

00:38:03Update: 2017-06-136

E47: The Atlas Vampire

00:34:52Update: 2017-06-065

E46: The Good Hart Murders Pt. 2

00:34:18Update: 2017-05-304

E45: The Good Hart Murders

00:36:49Update: 2017-05-236

E42: Monster of Florence Pt. 2

00:45:19Update: 2017-04-252

E41 The Monster of Florence

00:43:15Update: 2017-04-185

E40 Boy in The Box

00:34:27Update: 2017-04-111

E39 Julia Wallace Pt.2

00:46:06Update: 2017-04-041

E38 Julia Wallace

00:43:27Update: 2017-03-283

E37 George Reeves Pt. 2

00:40:07Update: 2017-03-21

E36 George Reeves

00:40:46Update: 2017-03-141

E35 Mary Rogers Pt.2

00:41:41Update: 2017-03-071

E34 Mary Rogers

00:40:31Update: 2017-02-282

E33 The Grimes Sisters Pt. 2

00:45:12Update: 2017-02-213

E32 The Grimes Sisters

00:45:13Update: 2017-02-14

E31 Betsy Aardsma Pt. 2

00:33:59Update: 2017-02-071

E30 Betsy Aardsma

00:28:56Update: 2017-01-313

E29: The Hall-Mills Murder Pt.2

00:46:53Update: 2017-01-24

E28 The Hall-Mills Murder

00:38:26Update: 2017-01-174

E27 Zodiac Killer Pt. 2

00:34:32Update: 2017-01-101

E26 The Zodiac Killer

00:35:51Update: 2017-01-033

E24 Lizzie Borden Pt. 2

00:36:20Update: 2016-12-063

E23 Lizzie Borden

00:27:40Update: 2016-11-295

E22 Mary Pinchot Meyer Pt. 2

00:37:25Update: 2016-11-222

E21 Mary Pinchot Meyer

00:33:09Update: 2016-11-152

E20 Georgette Bauerdorf Pt. 2

00:37:30Update: 2016-11-082

E19 Georgette Bauerdorf

00:35:14Update: 2016-11-01

E13 William Goebel

00:36:56Update: 2016-09-272

E12 The Black Dahlia Pt. 2: George Hodel

00:37:55Update: 2016-09-201

E11 The Black Dahlia: Elizabeth Short

00:31:39Update: 2016-09-132

E10 Benjamin Siegel Pt. 2: Flamingo

00:33:52Update: 2016-09-062

E09 Benjamin Siegel: “Bugsy”

00:30:42Update: 2016-08-232

E07 Phantom Killer Pt. 2: Lovers' Lane

00:32:41Update: 2016-07-261

E06: The Phantom Killer

00:23:23Update: 2016-07-122

BONUS EPISODE! Meet Carter & Wenndy

00:09:29Update: 2016-07-05

BONUS Episode! The Axeman Letter

00:06:18Update: 2016-06-211

E04: Hollywood's First Murder

00:25:40Update: 2016-06-102

E03 Axeman Pt. 3: A Wife's Revenge

00:23:06Update: 2016-06-075

E02 Axeman Pt. 2: Hell March 13,1919

00:24:55Update: 2016-06-074

E01: The Axeman

00:28:56Update: 2016-06-0522

Welcome to Season 1

00:02:27Update: 2016-06-048

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