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Author: Hillary Clinton

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What's it like to be on the road to history? Running for president is a big deal, but on With Her, you'll hear from Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, their supporters, and staff about the little details from the campaign trail they'll never forget.


What Now (Part 2)

00:50:30Update: 2017-09-132

What Happened (Part 1)

00:27:47Update: 2017-09-123

Back With Her

00:01:01Update: 2017-09-11

"How are you feeling, Hillary?"

00:18:06Update: 2016-11-07

"You need to vote in this election"

00:16:03Update: 2016-10-28

Wellesley, 1969

00:12:51Update: 2016-10-21

"They're not just words"

00:26:17Update: 2016-10-21

"Presidents are people, too"

00:23:52Update: 2016-09-30

“Is this normal now?”

00:14:53Update: 2016-09-21

"Let's do that again"

00:14:26Update: 2016-09-08

"Hi, Hillary"

00:16:50Update: 2016-08-12

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