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Inbox challenges guests to offer up access to their digital correspondence and allow their personal lives to be mined for comedy gold. Each week, hosts Nicole Drespel (Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer) and Matt Stroup (Emmy Award-winning sports TV writer) look over the shoulders of comedians, performers, actors and anyone willing to explore all the buried treasure of embarrassment their inbox has just waiting to be discovered!


Undone with Jesse Lee

00:51:43Update: 2017-11-21

I Am Very Tall with Moujan Zolfaghari

00:58:54Update: 2017-11-143

Greater Beantown Area with Jeremy Bent

00:51:14Update: 2017-11-071

Literally In Stitches with Keisha Zollar

00:47:57Update: 2017-10-311

Ingrato with Andy Bustillos

00:58:43Update: 2017-10-241

ALL CAPS with Caroline Cotter

00:41:20Update: 2017-10-17

Freak for Sushi with James Dwyer

00:58:44Update: 2017-10-10

Type Faster with Molly Gaebe

00:37:24Update: 2017-10-032

InBox Preview

00:01:13Update: 2017-09-262

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