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Author: Jason Weiser, Carissa Weiser / Bardic

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Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories you might not have heard, but really should. All the stories are sourced from world folklore, but retold for modern ears.

These are stories of wizards, knights, Vikings, dragons, princesses, and kings from the time when the world beyond the map was a dangerous and wonderful place.


83-Tale of Tales: Skin Deep

00:42:31Update: 2017-09-205

81-Trolls: Breakups

00:33:31Update: 2017-08-302

80B-Perseus: I'm Set Free

00:36:22Update: 2017-08-237

80A-Medusa: Golden Child

00:34:33Update: 2017-08-1612

79-Odin: The War to Begin all Wars

00:39:52Update: 2017-08-0912

78-Egyptian Mythology: The Master Namer

00:34:20Update: 2017-08-0212

77-Romanian Folklore: Mrs. Piggy

00:37:15Update: 2017-07-266

76-Greek Myths: Lioness

00:40:19Update: 2017-07-196

75-Pecos Bill: Rider on the Storm

00:34:32Update: 2017-07-128

73-Japanese Folklore: I will find you

00:43:41Update: 2017-06-286

72-Kelpie: Party Horse

00:39:54Update: 2017-06-213

71B-Sinbad: Snake Eyes

00:38:08Update: 2017-06-072

71A-Sinbad the Sailor: Venture

00:34:59Update: 2017-05-313

70-Ugly Duckling: Fowl Play

00:33:45Update: 2017-05-242

69-Midas: You Got the Touch

00:37:33Update: 2017-05-175

68B-Morgan le Fay: Her Majesty

00:45:22Update: 2017-05-103

68A-Morgan Le Fay: Get Thee to a Nunnery

00:34:12Update: 2017-05-034

67B-Gawain and the Green Knight: Head On

00:39:50Update: 2017-04-263

67A-Gawain: To the Dogs

00:44:26Update: 2017-04-191

66-Paul Bunyan: Truth in Advertising

00:33:50Update: 2017-04-121

65-Oedipus: Motherboy

00:43:35Update: 2017-04-053

64-Frog Prince: Warts and All

00:48:40Update: 2017-03-221

63-Puss in Boots: These Boots

00:34:35Update: 2017-03-151

62-Thor: Hammer Time

00:36:42Update: 2017-03-083

61-Solomon: One Ring

00:41:48Update: 2017-03-015

60C-Beowulf: Unknowable but Certain

00:35:41Update: 2017-02-222

60B-Beowulf: The Depths

00:32:26Update: 2017-02-151

60A-Beowulf: I'm Kind of a Big Deal

00:33:05Update: 2017-02-085

58-Native American Folklore: Monster

00:30:41Update: 2017-01-255

57-Japanese Fairy Tales: Faithful

00:33:42Update: 2017-01-182

55-Grimm: My (Bird) Heart Will Go On

00:30:41Update: 2017-01-04

54C-Gilgamesh: Dust

00:44:59Update: 2016-12-281

54B-Gilgamesh: Huge

00:33:52Update: 2016-12-212

53-African Folklore: Crocodile Tears

00:36:44Update: 2016-12-072

52-Greek Mythology: An Eternal Flame

00:40:20Update: 2016-11-303

51-Loki: Them Apples

00:35:56Update: 2016-11-233

50-Dracula: Bad Blood

00:38:47Update: 2016-11-16

49-Russian Folklore: I Pity the Fool

00:38:30Update: 2016-11-091

48-Snow White: Killer Queen

00:37:46Update: 2016-11-021

47-Urban Legends: In the Dark

00:29:42Update: 2016-10-263

46D-Jason and the Argonauts: Scorned

00:39:11Update: 2016-10-191

46B-Jason and the Argonauts: MacGuffin

00:45:18Update: 2016-10-052

45-Rumpelstiltskin: Let's Make a Deal

00:43:23Update: 2016-09-213

44-Saint George: Here Be Dragons

00:41:49Update: 2016-09-141

43-Slavic Folklore: The Wasteland

00:40:43Update: 2016-09-07

41C-Lancelot: It's Complicated

00:52:52Update: 2016-08-241

41B-Lancelot: Promises to Keep

00:40:21Update: 2016-08-17

41A-Lancelot: The Stolen Child

00:39:21Update: 2016-08-10

40-West African Folklore: Cold-blooded

00:40:12Update: 2016-08-03

39-Odin: In the Land of the Blind

00:41:47Update: 2016-07-273

37-Hercules: The Best at What He Does

00:45:01Update: 2016-06-291

36B-Pocahontas: Between Two Streams

01:01:14Update: 2016-06-22

36A-Pocahontas: The Empire Business

00:50:07Update: 2016-06-152

35-Beauty and the Beast: Prisoners

00:51:22Update: 2016-06-082

34-Greek Mythology: Uphill Battle

00:44:07Update: 2016-06-012

33-Ali Baba: Inheritance

00:42:46Update: 2016-05-181

32-Tricksters: Wager

00:40:43Update: 2016-05-111

31B-Viking Sagas: Face-off

00:58:22Update: 2016-05-04

31A-Viking Sagas: Odd Man Out

00:43:53Update: 2016-04-271

30-Latin American Folklore: Unbreakable

00:36:46Update: 2016-04-201

29-Grimm: Upward Mobility

00:47:42Update: 2016-04-13

28-Prometheus: Adamantine

00:41:24Update: 2016-04-062

27C-King Arthur: The Errant Knight

00:51:46Update: 2016-04-052

27B-King Arthur: Mayday

00:43:13Update: 2016-03-23

26-Japanese Fairy Tales: Wisdom

00:36:12Update: 2016-03-094

24-Thor: Whosoever Holds this Hammer

00:28:40Update: 2016-02-243

23-Cupid and Psyche: Burned

00:37:12Update: 2016-02-171

22C-Irish Legends: The Spoils of War

00:49:24Update: 2016-02-103

22A-Irish Legends (The Tain): Red Ledger

00:33:36Update: 2016-01-272

20-Korean Folklore: Prayers

00:35:46Update: 2016-01-131

19-Native American Folklore: Skeletons

00:28:31Update: 2016-01-063

17C-Theseus: I Volunteer as Tribute

00:35:51Update: 2015-12-164

15-Slavic Folklore: Bad Wolf

00:41:11Update: 2015-11-111

13A-Ragnar Lodbrok: The Beggar King

00:34:52Update: 2015-10-211

12-Pig-faced Women: Citation Needed

00:25:33Update: 2015-10-142

10B-Hercules: Labor Intensive

00:38:10Update: 2015-09-301

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