DiscoverYou Must Remember This104: Barbara Loden (Dead Blondes Part 12)

104: Barbara Loden (Dead Blondes Part 12)

Update: 2017-04-18


Barbara Loden won a Tony Award for playing a character based on Marilyn Monroe in Arthur Miller’s After the Fall. Like Marilyn, Barbara was a beauty with no pedigree who fled a hopeless upbringing in search of the fulfillment of fame. Like Marilyn, Loden found some measure of security as the mistress (and eventual wife) of a powerful man, in Loden’s case Elia Kazan. But instead of satisfying her, her small taste of fame and her relationship with Kazan left Barbara Loden wanting more, which would lead her to write, direct and star in a groundbreaking independent movie of her own. 

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for the the the earner of the the the went to another episode of You Must Remember This podcast dedicated to exploring the secrets and or forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century part of the canopy Network I'm your host for a and this is another installment in our ongoing series Dead belongs the the the ER or alr the effects in The The The The The and the no shock to see you press the the The Today we're going to have an actress who became famous playing the character based on Farber loaded Tony Award for playing in After the Fall of Arthur Miller's play about a blacklist survivor and his troubled marriage to a sensitive damaged blonde bombshell Stocker Miller told everyone the character of Maggie wasn't based on Marilyn but no one believed him including Elliott has an who directed the play and cast loaded and it was and and knew she would be right for the part because she had been his on again off again mistress for years and had given birth to his child Barber Lohan's acting career may have been given a boost by his man who also gave her her highest profile role in a Hollywood movie that load ins legacy is defined by Wanda at an independent movie she wrote directed and starred in which won a major prize at the Venice Film Festival and would go on to become a classic of a kind extreme in its naturalism and yet not without a certain poetic system it seems to answer to the films of John Kass of eddies even anticipating his seventies masterpiece as in her forties Barbara finally measure of respect as an artist in her own right and not just the beautiful appendage by this series is called deadlines so as you may have guess her period of creative fulfillment didn't last long the Barber gave many interviews will live her papers and personal files have not made public so inevitably one of our key sources today will be at vehicles and auto biography published eight after Barbara died his ans book is very transparently his version of events often for better but sometimes for worse and it's marked by a hazy ness regarding dates both of these issues can be problematic as we'll discuss further episode but Barbara didn't get to publish her own version of some events that sometimes we have to take a dance version as a starting point and adjust where necessary have the available facts that allow us to do so so join us won't you for the story of Barbara load and reload and was born in North Carolina in nineteen thirty two her parents quickly separated and her mother had to work out of town so Barbara was raised by her mother's parents who work hard be loving unlike Marilyn Barbara did not find solace at the Picture House I hated movies as a child Barbara would say later people on the screen were perfect and it made me feel inferior and she felt pretty downtrodden and outcast as it was I was black balled from all the clubs should say I was never thought about cleaning major Edward cheerleader I was never any plays that's why I came to New York to make something of myself something glamorous suggested York at seventeen and became a model a model could become famous without doing anything just by looking the chief thoughts unfortunately the ad and look that she did look pretty good though and next she became a show girl working as candy lo den at the Copacabana for five years she took acting classes without actually trying to find acting work what got me started an acting lessons was a need to get over being withdrawn and in heaven should say later it was a group therapy finally load and joined the cast of The Ernie Kovacs Show she got the job through her new husband a film distributor named Larry Joachim and then in the mid nineteen fifties she met Elliot has an asana at age forty eight was in the midst of one of the greatest brief runs of success enjoyed by any director in Hollywood history after that points his last three films have been nominated for eighteen Oscars and won nine of them including the best director prize for cars and for on the water facts but he wasn't happy as kids and wrote in his autobiography from the mid nineteen forties through the fifties and on into the first two years of the sixties I was the most successful director of Working America but I was in a turmoil of revolt and it was against myself I didn't like my public person I wasn't the to be his and what he remembered as his first encounter with Barbara and extremely similar ways in his autobiography and in his novel The arrangements the jest is that Barbara showed up at a studio where he was working and he believed she was there just to see and be seen by him I was to find out that Barbara behind just the way a man that he would write as if to impress on her that he would not be passive prey has and followed her into the ladies room and tried to have sex with her bear she told him no decent one and as the first time she she told him to try again the next time i realli am both married other people fell into an affair that according to his and both believed was casual and purely sexual they meet at lunchtime an anonymous hotel rooms with Kaz and usually leaving before she had a chance to put our clothes back on but it didn't burn out the way most of his affairs did and after several years not only was his aunt still infatuated with Barbara but he was inspired by her Barbara he wrote was feisty with men fearless on the streets dubious of all ethical principles and capable of the household trades a country girl must know the cause and use her as a kind of consultant on his movie Wild River which put Montgomery Clift city bureaucrat in conflict with a community full of country folk who mostly just wanted to be left alone because an admiring Lee described by Brown as a hillbilly who was as wild as the river I was making the film about the kids and took a load in with him on location to Tennessee casting her in a small part in the film's ensemble to cover for the fact that she was his mistress the wild river was misunderstood by its studio and barely the band's next movie splendor was another huge head and Oscar contender this would be the Hollywood film in which Barbara would have significant role as Jenny pleasure seeking sister of sexually frustrated football star the world in which there are only good girls and bad girls Jenny has found herself playing in the box of the Batgirl and much to the chagrin of the keepers of that box she deals with this desperately unhappy situation by refusing to let anyone forget hypocrisy that rules from the movie turns on a scene but uses his fists a drunken Ginny from being gang raped at a New Year's Eve party the Barber disappears from the movie after that dying off screen but of her hangs over the whole foam not least when Natalie see me in the midst of being driven mad by the air as contradictory sexual mores takes on Jenny as a role the movie about sexual frenzy seeping out from under the fist of repression splendor in the grass was sexually charge Natalie Wood married to Robert Wagner at the time had an affair with Beatty who was making his big screen debut as a fully formed Warren Beatty and kids and and flagrantly carried on SATs not even able to use the location this time as the cover the face shots blunder in the grass in New York where both of their spouses the nineteen sixty two Barbara got pregnant though she was still married to Larry Joachim the baby was cut and she told him she was going to keep Ed gave her his blessing and the kids and went to Turkey to start researching the most personal film of his career thus far America America at first Barbara and accompanied him on this trip but after she decided to leave and they broke off Barber returned to her husband still carrying his aunt's baby back in New York hang too pregnant to be much else the Arbor vitae story about sentenced to twenty years in prison for being the accomplice to a bank robbery the unexpectedly this one and thanked the judge for her prison sentence I was fascinated by what kind of girl would be that passive and dime Lowden said later when she's in there after Sykes on the darts breathless she was inspired to start writing her own feel about that kind of girl she was able to bring plenty of her own experience to it she could see herself living as that woman had she not escape where she was from and even after she escaped and was living that glamorous life she dreamed of it was as if she had spent all of her reserved self possession I'm just making she fell into a paralyzing fear of not giving men what they wanted from her I got into the whole thing and tumble a letter I didn't of myself so I succumbed to the whole world I never I was or what I was supposed to do an Barber was enormously pregnant when Kaz and college master should come audition for a play he was directing as the first production of a new theater program at Lincoln Center the play was after the fall and we talked about it before it was Arthur Miller's mashup of his anxieties and guilt regarding the blacklist the Holocaust and his marriage to Marilyn The Maryland character named Maggie is what Barbara was edition for and it doesn't seem like because Dan had to really pull any strings to get her cast everyone involved with the show realize right away that she was perfect for the parts even his ans longtime wife Molly has and sad the girl is excellence Vasquez and pointed out Barbara came from very similar childhoods both have been pond off on people who work their parents when they were young both going up to feel that their only source of worth was their beauty and sexuality and thus both can be incredibly needy and as cars and put it's difficult to control the ER after the fall didn't make it to the stage until sixty four by which time Barber had already given birth to a second child this one apparently by her husband Joachim who she was still wet although she and Kaz and have resumed their affair they're rather sat next to during their hustle Perry and the nation was thrown into morning by John F Kennedy's assassination shortly after that because Dan's wife of many decades Molly cuz and suddenly died of an amorous Barbara who has the long term mistress had naturally seen Molly is a kind of enemy Centralia and know that read I'm sorry I'm sorry please forgive me for my stupidity in all the worst things about me that may have upset you with its look back on the last twenty five years of intertwined cultural and political history all through the Miller's personal experience after the fall was perhaps the right play at the right time although not all of the reviews were positive Miller was charged with exploiting his dead ex wife it was definitely a big star is born moment for Barbara who had never had a rule of this size before it was both a blessing and a curse that the public perceived Barbara to be playing the most famous Life magazine photos of the play taken by Miller's third wife in the RAF in a spread headlined Maryland's coast takes the stage Barber's performance the magazine wrote was frequently impersonation and the effect was uncanny as if a ghost in conjure Mr. Miller can keep on not writing about The Real and that the comparison is being carried much too far but the play itself invites the years and not invites insists on really the Miller has given almost no camouflage Barber insisted she wasn't trying to do an impersonation if I ever thought it was about her I wouldn't be able to do it say I have to believe it's happening to me personally suddenly the toast of the town Logan seemed oblivious to the idea of using for success to climb to a higher level of success I can't get a better job than I have should say unless you wanna make money what is Hollywood have for you we this is how Barbara felt as the spotlight of new celebrity was shining bright on her face but as that spotlight started to move on she wanted it back the though she would later win the Tony Award for the performance the peak of Barber's ability to enjoy her after the fall spawn stardom came on February first nineteen sixty four when her face and character as Maggie took up the full cover of The Saturday Evening Post with Barbara still basking in the glow of seeing her round face news stands it was like being ripped out of a dream the next edition of The Weekly came out with someone else on the cover it crystallized Barber's feeling that she was letting her moments her best and maybe only chance to become a real star fritter away her next job was to be a three line parts in a subsequent Kaz and directed play The Changeling Barbour presented guys and for giving her such a small part after her breakthrough as though he was trying to put her back in her place he certainly wasn't doing anything in her mind to help her get to the next level by now she'd left her husband eventually she gave his and ultimatum either or we break up for good because then felt guilty for how little he had given Barbara for their years together around this time he met their son time and the kid was three years all But he was afraid to marry her too many of his friends had suggested to him that she was a social a gold sticker and after seven years he was no longer as attracted to her as when Cassandra barricaded Barbara walked out on him I feel sorry she because I don't think I'll be able to start a new but I will give him her genuine Moxie and determination she probably could if she didn't within a year because Anna were back together and living together with their son for the first time in nineteen sixty secs they went on Safari together in Africa and two things happened because and decided to marry her and a friend of theirs named Harry Schuster who owns visiting offered thousand dollars with which to make her the kids and would complain that Barbara changed after that Mary perhaps one of the reasons for the change was that right around the time of the wedding has and published the arrangements and novel transparently about the real midlife crisis he had suffered a crisis that coincided with his affair with Barbara the air as a character in the above named Gwen who is so clearly vibrate in some easily ways that the facts that has an ascribed it to an extremely such as her clothes and fragrant but not heavily scented pubic made Barbara extremely and angry that this man that she had been with for so long ago it finally legitimize their relationship through marriage was exploiting feeling trapped Barbara became openly antagonistic in Second Life to a great man who was himself allowed for his own creative purposes while she was supposed to be satisfied having no of her own by nineteen sixty eight calls magazine profile was lightly tasked asking her if her quote unquote having it all but Barber Lowden has youth beauty talent that O'Neill was her name Who and the fascinating Elliott his and her husband what ask for everything she she is semi struggled of the previous and the association because and had not protected professional frustrations other than the Changeling of The Glass menagerie she hadn't seen much since after the fall everything after Maggie was just superficial she explained I got a lot of attention but I don't enjoy the fame and sort of became a recluse I had two sons to raise and acting rather unimportant life this doesn't necessarily ring true given that Barbara load and definitely tried to work in Hollywood during those years there were could have changed virus fates the movie actress but instead they combined sentence her to movie jail she had been cast in a key swimmer the and then director Frank Perry was fired and his replacement Sydney Pollack re shot Barbara scenes with another actress the Barber also shot a movie called fade in and which she starred as one publication put it the sophisticated film cutter who falls in love with the Moab cattle man played by Burt Reynolds talented newcomer in fact it was one of Burt Reynolds first films the movie was filmed of experimental docu the set of a western called Blue which starred which was shooting on location in I've been able very little about fate and other than that paramount Chief Robert Evans allegedly refused to release and director Jason Taylor and happy with the way the sun was being added Ed took his name off of when the movie was eventually shown on TV it was credited Smith pseudonym of the Richard Wood Mark movie Death of a gun fighter and from then that the director with the support guild refuses to take ownership Because fade and was made before death of a fighter technically that Alan Smith the movie The fade in a terrible from what appears under the title Iron Cowboy it's worth watching as a curiosity especially shirtless Burt Reynolds but it's kind of bizarrely added Ed and it doesn't give you much faith that Barbara Lowden could have been a traditional movie star ever got a lot of bad press for ending up on the cutting room floor of the swimmer and on the shelf in fade and the June nineteen sixty eight columnist Joyce haber snacks that Barbara career fade But the real heartbreak was when Kaz and now her husband after keeping her as his mistress and Secret Baby Mama for years cut her from the cast of the film adaptation of the arrangements the day here has and tell it later his ideal casting would have in the role based on his and the and Logan in the world based on Barbara Lowden but Brando backed out of the project after the assassination of Martin Luther King which Brando felt devastated by Cuse and replaced Brando with Kirk Douglas and then he decided that Douglas and mode and didn't seem like a good fence so he replaced Barbara with Faye Dunaway this was the most insulting thing is and could have done Barbara believed and not just because he had replaced the still gorgeous Barbara with a younger more glamorous model if I reload and new Faye Dunaway way understudy on after the fall the Barber had told her friend and acting students are Tanya all that that Fay had been quote always up in the rafters screwing somebody and Barbara had quote wondered if she ever was going on with the performance of this post be understudy in the butt when she sighed and lay the only credit Barbara was willing to give the other actress was for her powers of observation she's just a lousy imitation Barbara complaint because and he would later believe that this was the final straw in their marriage both husband and wife began seeing other people because and claimed that when he suggested the divorce Barber refused saying I can get more out of his aunt insists Barbara was talking about but it seems like she was less interested in money then legitimacy offered by his name Barber would proceed to make a movie that literally she would use her platform as an award actress but maybe as the wife of a powerful director to shine on people with no power specifically for white women and rural with no education nothing special about them whatsoever this movie which she would call one day after the character she play in it was the movie Barbara had begun writing and thinking about years before during her first pregnancy when she read that article about the female accomplice who thanked the judge for sending her to present want of a character was an example called a class of women floaters they float like me Lowden would call her an ordinary person both Pauline Kael this crap to want that as an ignorant sluts in the L A Times piece to read slurred Wanda as such he also quoted Lowden is saying it's the story of my life and then read condescending Lee added one to laugh or cry I think is and would later take credit for writing the first rough draft screenplay even he acknowledged that Barbara rewrote that skeleton and brought life to eighth her on my fire emerged that woman circumstances with her own experiences growing up in rural America to create a character the one death possibly allows her husband to leave her and take the kids and two then ends up latching onto a petty criminal the But it was also about floating into his ans world at least at first the going along to get along a world in which she had no power throughout her twenties Barbara would say I had no identity of my own I just became whatever I thought people wanted she was cast in after the year she turned thirty the as far as the man one day encounters believe all CS offers her body and this is the life that could have been low dense had she not been beautiful and talented and most importantly NO had gotten out if I'd stayed there I would have gotten a job that will worse she'd say I would have gotten married at seventeen and had some children and would have done drunk every Friday and Saturday nights fortunately I escaped that where she escaped to Barbara was still made to feel like her sexuality was her only assets part of the impetus to make Wanda was to prove what else she could do the about fifteen thousand dollars paid for about twenty hours of film stock and a crew of four including lo den and snack for Faris who is credited as the film's cinematographer and editor but who would later say that the movie was really co directed by Ham he took credit for composing ninety percent of the shops one thing no man able to take credit for where the performances in Lowden and her co star Michael Higgins were professional improvise every and take the performances in new directions and she which was made up of non professionals on Sat and I'm glamorous Pennsylvania load in ks and has an routes and Barbara took the kids the set with her she told Rex Reed that her husband wouldn't
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104: Barbara Loden (Dead Blondes Part 12)

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