DiscoverYou Must Remember This107: Jean and Otto Preminger/Jane in New York (Jean & Jane Part 2)

107: Jean and Otto Preminger/Jane in New York (Jean & Jane Part 2)

Update: 2017-07-042


Jean Seberg made her first two films, Saint Joan and Bonjour Tristesse, for director Otto Preminger, a tyrannical svengali character whose methods would traumatize Jean for the rest of her life and career. No wonder she rebelled against this bad dad figure by marrying a handsome French opportunist. Meanwhile, Jane Fonda moves to New York, joins the Actors Studio, takes up with her own hyper-controlling male partner, and tries to define herself as something other than Henry Fonda’s daughter. 

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be concerned about what our country is doing the suicide of jeans the young actress from Iowa the uh the the uh the but the the the the last week the we entered the Lives of Jean C Byrd and Jane Fonda by beginning the very beginning is one humble middle American and the other idea of Hollywood royalty shattered by tragedy when we left town Jeanne Seaver get the out of obscurity by director Otto prevention and Jane Fonda was finally committing to her destiny as an actress in today's stories both young actresses will fall in with older who seek to control every aspect of their professional and personal lives how Jean and Jane respond to and rebel against these mentors will set them on the path that will lead to the films that would define their early careers and in both cases that path will take them to Paris was started by exploring seabirds experience is working with crime and share on two movies movies which made also traumatizing her for life then we'll catch up with Jane in New York where she becomes the it girl of fashion magazines and the actors Studio takes up with her own hyper controlling male partner and tries to define herself as something other than Henry Fonda stutter he joined us what you are part to Gene and Jane the the IO prime injure signed Jean C Byrd to a seven year contract he'd cover all her living expenses and in addition she received four hundred dollars a week for her first year this salary would go up every year until my Year seven her weekly rates would top out at twenty five hundred dollars that would have been equivalent to about twenty one thousand dollars a week in today's dollars an enormous amount of money for a teenager to imagine and a huge incentive for C Byrd to stay in prime injures good graces for seven years even the four hundred dollars a week was an unusual amount of money for a seventeen year old Sue Jean's father made sure her earnings were funneled into a bank account which he controlled the parcel that to his daughter just twenty five dollars of her earnings per week new ring ring passenger began his worldwide search for an actress to play Joan of arc he told journalists that he wanted to find an because Joan would have to seem like a blank slate so that audiences could bite into her story without imposing on to the actress and many they held from her previous performance as it's possible this was his real intentions of those Saint it to theaters audiences had been fed an extensive story about Jean seabirds girl origin which they into the theater with them but seems clear is that the real result was that he could treat her any way he wanted to and she didn't know it wasn't normal she didn't and she didn't know when it would've been appropriate for her to push back the United Artists studio pain for Saint Joan believed that the only way to get teenagers to see a film adaptation play would be to as one executive put it to keep hammering the Cinderella theme of Jeanne Seaver we began of teens casting which was announced with the press conference Show where she re enacted try dish unseen for the TV audience and the Jean as the girl who caught lightning in the bottle on October twentieth nineteen the Los Angeles Times ran a photo of Pam and are moving in for a cheek kiss on a laughing Jean her are closed he looks at the camera with what could be described as a proud the fairytale like story of jeans discovery would ensure that Saint for the entirety of its production which commenced in late fall of nineteen fifty secs in London while this was one of the most hyped Hollywood films of the period with the gene promote it as a miraculously found movie star before she'd even filmed this movie about miracles the wave of publicity never touched on what was really going on behind the scenes or why Pam injure had sought to cast this totally wet behind the ears novice in the first place in fact at least one columnist probably unwittingly forwarded the false narrative that C Byrd was on clothes an easy road to martyrdom by comparing her to Falcon Eddie the star of Carle dryers Sam and Joan of arc home who had been pushed by dryer to total suffering exhaustion C Berg wrote L R Swain sand is hardly likely to be reduced to a rack by Prem injures methods this statement suggests that science and knew little about Prime injure or his methods the as it soon became clear to everyone involved with the production except perhaps the terrified Jean quality prime and Jer had seen in C Burg and made him want to cast her was a well and so much as it was her effort and the ability he sensed that the right kind of psychological warfare he could shake Jean C Burke into exactly what heart of the process involves that kept her busy things for every moment of everyday leaving her with no time to herself or time to be herself Jean was given French lessons and diction classes to try to make her mid western accent sound or at least neutral she was taught to convincingly I can train another feel insecure of this was merely by the location were Jean only young in a mostly cast the British theater actors including gene was lonely and she wrote four letters to John her old boyfriend response from him before out that he was coasting over the satin disparity image when she had the director alone in her dressing she was not even allowed to go out at night for meals what the press got to see had taken was interpreted as he was protecting discovery by keeping her isolated in her hotel room and supervising her every activity including the frequent parading of her in front of the press he was taking great care in shaping her star image and career just as a studio would have done a decade earlier reporters didn't get to see them and are aggressively pushing for dozens of takes until she was at best totally confused about what she was just beginning and at worst sobbing hysterically the one after that his methods drafting Jean the manager he was a fan golly I tried to teach or to fake he said surely that is the opposite of sand dollars his check was to ensure that his victim didn't think I can get out of my sea bag what isn't there the experienced actors on set couldn't believe the way their director was treating feel good noted that C Berg knew nothing about film acting and desperately wanted to learn the onset of teaching crime and or berated her for what she didn't know as another co star Richard Wood Mark put it we all asked to leave her alone nothing did any good maybe it was a test of toughness the butt to me it was sadism the climax of the shoot was the scene in which Joan is burned at the stake with Jean chain to the cross while the higher technical facts when off something went wrong I'm burying Jean yelled not in character she broke free from the chains and curled up into a ball covering her face her hands and stomach were singed before one of the actors playing executioner broke character and swooped her up and I are out of their privately manager felt badly but publicly he bragged that this was the kind of accident a director like him dreamed of we got all of it on film he said the camera took four hundred extra feeds the crowd reaction was fantastic I'll probably use some of it jeans stomach would be scarred from the burns for the rest of her life she would refuse to shoot for their takes of the execution scene and it was completed with a dummy and the and Prem injured did use footage from the take and which team got burned and the finished film he can see her body curling forward as the flames shoot up Jane called her parents that night and told them not to worry she added but I really want is to be home for two weeks without a reporter with a hundred miles in fact when the shoot was wrapped she was able to go home to Iowa for a full three weeks at first it felt like a relief to be back in Iowa but after a few days she realized she felt different from her old friends who are happy to be getting married or going to school Jane still wanted something more in the fourth filming on Saint Joan was finished about their rights the Obama shirt Tuesday with Jean and minds to start the interlock steam into this production before he started showing say challenge the audience in April nineteen fifty seven Saint Joan was quietly previewed in your It didn't go well Jean watched as one by one members of the audience gave up before the end and headed out the door this was more to rip off the scab on jeans and securities she was wary shows us his smart enough to rationalize that maybe the movie wasn't for everyone she later acknowledged that it was the longest movie she herself had ever seen Saint Joan had the premier that counted a month later in Paris at a star studded gala benefit for polio charity even and this glittery glad handing the film was not well received premiere decided to pitch in front of the sinking ship sending her on a punishing publicity to and throughout the US and Canada but the reviews didn't improve the gene was not spared criticism but the consensus was that she had been mis cast and improperly direct may be the Cinderella publicity buildup had worked too well there was something about gene that brought out protective language she was unbelievable as a warrior and a martyr the critics seem to imply because she was so clearly such a girl next door sweethearts the near total refusal to grapple and her actual work parallels what happens in the foam the manger Saint Joan from a script adapted played by Graham is more of a straight faced satire than a tragedy and it's less concerned with her spiritual plight then with arc and by itself becomes a tool in games of political one up and share genes is a teenage girl with unusual confidence to believe she's because she's never been proven wrong the movie whether or not Joan is really it's more interested in how a young an outsider is progressively broken a world make all the rules and keep changing to benefit and have no problem destroying her in order to keep their system going these men see John as the playmates or in need of protection are seduction or something useful she becomes determined by achieving the ultimate revenge in other words it's basically about Hollywood and the experience of many newcomers like Jean to arrive full of confidence and get broken over time though it's hard to separate out seabirds actual performance from what we know about what she went through and where up watching St Joe couldn't imagine another actress of that era doing the later while calling see Jonah film he him would link again premier League accept responsibility for its negative perceptions regarding team's performance died helping to understand the heart indeed I deliberately prevented her because I was determined should be completely un spoilt he said I think the instincts to catch the very young inexperienced girl was right but work with her for perhaps two years until she understood the through that for their next collaboration 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Seaver was already locked into starring in calendars next movie and the director didn't try to replace her instead in June nineteen fifty seven prime Anderson Jean to the south of France where they would be shooting bows are traced s and he sent her a month before he needed her so that she had time to rest and prepare certainly ni je needed the break for gene that was a time of mood swings and self discovery the negative reviews of Saint John sent her spiraling with self doubts but she also had a new older jazz musician boyfriend back in the States who she was in love with as only eighteen year old girl can be in love with a man who is thousands of miles away she spends her days on the beach reading from the portable The portable Faulkner the portable Proust she drank past cease at her local cafe not realizing at first that it was highly alcoholic after her month of romantic solitude Jean arrived in Paris for fittings that she la for Boehner to stats the first time she visited Paris that year the French had seemed totally baffled by her hair which had been cut close to her skull for Saint Joan Parisians openly expressed confusion as to whether or not she was a girl or a boy when Pam and Jer took her to deal or to buy her an evening dress the salesgirl suggested the six months later her hair had grown out to a recognizable a feminine length but as was decided that the crew cut was more chic so her hair was chopped off again shooting of pollution based on Franz Haas it on his novel about a teenage girl who becomes jealous of her Playboy father's new fiance and puts into motion a plan to get rid of her began on location on the French Riviera in a magnificent seaside Villa the setting was idyllic the commenter was even more tyrannical had been on Saint Joan he berated Jean constantly pushing her through countless takes after finding excuses why each of the last was unusable on a day when informed the crew that she had her period as was custom for actresses at the time cramming your schedule the swimming scene and then insisted that Jean stay in the chilly ocean water all day without a break Jean refuse to let pregnant or know that he was getting to her and she bravely tried to take everything he could throw at her but she confided in a few friends that she was being driven to thoughts of suicide at one point she found herself on the balcony of the kraut and Hotel in Cannes tempted to jump on the later she'd say that what kept her from submitting to the impulse was that she didn't wanna gif prime ensure the satisfaction of having broken her in this way the shooting of us are just as was transformative for Jean she started coming into her own and figuring out what kind of actress and one and she could be with out prime and are controlling her and she found France won was a twenty three year old lawyer Eugene met while dining with the Riviera Jets acts he was part of the same social scene celebrities such as Bridgette Bartow and Raja the Francoise gave Gene a glimpse at a wild and yet moneyed lifestyle that was incredibly tantalizing to this teenage girl whose professional world was totally dominated by an unkind and glamorous the the with her newly satisfying personal life giving her courage Jean began openly rebelling on SATs once when passenger told her to repeat a line exactly the way he said it's Jean repeated the line in a mockery of Prem injures accents the friction between Gene and Pam injure and the rebellion inspired by her new romance combine to push her towards but to me as one of her best performances and certainly one of the most significant to her iconic image larger just ask doesn't get as much credit as commanders previous homes for breaking boundaries but in its illustration of the relationships between C Berg Cecile her father played by David Nevin and the women in his life churches dresses as frankly adult as any film of the late nineteen fifties see Beck's performance as a cheerfully decorated teen who is afraid of losing both her father and the freedom he's allowed her to build a life squarely around pleasure is startling with her tiny body and huge I G in the second child even or especially when she's dressed up in cocktail gowns which is able to conjure that very specific attitude of the young who gets a thrill out of pretending to be grow not because she knows she can always go back to being a kid the unbridled joy C Berg says Healy Vince is moving with a hangover or laughing about her father's inability to be sexually monogamous makes her sad and shift into shock over the power of her own actions that much more effective kind of sexy sparkling heartbreaking performance that in later years would be enough to turn a major movie star if this movie today starring actress with more hype behind her written work that actress and probably win an Oscar unfortunately for Jean it didn't work out that way after she shot Mosher trust us Jean didn't know what was going to happen with her career technically from and around her and he wasn't interested in making any with her there were no offers coming in from anyone else says she decided to go to New York and seek more training Francoise came to New York to with her world having opened up and that Jean was trepidation about her continued connection to prime and here he just isn't Hume and she told an Iowa girl friend he buys me beautiful clothes that never makes me happy on the inside and it's terrible but sometimes I wish he would just die these sound less like the complaints of a Cat one and then those of a daughter and yet based on nothing but her employment contract there were in the press that Jean and Otto who was thirty three years her senior we're having an affair even the new French film critics weren't immune to such gossip in fact they devour dance and a gushing hiatus and am a cover story love letter to Boehner just as the feature filmmaker friends watch a fellow credited jeans quotes perfect sex appeal to Prime injure it is designed controlled directed to the end degree by her director who is they say her fiance I wouldn't be surprised given the kind of love to obtain such perfection that a much vaunted Hollywood lunch with Luella Parsons Gina Whaley dismissed
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107: Jean and Otto Preminger/Jane in New York (Jean & Jane Part 2)

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