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108: Jean and Jane in Paris (Jean & Jane Part 3)

Update: 2017-07-11


With her Hollywood career already something of a disappointment, Jean Seberg took a chance on a French film critic turned first-time director who wanted her to play an amoral American in an experimental movie without a script. The result was Breathless, the catalyzing hit of the French New Wave and the movie that would make Jean Seberg an icon. Soon thereafter, Jane Fonda got her own invitation to come make a movie in Paris, where she’d soon fall in love with Roger Vadim, the man who discovered Brigitte Bardot. Jane Fonda would become Vadim’s new creative muse, as well as his third wife. 

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he must remember this is sponsored by The Great courses plus get unlimited access to all of the great courses plus courses for free for one month by going to the great courses class dot com slash remember the the uh the the the or the Are went to another piece of You Must Remember This podcast dedicated to explain the secrets and the forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century part of the I'm your host a long way and this is another installment of our ongoing series Gene and Jane the the uh uh uh the uh the uh I don't know if I'm unhappy because I'm not free not free because the I say our responsibility as Americans is to be concerned about what our country is doing the suicide of jeans the young actress from Iowa the uh the the the the uh uh uh uh the the the teensy they had just been liberated from professional servitude to Director of OPM and err with the help of her French boyfriend lawyer friends from Rye and Columbia is and Jane Fonda had just left her own to seek new professional opportunities the bride today we'll explore how each woman identity in Paris was stout with Jean and tell the story of how she ended up starring in the film that would come to embody the French the way in then we'll move on to Jane Fonda as first years in Paris a play she came to make one movie and ended up buying property and thanks with Russia of a demon who in addition a friend of Jean's first husband was the director and conductor were discovered issued by Doe and two did as much to define what the sexual revolution that look like from the European side Hugh Hefner would for America join us won't you chapter three of thirteen and change the the the the uh the first touch of sass is a better movie than Saint Joan it's more commercial and accessible and Jean C Burke is better in and he was in her previous collaboration without Oprah manger and yet when Mosher opened in the US in nineteen fifty eight it was greeted with generally indifferent reviews as part of the promotional process and generate fourth nineteen fifty eight C Briggs admitted to a TV interview with Mike Wallace which became a surprisingly me and her auditory tonight with a lap of the story of a girl who personifies an American dream the dream of saving money and glamour and fame as a motion picture star our guess is nineteen the jeans the burger with an Iowa school girl that she was chosen in the talent contest just a year ago to star in the first film think Joan she and the film were panned by the critics could you conceivably a shrug your shoulders and say to yourself Well it was fun while it lasted to pack a few bags and go back in Marshall Town Iowa can count because it would be especially hard to go back if I went back into myself the problem and possibly at the start of pride good to tell me this if you had to do over again it sounds silly because you've only been but the synthetic stuff yes you have professional background and you are grown but not the prettiest girl in the world although primitive found you and in that sense play God with you and the first one you came a Cropper and the second one you sitting here waiting we had to do again would you rather live a new job first and become a star to come up with the second would you be perfectly content to do it quick and easy way that you've done well the Army because surely thing that hasn't been anything away from me because I've been taking my acting lessons in the public possibly lay because having no professional experience for the steaks which are the women who had to stop writing graduating to the stage to screen out but no one notices until you gain and help I don't think the ah I would welcome the opportunity to the the the the the that sorting of our judges Das and after having her very right to exist called into question by Mike Wallace Jean felt incredibly defeat and watch she was in New York for any views like this one she went to see acting guru Stroudsburg and asked him for help he told her to go home and to write a formal application to the actor's Studio she did she was told and she never got a reply that of sheets and later the final blow she fell she said it personally and professionally bankrupt the people in her life been treating her like a star just a few months before it suddenly disappeared King the widow Janet draft she and friends so I decided to marry and her attempt to appease the place she came from and its values they decided to do it in Marshall Town but unlike the typical hometown girl jeans seated the wedding arrangements to her long haired French husband to be who took charge of everything from flower arrangements to insisting that caviar be served as part of the wedding meal even flew in a borrowed private plane to Chicago to pick up champagne the stamp the flourish did not exactly endear him to Jean's Iowa family friend Scott and Jean honeymoon in San trip A where they joined the social swirl France wise friend Raj are a team half French half Russian food in him grown up in occupied Paris and rule France when his family moved in it wore to a farmhouse near the Alps teenage redeem helped Jews crossed the border at sixteen he had lost his virginity in a barn and when the earth started the team assumed that was just what sex was later he realized that on that June evening allied troops were landing shores of Normandy these have some stories are typical of the typical of the life he led and typical of his tendency to elevate everything that happened to him to the realm of math after the war the DM had worked as a photojournalist and then in nineteen fifteen twenty two year old DD met met a fifteen year old dancer named fishy part though they married the day she turned eighteen at which point the team began plotting to bottle his new wife's sexual appeal and sell it to her knees slightly older like himself after distributing sexy photos of Bartow which helped her get cast in a number of films The Dean wrote what he designed the ultimate vehicle for his wife's sexual persona a central pace at factual Ron delay star in Bordeaux as a woman whose sexuality spreads like wildfire through three Manning as the dean explained one shell girl whose only difference was she behaved the way without any sense of guilt and a moral or sexual love that movie was called And God created one life imitated art on the sets where the team was directing her bar Joe began having an open affair with her costar John that we'd continue on the team essentially shrugged this off at least at first bar Joe was just following he reasoned they deem continued conjuring films for Bart go until he moved on to his next news and Danish teenager named and that's Troy their stride I had given birth to the Dean's child in nineteen fifty seven that summer of nineteen fifty eight when Jean and Francois were on honeymoon in Central Pay they socialize with the demon his crew of hangers on one night a significant rainstorm began during a dinner party if the Dean's house and the roads were too dangerous to drive home on so Jean and Francoise were invited to spend the nights at her core Jean was still the small town church going girl of her youth and redeems highly sensual glamour intimidated and even terrified her the last things you want to do was spend the night at his house good friend so I took this as an early sign that the different worlds he and his wife came from would not be easily bridged after Santa pay the newlyweds set up housekeeping in Paris and Jean commuted to London to shoot her first movie for Columbia The Mouse That roared a vehicle for Peter sellers The Columbia believed in Jean has a star even if she hadn't yet proved herself as either an actress or a box office draw she's made two movies both bad she still popular Marvel publicist Martin Gold Black who added she gives hope to American teenagers that someone might discover them when that shit was over Jean settled into what was now her real life as wife to a nightlife loving Frenchman and her mood fell down to earth she had no friends in Paris where she felt like an outsider she still wasn't fluent in the language although she was getting better at the same time she was acutely aware that she couldn't go home again I love the place where she had always felt difference even before the cosmopolitan celebrity the last three years at the She decided to try to find herself and her work and with the support of her new studio and without her husband she traveled from Paris to Los Angeles classes with Columbia coach Payton price price price to Hollywood a taste of a kind of psychologically engaged to work the actors were doing in New York with teachers like Strasburg and Stella Adler Road he also anticipated the bohemian turn the film industry would take in the coming decade he was of him a politically liberal and he talked with the students about the importance of their being open and engaged in their personal lives politically emotionally and sexually the prices of openness and warmth less of course the total opposite of Prem injure and over the course of a few months of classes Jean began to feel much better she was putting her personality back together that Columbia had a cast or anything since the sellers movie and she still had a husband so in the summer of nineteen fifty nine Jean returned to France there she found lawyer husband who harbored fantasies of directing movies himself be getting gray shading himself with some of the young would be filmmakers of Paris when Jean returned from her semester in Los Angeles French law told her that Shamu good arm wanted to meet the the thing the in I love diving subject matters from a new perspective and being surprised by That's why I get so much enjoyment from watching The Great courses plus there's thousands of fascinating video lectures with unlimited access I get to learn about topics that interest me from the engaging experts and gain new insight on history psychology or I can pick up new skills like photography the great crisis makes it easy to stream lectures from any device and now you can even download the videos to watch offline one course is The skeptics Guide to American history presented by professor Mark Stoller this series filters through the myths and misconceptions past to offer new perspectives on pivotal event this season and you must remember that we're talking about Jean C Byrd and to Hollywood actor says he became active late nineteen sixties the nineteen seventies I started watching Guide to American history to bolster my knowledge of some of the events that were going to be talking about in the context of this season such as the Vietnam lecture Number twenty titled The Real of the Vietnam and it's been really useful sort out the different not just behind but also the cultural factors that both Jane Fonda and Jeanne Seaver will perceive there are a few I can't watch as part including lecture fourteen early progressives for not lecture twenty four history begin with which explores the events that led up rights movement and women's rights I know you're going to love the great crisis lasts just as much and is one of my listeners you'll get access of their forces for one month when up to my special you are our great courses class dot com slash remember to start your FREE month today sign Up and The Great courses class dot com slash remember that this great courses plus the home sax remember fear early nineteen fifties John the good are have been working with a group of young filmmakers in Paris including shocker that's Eric Romero and France watches fellow this group had met each other frequenting screenings of old movies at the Paris Cinema attack and Cinema Club of the Latin Quarter and many of its members that are included would work as some critics for a new magazine called K A D cinema or film notebook the nineteen fifty two K of Alfred Hitchcock's strangers On A Train written two year old good are and this became the first of many tributes to the British directors Hollywood work in this French magazine's pages the dar and his young compatriots adored Hitchcock and felt his films with the up audio sets of what the Hollywood system could do and this feeling was in rebellion to an older generation of French Center filed its in later articles in the magazine the Dharma Champion other studio system stalwarts like Howard Hawks and auto premise or filmmakers who are then considered corporate hacks by the preeminent French intellectuals and it was a much different in America while the Hawks are prime injury would be valued within the industry for making a fair percentage of heads no one was yet singling these directors out or vision for better or for worse and Orson Welles was considered an artists directors like pri manager who works within the established modes and genres of commercial Hollywood filmmaking without asserting everyday personal flourishes not the Cai Asia Center my riders started singling out as the true authors stories of the films they made command to create fine art out of the materials and in formats that commercial intent according to the ferry onto a director's entire body of work was worthy of attention and not just the commercial hits the Hollywood valued beginning in nineteen fifty four with the publication of France won two foes essay A certain cinema k a Jason and I would become the Petri dish for the development of debates concerning our theory which led to the Lion is a sian of certain Hollywood directors first by the French and eventually by American universities nonprofit institutions and way way down Hollywood itself in their writing critics like to follow and guitar were working at a philosophy of Sendai that they would soon put into practice they began making short films using locations available to them donated film stock and what little funding they could scrounge at Clyde sub roll was the first of the group to graduate to features and shoe fell was the first to earn international attention with his debut feature the four hundred blows which won the Best Director Prize in nineteen fifty nine Cannes Film Festival true foe and chub roll then agreed to collaborate with the dar on his first feature about a French thief and his American girlfriend good I had one actress in mind for the role of the American Girl an avid admirer of odd appendage or good I was aware of seabirds performances in Saint Joan and bones or Chryst S radar had raided the latter is the third best film of the previous year and K A and he knew that C Byrd was accessible good ar had met Francois Moreau lie and he had eagerly agreed to set up a meeting between the novice filmmaker and his wife Jean was not exactly immediately impressed by Godard she was suspicious of his disheveled look anchored by the dark glasses that would become his signature and she was unnerved by his refusal to look her in the eye when they were talking but she liked one of his short films and Godard told her he saw the character of Patricia as Cecile from Bowser true status age by three years she was intrigued Columbia was in offering her anything better so she agreed to have her husband go to Hollywood to talk to the studio about lending her to bed are apparently Francoise told Harry Cohn that Seaver would quit the movie business altogether if they barred her from working with the dart and apparently despite the fact that her two American movies have flopped Columbia thought highly enough of seabirds prospects of this convince them to let her make the guards movie breathless the rest of the story of a charismatic criminal on the run played as a hit the flies I Humphrey Bogart collage by John and the girl who could be his accomplice his saving grace for his destruction it was inspired by American crime movies but formally it broke all the rules where the Hollywood tour is primarily shot on CD a sound stages and back lots using massive fixed cameras and sophisticated and complicated lighting setups designed to give the audience subtle cues about how to read the action and character it's good are shot on the streets and real interiors of Paris with a handheld camera and available lives the scene to the iconic scene featuring C Byrd and Belmont while walking down the subsidies day in the middle of the day was accomplished by hiding cinematographer rolled a tire and his tiny news reel style camera in a delivery carts with holes cut in the sides of the camera when they shot the Monday's death scene which featured the actor stumbling into the street bleeding real crowds around a tiny crew as though looking working with the manger scene work and given a trial by fire by a self styled maverick director who was also a master of conventional cinematic for good art was determined to break the conventional rules although as he was trained only through his insatiable consumption of movies he wasn't always fluent in the conventions that he was manipulating her breaking friends and instead of asking the cinematographer to shoot a close up the good I would ask that the actors breast pocket be excluded from the forced to hire a makeup artist so as not to wrinkle the union good I wouldn't let her actually apply standard screen makeup deceiver what there was a script going into the production and prove to be unworkable so the director would write today's dialogue each morning over breakfast when they did I would see the actors off camera and they would just repeat him word other times did I with receiver didn't entirely unscripted situations the entire shooting schedule the subject of the jars whims of inspiration and he send the whole company home early so she can brainstorm what to shoot the following day when his initial cut of the film proved to be about an hour too long the dar throughout the rules of narrative editing and instead cut out every moment he found less than thrilling thus was born the jump cuts aside and in seemingly transition from one shot to another sometimes changing the scene and other times shifting to a later moment in the same scene always trying attention to the construction of the film rather than leveling movie at all the juicy burger was unsettled by Godard himself who always wore the same and laundered suits neither she nor Dale had much faith that the film they were making would even see the light of day Jean didn't have anything better to do so she did her she was asked that and Gina's car back to Hollywood to it here in Columbia film called Let No Write my answer is half there she resumed classes with Peyton Price couldn't let go by Columbia for his unconventional methods Jean insisted that he relocate his classes to the living room of her apartment on Olympic Boulevard in Price's classes Jeannie came close to Dennis Hopper around this time she also began spending time with another young actor named John Gilmore could previously had a brief affair with Jane Fonda and New York and his memoirs Gilmore would paint a picture of Jean as a very who was afraid to be alone to confess to Gilmore that she was scared of running in Toronto premiere in Los Angeles and go anywhere in town anywhere where she suspected the manager might be in Gilmore believed that her personality was essentially splits into two warring factions and one day she confirmed to him that she felt the same way she had two doubles told him pointing to either side of her collar bones Gilmore was like me have an angel on my shoulder and devil on the other young teen told him in her case they were both devil Gilmore said he and Jeanne talked about marriage that he felt he couldn't really reach her Gilmore reported that she told him her current marriage was essentially over and that she described France why as a nice guy but I damned greedy opportunists whether or not she'd been ready to leave her husband before her affair with Bill Maher Peter doubts that she hadn't hesitated once again to take a trip to Los Angeles and Francois said something about the state of their marriage she realized that they had married partially because she's been so needy at the end of the prime age or era and now she had started to feel as though Francoise have used for he seemed to be more attracted to her stardom was to her and financially he wasn't pulling his own weight in the marriage but she did let him come stay with her in L A for Christmas Francoise suspected that his wife had lovers but as far as he could tell she didn't have any friends or any kind of social life that she wanted to share with him he needed a project to tie together to go out and mingle one frequent location France by dredging out to was the French consulates which was housed in a grand house in the Hollywood Hills the consul general was room mom Gary the Amy and Gary had served in the French Air Force One until I had published an acclaimed novel by the time he was thirty twelve years later he was appointed the French consul General in Los Angeles and he moved to town with his wife Lesley blanch who since the nineteen fifty four publication of her nonfiction book the Wilder shores of Love was also a prestigious Ryder both for international literary celebrity it's an adaptation of one of Carey's books had recently been directed by John Houston with Errol Flynn in the lead role Jean was said to have fallen in love with forty five year old Gary at first cites his wife Leslie who was a few years older than him was his to indulge in his citations with Little Women my keen the spring of nineteen sixty when both were in Paris an affair between Jean and Gary began and though Jean and Francois was soon quietly separate with Jean and parting agreeing to star in France was first directorial efforts Grandma and Leslie did not separates and that's plain was released and became an instant smash the phone made by and for grown up watching American films of the nineteen forties weather in Paris when they're finally exploded after the war or in the states on TV breathless plundered Hollywood's past to update the trope of the sexy scoundrel for an age of pop tarts and postwar existential the beginning of the film the Mondo from the driver's seat of his getaway car addresses the camera and the passenger seats like it's his accomplice friend the viewer is Can scripted with him way through Paris evading police and romancing jeans newspaper girl she tells him there must be prettier he tells her he's tried sleeping with two of them since she left them and he didn't like
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108: Jean and Jane in Paris (Jean & Jane Part 3)

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