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109: Jean vs "Lilith" (Jean & Jane Part 4)

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Having left her husband to be the mistress of writer/diplomat Romain Gary, Jean secretly gave birth to a son, and then made the movie that she thought would prove herself as an actress once and for all. In Lilith, Seberg would go all in on her portrayal of madness - perhaps too deep. After a disastrous collaboration with Gary, Jean happily accepted an offer to star in a big budget Hollywood musical. But it was 1969, the studio system had crumbled, and that musical - Paint Your Wagon - would become a symbol of everything that was wrong with the Hollywood establishment.

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he must remember this is sponsored by The Great courses Plath get unlimited access to all of the great courses for free for one month when you sign up after the Great courses plus dot com slash remember also you must remember this is brought to you by audible audible has the best idea but performance as the largest library and the most exclusive content you'll feel something when you listen Learn more at audible dot com slash remember the the the in the or the the went to another at the scene of you must remember this podcast dedicated to explain the secrets and or forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century part of the pan when I'm your host a long way and this is another installment in her ongoing series Gene and Jane The The The The The The I don't know if I'm unhappy because I'm not free not free because the I say our responsibility as Americans is to be concerned about what our country is doing the suicide of jeans the young actress from Iowa the uh the the uh the the the the uh the the new the easiest three episodes in this series of transplants one half for Gene one half for Jane for the next two weeks will take the fall episode to concentrate on just one of the stars today we'll explore the life and career of Jean C Berg from mid nineteen sixty her around late nineteen sixty eight this Harriet marked the peak of her career as an actress in the aftermath of the show on the guitars breathless Jean became an international icon of youth style for the next few years she had a thriving career took her back and forth between the and France even though most of the movies she made turned out to be disappointing personally I have turned the news and helped to create an aura around her as an American Girl with the style world view and sexual politics of a French woman and depending on your point of view this was either the best of both worlds for the worst the roots of real personal life was much more complicated and her image and it included the secrets out of wedlock child fathered by a man who unflattering me Village Cheese personality for source material for books and a movie as jeans identity began to slip further between the different versions of herself that she presented in Paris in Marshall Town Iowa and in the movie the real her began to get lost in the middle of this model she gave perhaps her best performance as a skit to Frank and Robert Ross since Lilah this movie would come to define the rest of Jean's life and career probably more than it should have joined us in chapter four she and Jay the diving and subject matter and being surprised by what I find that's why so much from watching The Great courses plus there's with unlimited access that interest passion gain new insights on history psychology or pick up new skills Great courses makes it easy any and now you can even download the videos offline last week a lecture on it was at History presented professor Mark Stoller this series past for season on This we're talking about Jean to Hollywood actresses who became in the late Guide to bolster talking about the season particularly the Vietnam black sheer this course The blunders lecture history did not begin with us is the one I explores the history of that teen and were involved such as the like this course because it's dedicated the ways in which history which of course just as and is one you'll get unlimited access for one when you sign up for my dot com remember start your FREE Month the Great courses plus the dot com courses plus got home slasher when last we left after Jeanne Seaver had withered in the intense spotlight drop by the success of breathless and she had gone home to Iowa to recuperate from a breakdown in June nineteen sixty and rejuvenated team returned to Paris to film her soon to be ex husband Francoise more Roy's directorial debut by now thanks to breathless Jean was in high demand amongst French directors and she quickly lined up two additional Paris set films Time Out for Love and five Dale other whew The life and never would be billed as Jean's first comedy although despite some moments of sex farce it's more of a drama tee as if to force the audience to differentiate her from the child sage own haircuts in all of her subsequent significant film's director Felipe to Brooke had her wear her hair brown and chin Lee and it has the desired effect though just twenty one when the film a shot Jean is totally convincing as a cosmopolitan adults a woman has been married long enough to have given birth to two young children and two apparently have had more extramarital affair in my I don't think C Byrd never looked more beautiful jeans character Claire is an English woman married to a kind but un glamorous French academic he's at work each day she goes out into the streets of Paris and lives her own life which seems to work fine as long as she scrambles home in the castle a Fashion Show hosted by her designer girlfriend Claire meets a man an affair with she doesn't know that he's actually the designers gigolo the designer however soon figures out that she and Claire the same man and she arranges to have both her lover and his lover and her husband attend the same party after this her lover tells Claire that he wants to give up the charade that he dreams of locking her in a house quote amenable and always ready but it's clear to us that Claire doesn't want to get rid of her husband or exchange him for she doesn't want to be amenable on anyone's terms for her own if they left their partners for one another she rhetorically asks her toy boy then what would I do all day the movie basically ends with her husband telling her he's fine with her having affairs because it makes him love her more when she comes back to him like the actress Tess and breathless before its five day lover has a scene in which Jean tells us something about her character by the way she grooms herself while looking at her reflection if it takes three of something to make a trend that we can say that by nineteen sixty one with three of these scenes one of the three lines of jeans on screen persona to put it simply narcissism but each of these films also reflect no pun intended there male filmmakers fascination with how women construct a mask over their real selves in order to present themselves for men with fifteen in mind five day lover's version of this scene is the most negatively dynamic returning from an afternoon with her boyfriend Clair slips off to the mirror while calling out to her husband that she has to put her face on we then see her private ritual she brushes back her sexy blowout into demure takes off false eyelashes and wipes off her lipstick putting her face on it for her husband entails taking off the face that he's put on for her afternoon rendezvous the fact a lover was recently restored and re discovered you can write it on iTunes and it's really good and I think important to watch if you want to get a sense of what Jean C Beck was capable of and of the precarious moment in cinema that we're talking about here particularly in regards to how movies depicted women and their sex lives director Felipe to broker had been an assistant to France by two fellow and back combined with jeans breathless cried conferred on this movie the idea that it was French New Wave A J cents in actuality it's a beautifully made film and less classical style built around for lack of a better word a new wave heroine who is far more modern than a comparative American film would have allowed her to be at roughly that Jean was in Paris playing a frankly sexually voracious mother in a narrative entirely driven by her character's desire Jane was appearing in American movies like period of adjustment which as we've seen position her as a frigid sex kitten and a battle of the sexes that could only end with her capitulation to the desires of man his divorce from France Pomeroy came through that September she'd never told fans via the trade actually filed the paperwork so he wasn't aware that the divorce was coming through until he was served the paper says miserable and enraged he had the French courts declared the divorce illegitimate and then he soo Jean for divorce in France where he won the SA be aiding his responsibility to pay alimony in his suit France wine names Romain Gary has corresponded to James' infidelity this could have blossomed into that kind of scandal that would have been the diplomats worst nightmare but both he and Jean strenuously denied that they were romantically involved while behaving to the contrary in reality they were living together in an apartment that Gary had rented on the L St Louis Gary's wife Leslie didn't think the affair would last so she decided not to protest it afterall Gary signs of asking her for a divorce and the older that the younger woman was an opportunist who eventually quote move on and to do better the affair was an open secret in the French media Gary began giving joint interview since he was a self styled hit man Lee and his boat pitying Lee of team as a typical American damning with faint praise for her clothes intellectual curiosity given where she came from in one interview he listed all the books yet for steam to read from push came to Baal Zach and then Jean interjected her enthusiasm for Madame which she added could've been me if I'd stayed in Marshall Town she is an absolutely marvelous reader Gary said she always finishes the book showing her wit Jean shot back except a couple of yours she then said to the reporter what her mom thinks is that I'm still a dumb farm girl the more of what Ramon thought that Jean had made its way into his recent novel The talent scout published in nineteen sixty one there was a character in the book transparently based on Jean with quote short oh most boyish hair and an idealism that more often than not defied logic and got her hurt the character's first met drunkenly into a dangerous world of men the dictator who takes her as a mistress says he first met her when she couldn't quote staggered into his nightclub with a story of having been raped and robbed by a taxi driver an incident the man treats as an everyday occurrence which she had stupidly take in quote rather badly that American Cal Perry wrote in the voice of the dictator had true goodness in her but it had taken him some time to discover this because she was so willing bed and he did not think the two could go together a man who was happy to take advantage of this woman's willingness could not help but have prejudices against her for wanting sex as much as he did in late nineteen sixty one gene comment Ed Blakely on her love triangle in an interview with French Elle magazine asked about divorce she noted that French people quote preferred to cheat on one another as much as possible while Americans divorce it's more honest asked directly about Lesley blanch Jean said she's a very nice one and I must admit that she's been separated from my mom's diary for a very long time by January nineteen sixty two jeans a very cosmopolitan impasse had reached Iowa The Des Moines Register using a few French gossip columns as sources lifted the lid on the difficulty Jean was having getting Gary to choose her over his wife in a story headlined Jeanne Seaver idolized is saddest American this caused a middle American scandal and it unfortunately coincided with the Iowa debut of breathless the community Jean grew up and with no frame of reference for a movie style such as the jars became convinced that if Gene was acting at all in breathless she was playing herself and that herself was an immoral tart with no concept of loyalty or propriety the Jean had gone off and lived an adventurous life what she still desperately crave her parents' approval and the media attention given to genes may not a law was a nightmare for them Jean had tried to hide from them it was really going on in her life including the fact that she was now pregnant with Berry's child the culture was slowly changing but it would still have been shocking for a woman in nineteen sixty two to give birth to a child by a man who she not only was it Mary to the home was married to someone else the minor movie star in knots Jean was at this in almost twenty three probably the same age and around the same time period as Peggy on Mad Men when she found herself giving birth to Pete Campbell's secret baby the like Peggy Jean see America in nineteen sixty two was living the life of an independent working woman but inside she carried with her her conservative religious upbringing and the conflict between the two made her so self loathing that she would start to develop personalities play the the gene son Alexandre da go Gary was secretly born in the summer after nineteen sixty two Jane spent the last months of her pregnancy in hiding and she and her mom later purchased fake papers adjusting the son's birthday to the following year Jean head the existence of the child from even some of her oldest friends for a few years her parents had no idea that they had a grandson until Jean convince them to join her new family in New York in the summer of nineteen sixty four when they arrived Jean presented her two year old and sad Meera grandson one person who knew all about jeans baby was Lesley blanch who agreed to divorce Kerry although she would later speak and kindly of teen essentially accusing her of having successfully worked along the con of course pregnancy was a lever that a woman of her type would use Blanche would later say it is really and naive to think that she was going to get an abortion I must say she wasn't going to give up that handle it was the classic gambit for someone like her who was pretty and ruthless yes that's how I describe her pretty and ruthless she had no style with discipline and she wasted a great deal of my ex husband's time and money I sadly gave the divorce as soon as it was assed but I can tell you from Mom wasn't rushing things up to then almost immediately after the birth team after a child with you hand him the Spanish Main and left for Switzerland issued her first Hollywood movie in three years an adaptation of a couple of curve in Shah story is called in the French style unaware that she just given birth Shah who is producing the film operate they confronted Sheen about her weight she promised she'd be in shape by the time they started filming in the French style was sort of Hollywood's attempt at making a version of the movies Jean had been making in France in that it told the story of an idealistic American girl who loses her innocence three sacks and amoral nightlife the big difference between and the French style and jeans previous movies is that in the French style is pretty boring the scene in which Jean and her boyfriend a French guy who deplore his praise in decadence go to hotel to try to have sex takes forever and is uniquely un sexy can't help but recall the scene in breathless set in jeans hotel room in which the banter between Jean and John Paul the Mondo about why she won't have sex with him essentially becomes ten minutes of foreplay I may not like in the French style but James felt that it was true in some ways to her real experience as an American Girl in Paris the film included a scene in which the character's father urges her to come home and she explains why she no longer belongs in Chicago the scene closely resembled conversations that Jean real life with her father and Colombia still the studio that hated she was happy with the movie so much so that they started pushing the actress for the role that it would turn out would have the greatest impact on her personal life of any movie shoot me tragically the the audible has the best idea as the largest and the most contests will feel something listen people reading recommendations so that they but plenty of the books they use sources the novel that would work complement to this season If is Jane Fonda as autobiography My Life So which is read My Life is one of the key sources of the podcast and it's into the life Andover literally to hear her story table has for the unabridged twenty one fish and about ten if you're Goldie those lanes or you but don't want spoilers podcast also prime Jane's Life Style which covers her experiences aging to quote from the publisher's in her Fonda metaphors the arch staircase that became for her to of flying she shows how way continual she explains how she came to the earlier decades of her life her own life enable her to let go to see what means the most to new goals and the most learn and at audible if you go to dot com you can day trial and you'll get your first audible book for free that's A I slash remember nineteen forty nine director Robert Ross and all the King's Men won the Oscar for Best Picture in nineteen fifty one Ross and was subpoenaed by the House un American activities Committee having been a member of the Communist Party Ross and refuse to name names of his comrades and he was subsequently blacklisted from working under his own name in Hollywood two years later he appeared before Congress again and maimed dozens of names he went back to work and in nineteen sixty one he co wrote produced and directed The hustler a major hit for which Ross and himself was nominated for three Oscars so he was back in a position of power when he began assembling his next film a drama about a beautiful mental patient and the men she drives mad at Columbia the Columbia wanted Ross and a cast Jean as this gets a frantic sexually voracious title character and let the watching for the parts then on a trip through Europe with his male star which babies biographer Peter BIS been described couch back in all the grass and met with Jean he now how close she was how he saw the character she's got that fly the American Girl quality bras and would say the cheerleader who's cracked up the fever began working on lesson in three with rum on accompanying to Maryland for the ship's grass and had fought to preserve the rural East Coast location of the novel in which the film was based for authenticity and also because him to work with some distance from Hollywood outside of the crucible of the studio the grass and would make a highly film with to leave performances that seem to take the Marlon school of screen acting to another love takes place at a mental hospital in were introduced to the place to newcomer Warren Beatty who is playing Vincent psychologically wounded veteran he begins training at the hospital to become an occupational therapist Vincent immediately witness as a problematic relationship between two patients Steven played by Peter Fonda Jane's brother as the sixties version of a Buddy Holly glasses and a seersucker suit and Lilith the gorgeous gets a frantic ten chess played by Gene Stephen is obsessed with Lola and will do anything for her and to Lilith knows this and takes advantage of it at first it seems like she might just be playing games like it could be typical young woman bad behavior like Cecile and Asia actress Tess and Patricia and breathless before her Vincent's initially fully aware that there is a precarious situation between love and Steven too unstable people with more inside than it seems began spending time with Lola and totally forgets what he rationally knows he falls in love with her and they start having a secret affair and it becomes increasingly clear that love is and the maniac or at least a Hollywood movie circa nineteen sixty four as idea of one the other should be sad that love doesn't look or feel like a typical Hollywood movie of its era visually it goes back and forth between a dissolve heavy surrealism reminiscent of European silent movies and an almost documentary like realism Ross and did use some documentary style methods he built a sequence around a real jousting tournaments taking place near the location and even within the extremely heightened circumstances the performances of cedar and baby are incredibly naturalistic for this moment in Hollywood cinema baby playing in a typically introverted character for Han mumbles much of his dialogue that feels like what might happen if you told an actor to imitate Marlon Brando based on the negative reviews of Brenda's her early performances without letting him actually look at Brando himself this isn't necessarily a bad thing again the circumstances of the plot or so histrionics and board in mind so be that his understatement as well come but it was apparently the result of babies and happiness
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109: Jean vs "Lilith" (Jean & Jane Part 4)

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