DiscoverYou Must Remember This110: Jane vs "Barbarella" (Jean & Jane Part 5)

110: Jane vs "Barbarella" (Jean & Jane Part 5)

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Having coaxed Jane into participating in an open marriage, Vadim began casting her in films as a male fantasy of female sexual liberation. This phase of her career would peak with Barbarella, a sci-fi film based on an erotic comic book featuring Jane as a horny space warrior. Jane’s perfect body was on full display and fetishized the world over, but no one knew the self-destruction that went on behind the scenes in order to maintain her looks. While Vadim was building her up as an international sex kitten, Jane was gradually becoming more socially conscious. For all of his experience with women, Roger Vadim didn’t know what to do with a woke wife. 

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you must remember this is brought to you by Blue apron create delicious home cooked meals with fresh ingredients delivered right to your door get your first free meals free with free shipping when you go to Blu Ray Penn dot com slash remember where else is sponsored by nature box get three snacks for free with your first order when you go to Nature Box Top com slash remember the the The The The or the the went to another episode of You Must Remember This podcast dedicated to exploring the secrets and avoid forgotten history of Hollywood's first century part of the panting I'm your host Covina long way and this is another installment in our ongoing series Gene and Jane in the the uh uh the uh uh I don't know if I'm unhappy because I'm not free not free because the I say our responsibility as Americans is to be concerned about what our country is doing the suicide of jeans the young actress from Iowa the uh the the uh the uh the the the the the the meat was all a teensy that all of the soul on the This week we turn to Jane Fonda when last we left Jane she had just married fresh out of a Dean Jane had felt unsettled by the Watts riots and the general feeling of instability Los Angeles in the mid to late sixties and so she sought a measure of traditional security the treasured team was not a traditional man or perhaps he was to essentially and the so called sexual revolution gave him license to create a marriage that hew to his sexual fantasy the over the course of their marriage Jane would head to peak sex symbol with the husband and wife collaboration by Burrell and increased spotlight that put on Janus asexual being made her re evaluate who she really was and who she to be the first thing she did after that was taken on the first serious the glamorous career meanwhile she began to awaken to a number of social issues Jane started to wonder if there was something else in life are her other than being an actress a wife a mother and a stock join us what you read chapter five of genius and Che The The The in many ways measure of the team had domesticated chain she had thrown herself and most of her income into building a home life for them to share outside of Paris where she played part time mother to his kids and nearly full time hostess to his friends when they are in Malibu she began having a relationship again with her father who was now with the woman who would be his fifth and final wife Shirley Adams Adams had chilled Henry Fonda out some and the DM bonded with Jane's father family for once was beginning to become a source of strain rather than pain and anxiety for Jane boomed the Even so Jane and Fred Dean's relationship was hardly traditional Jane was well aware that after their marriage to Dean continued to sleep with other women he pointed to a couple he was friends with a Frenchman and his wife who had an arrangement that fifteen and fee why couldn't the Fund of India marriage be like there's the next time they had dinner with this other couple Jane asked them about their arrangements the wife acknowledged that she allowed her husband to sleep with other women she even helped find other woman for him to go to bed with Jane and half the husband how he would feel if his wife took her own lover that's completely forbidden he told she would stop loving me the wife concurred that this was true she would lose respect for her husband if he let her enjoy the same sexual freedom that she encouraged him to enjoy a Jane and the team eventually work out their own arrangements facing the fact that her husband was going to sleep with other women with that she liked it or not Jane decided to control his infidelity by taking charge she began to bring home call girls for he and Jane than Jane started proposition aim third parties herself she would brag to friends that usually the female guest stars would end up falling for Jane of a demon and this was what she liked best about the arrangements the feeling of power that it gave her the arrangement was highly kept secret the rumors Beach Hollywood and New York that the couple were regularly hosting orgies eventually became something of a status symbol to be invited into Jane's marital bed Jane and the team took lovers independently of one another to be very arrangement was that they just had to come home and tell their partner about their adventures he believed that this was a worthwhile experiment to try to head off the dishonesty of his previous relationships the cording to the team Jane quotes seem to understand and always went all out all the way yet I didn't know she was suffering probably because she didn't want to admit to herself thinking she was wrong to hold on to the rules of a traditional morality which I told her was outdated but the truth is she simply wasn't made for that kind of freedom Jade were the Guinea pigs of an unstable air and we did not know the team could be two on S one night they had a dinner party at their French country house attended by Warren Beatty and his current girlfriend who happened to be vey deems acts Bridgette pie dough at the end of the meal and after a lot of wine as everyone was complimenting Jane on her cooking baby K's at Bartow and said I know something that tastes even better a drunken good team took this as an invitation to both reminder Warren Beatty that he was merely treading through territory of a Dean had conquered and also hit Jane and the heart of her insecurities Bridgette is indeed morsel video said Jane is not quite in that class and professionally Fonda wasn't exactly stimulated and though she had enjoyed working with Marlon she was unhappy with the result after that any Wednesday a sex comedy based on a play that feels like a re tread of the kinds of movies Jane was making before the team came into her life and before her star had ascended to the point were she to demand better Jane acknowledge that the character in any Wednesday was what she called a silly young woman she worried that if she kept playing for the young screen she might never become anything else off screen any Wednesday would be received well enough to earn Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a comedy but it didn't exactly have its finger on the pulse of the culture to rub salt into the wound during the filming the dean was back in France and Jane received frequent visits from Peter Fonda who was full of excitement about how his career was going he had hooked up with Roger Corman had begun starring in low budget genre films that captured the fomenting counterculture in Carmen's The Wild Angels Peter played the president of the Hells Angels in Iraq is fantasy of bikers gone wild when Peter told his sister about one scene in which his character and his biker friends set funeral of one of their own into an orgy Jane was shocked which made her realize just how domestic and square she must even with the freeze on the team was trying to change that with their next collaboration in the Dean's mind Jane had never played a character that truly changed over the course of the film and with luck your A or the game is over an adaptation of a novel by Emile Zola he had written part that would force transformation Jane played rainy the gorgeous young wife of a French businessman who falls in love with her husband's twenty two year old son when Renee decides she's really in love with the sun and tells her husband leave him the husband lets her go but washes out of the country filing for divorce the father manipulate into an act of revenge he tells his son who falsely believes that his father doesn't know the identity lover that Renee had crappy sizable trust fund the marriage but that she would be walking because he had invested all of them he and his business if the father and suckers into agreeing young woman so that her money can prop up the family business when rain to discover that the father have conspired against her she goes mad the while away she's cut off her long glorious hair thinking it'll please the boy now at the moment her one in the powers at their lowest her unflattering becomes a visual signal fire of everything lost the If that sounds a little well welcome to the films of activity in both of the movies eat right for Jane Fonda he views her as a sex symbol in the most literal sense of the word a tool for embodying his ideas about sex in a way that seems more allegorical than curse the affair in The Cure A is depicted in dreamlike fragments showing the couple's intimacy confession and play borrowing the jump cut technique to collapse the time while telling him that power to startle most of the couple's interests take place amidst the foliage colored lights and artificial water features in the father's massive winter garden it's a setting one ski deck and artificial which is not to say that black hair a relaxed style the compositions are beautiful but it definitely lacks the subtlety the character progression Jane performs in the movie is the best thing about a win city begins as a woman whose entire is to maintain her physical perfection thus for the first part of the film she is most often depicted either exercising or grooming herself when the affair begins the current session with her facade disappears and she becomes consumed by her heart and libido unfortunately for her in the Dean's story French food why men choose mates based on money it's an attack on his country's established mores but of course the dean was guilty of living off of Jane's money to maybe like hail as the self last rating indictment of a team's own bad behavior in parts but he didn't exactly flatter chain by casting her as a woman who has always had money and sexual power and who loses her grip on reality when she loses both of those ones on Sat the team tried to capture something of the real Che on film he kept telling her to dial back her performance to just be herself if things got tense on fat between director and actress the Dean said we met up in bed no matter how many disagreements we had our physical life was from a job this was another real thing the team sought to capture chains and Harriet sex appeal like you I would include Jane's first real although extremely tasteful and artfully concealed nude scene was not something Jane was excited about the team convinced her to do it this was an extension of chains sexual performance for her husband and their off screen and this became a snake devouring tail redeem want to share his personal sex goddess with ten elevate her into the male fantasy fetish object of the sexual revolution he did not realize the extent to which chains sexual persona in real life and in their movies was a performance that she created in order to please her the for less than ten per person blue apron delivers seasonal recipes along with pre portion to make delicious home cooked meal you can choose from week or less color married he may surprise recipes are not repeated with any year so you'll never get 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murder Exodus and the Cardinal all box office hits that had been nominated for Oscars he also made advise and consent starring Henry Fonda which wasn't appreciated much in nineteen sixty two would later be recognized as groundbreaking in the way that it dealt with homophobia if Jane had heard about jeans problems with payment or she probably wasn't trepidation because she had now worked enough to know exactly what she wanted from a director as chain would later put its right to be told exactly what to do and I don't knows exactly what he wants and prime and Jer had a track record of making movies that dealt with important social issues without alienating this was something that Jane was time to think that she wanted to do the hurry sundown and to tell the story of racism in the south by putting a white couple played by Jane and in a questionable choice Michael Caine against a black family whose land Kane's character wants to acquire the film was shot in Baton Rouge with a cast and crew soon came to understand the relevancy of the plot firsthand everyone working on the film was put up in the same motel the black actors such as Diane Carol and Robert hooks were the first non white people to ever stay at that motel the first night they stayed there a burning cross was erected on the motels line later Jane was walking down the street with a photographer when a little black boy ran up and handed her a flower chain bent down to give the child to thank you Cass the photographer snapped the case was published in other news papers and Baton Rouge where the Klan held influence flipped out the locals threaten the movie company even shooting guns into their production trucks eventually the production was run out of town through this experience Jane came to realize what had and had not happened with the civil rights movement while she had been away in France her next film would be less politically enlightening but he would do more for her career than anything had yet it's barefoot in the park was another comedy based on a play starring Jane as a young bride having trouble adjusting to married life but this one was a major hits it out and in May nineteen sixty seven and became paramount highest grossing movie of the year like your a and hurry sundown were both released the same month to bad reviews and negligible box office but barefoot was such a sensation that it didn't matter after making fourteen films and seventy s Jane Fonda was finally perceived by Hollywood as a major bank double star but this didn't mean what it would have meant to the beginning of her film career the studio system as her father had known it was over she saw how her brother had built his own stardom by working on movies that excited him with rebels like Roger Corman their latest collaboration that rep made independently for just a hundred thousand dollars joined barefoot in the park on the list of the Top twenty biggest box office hits of the year cognizant that there was now starting to be more than one way to be a movie star instead of staying in Hollywood to capitalize on the huge success of barefoot in a crippled industry that was still figuring out how to get back on its feet Jane invested all of her new star capital and her husbands all out efforts to mainstream pop erotic moon the team only managed to direct fiber I love because producer Dino De La Renta es bought the rights to the French comic strip that birthed the title character had sent a letter movie The Jane turned it down without even really thinking about the idea of a soft core up with science fiction have no appeal for but when the team heard about he insisted that his wife reconsider the dean had been a huge fan of comic strip both say feel are Joe had turned the project because they thought the trash but ten years before Star has fifteen explain to were changing books and science fiction would soon be taken seriously the way westerns and war and how he thought about split personalities depending was making in America she generally played innocence in France she dramatized why did you could combine the two into one character team envisioned Barbara long as quote a sexual Alice In Wonderland of the future in a film set far in the future she could play a woman with no hang no inhibitions no morals in other words the nineteen sixties sexual revolution to sow in August nineteen sixty seven while Bonnie and Clyde movie Jane had turned down was opening and slowly helping to change cinema Jane and the team began shooting Barbara L A In Rome the if you like me weren't alive in the nineteen sixties it's difficult to watch by the L A today and fully register what it would've been like to watch it when it was new when I was attempting a kind of visual fantasy there was just gradually seeping into cinema that fad Barbara L A opened five months after both fast and one A Space Odyssey and Planet of the apes and it to those two Barbara L A looks pretty and convincing your mileage vary based can he get out of it I think Barbara has a few interesting ideas and good jokes that to a pretty bad movie but I walked away from it with total admiration for change and for her other commitments to selling her husband's fantasy care she was starring and get another movie in which her French husband was directing her to a sexual awakening induced by a character yet find it doesn't come off as a woman has been brainwashed into playing a sexual super hero by her husband she comes off as asexual super hero she also delivers all of the movie's best one liners including one that was apparently ripped off and gender switched for the recent Wonder Woman movie typical of women the the while playing Miss empowered goddess of sex in space Jane was consumed with insecurity and obsessed with projecting the of physical perfection she still maintained her flawless body to compulsive exercise believe Mia and Dex a tree there I was a young woman who hated her body and suffered from terrible believe me I'm playing a scantily clad sometimes naked sexual heroine Jane recalled every that the up and realize he had made a terrible mistake oh my god she's not Bordeaux the shoot was hard on both of them Jane was put through the wringer physically and she filled her way through a Texas grand pots redeem began coping with his stress by drinking during the day the special effects were totally experimental in the script was a work in progress sometimes chain would pretend to need a sick day so that the demon his co writer Terry Southern could work at a problem with the screenplay when Barbara Love finally finished shooting the team director Jane in a segment of spirits of the Dead an omnibus film in which three hot European tours each directed a short film based on an Edgar Allan Poe's short story Jane played a mid evil Countess who falls in destructive love with her cousin the demon cast Peter Fonda as the cousin spirits of the Dead is best remembered for the Fellini segment Toby dammit which stars Terence Stamp as a Ferrari driving drunk actor but the fund of ADM fun day segments has its fans their tribute videos on YouTube which condense the film into just the scenes in which Jane and Peter looked hungrily at one another and touch the promotion of Barbara ally revolved around Jane's body in a very sixties with a combined agency with compliance shoes pictured on the cover of Life magazine in costume as Barbara last armed with a gun she was pictured inside the magazine rolling a beach cover image said she didn't can take care of herself the interior that you could have her what could be more inline with the sexual revolution totally driven by male desire for sexual adventure at the expense of conventional responsibility through the Barber L A experience change slowly began to realize that she felt unsatisfied with her life and her marriage when she objectively assessed for diem she could realize that he was an excellent father so she decided that she should have a baby with them at the end of nineteen sixty seven just after turning thirty Jane got pregnant it turned out to be a high risk pregnancy and for the first few months she was confined to bed she was anxious about the way her body was changing which she ever be found again but soon she began looking outside herself up to this point the social upheaval of the nineteen sixties had only been on her periphery she saw how her brother had found himself within the counterculture she participated in civil rights activism with Marlon Brando while making the Chase and then she'd seen how much progress there was still left to make when she'd filmed hurry sundown in the south one night in the fall of nineteen sixty seven Joan Baez had shown up at the Fund of The D Man's at four am as she scrambled eggs she told the assembled crew all about an anti war march on the Pentagon that she had just been as organized by Jerry Rubin where Abbie Hoffman and Alan Ginsberg had fouled to Leavitt eight the Pentagon and after which hundreds of protesters were arrested and hundreds were injured
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110: Jane vs "Barbarella" (Jean & Jane Part 5)

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