DiscoverYou Must Remember This111: Jean and Jane Become Public Enemies (Jean & Jane Part 6)

111: Jean and Jane Become Public Enemies (Jean & Jane Part 6)

Update: 2017-08-012


On the heels of making her biggest Hollywood movies in years, Jean Seberg becomes involved with two black radicals, one a cousin of Malcolm X who spouted violent, anti-white rhetoric, the other a leader of the Black Panthers. Jean starts offering money and support to these men and their causes, which attracts the attention of the FBI. Meanwhile, Jane leaves Vadim - and Hollywood - to find herself as a political activist, working on behalf of American Indians, the Black Panthers, and Vietnam veterans. Despite all her best efforts, Jane hadn’t yet alienated Hollywood - while she was being watched by the FBI, Jane starred in one of the great surveillance thrillers of the 1970s, Klute

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he must remember this is sponsored by The Great courses plus get a full month of unlimited access to all of the great courses plus video lectures for free by going to the great courses plus dot com slash remember the uh the the or the are the well to another at the same as he must remember this podcast dedicated to exploring the secrets and or forgotten histories of Hollywood's first Century Park canteen where I'm your host a long one and today is another installment of our ongoing series Gene and Jane in the the uh the uh I don't know if I'm unhappy because I'm not free not free because the I say our responsibility as Americans is to be concerned about what our country is doing the suicide of jeans see the young actress from Iowa the uh the the uh the the but the the the the the we chased pub of jeans see the Jane Fonda and lived and worked in Hollywood and in France to the turbulent decade of the nineteen sixty perhaps because both actresses spent so much time in Paris married to prominent Frenchman neither woman was a conventional American hippie and they both came rather late to the social upheaval of the decade but once they jumped n both Gene and Jane went all day and with little regard for how giving their time and money to controversial causes would have an impact on their starting today we'll begin by exploring teensy backs relatively brief but extremely intense period as a key contact and donor for black radicals in Los Angeles including a self proclaimed cousin of Malcolm X and a leader of the Black Panthers the radical organization which rose to national prominence in the mid nineteen sixty it will be talking about the Black Panthers a bet over the course of the next couple of episodes and if you wanna about them there are plenty of resources including a recent documentary by Stanley Nelson called the Black Panthers Vanguard of the Revolution and other documentaries that I would absolutely and one that's maybe the most in tune with the way Jane Fonda and Jeanne Seaver perceive the Panthers is Black Panthers twenty eight minute film directed by and yes Barnett in nineteen sixty eight guard who is friends with Jane Fonda and Rush of eighteen and had come to California with her husband filmmaker shock to me to document the Panthers present in Oakland California and at the non violent protests against the imprisonment of Panthers leader Huey Newton the Panthers explain to fart on camera their ten point program which amongst other things demanded reasonable access to jobs and housing for black people and an end to police brutality Panthers had begun as a watchdog group consisting of black men with legally openly carried guns who stood by while cops mostly white cops arrested black people in black communities and her fellow writer refers to the Panther adds quotes a beautiful black animal who does not attack but defends himself ferociously the Panthers were founded as a revolutionary organization to believe that they needed to be armed or not protect themselves in a war that they were fighting a war against the police which the police had started as the organization grew it's true every up to the stated ideals it's also became a target conspiracy which was absolutely willing the truth to put down this revolution anyway if you wanna about the Black Panthers you do sell what you need to now is to understand why Jeanne Seaver can Jane Fonda were attracted to their cause in addition to whatever he said amounts to this the Panthers the male and female members wore black leather and sometimes carry weapons they were incredibly charismatic and sexy they at least gestured towards giving women equal power to men they terrify the white establishments but they had loads of appeal and communities in which they represented a powerful alternative to the racist white establishments as such they were naturally and sometimes naively embraced by celebrities with an interest in civil rights and or guilty to the counterculture in nineteen sixty nine J Edgar Hoover to play the Panthers to be quote The greatest threat to internal security of the country and he put the full weight of his office behind trying to take the Panthers down Jeanne Seaver and Jane Fonda is involved with the Panthers and other non helps to put both actresses on the radar of the FBI today we will begin by talking about how the scenes activism and her relationships with two black men led to the FBI monitoring her as a threat to national security that will shift gears to join Jane Fonda seventy as she explores a number of activist Evan Hughes gets her first Oscar nomination films the movie clue and discovers that she is also being monitored by the FBI China The Want You For Part six of Jean chain in the the uh the couple of notes before we get into this chapter on Jeanne Seaver by the end of this episode will have pretty much reached the end of of seabirds Hollywood career her post Paint Your wagon filmography includes twelve feature films most of them made in Europe one TV movie and two experimental class II documentary is directed by Felipe corral many of these films are an available currently or at least I was not able to track them down in physical places or on line as such the remaining Jeanne Seaver films that we discuss will be a combination of films that I've seen and films have only read about all identify which is which when necessary one other thing to announce I'm usually only interested in my subjects sex lives to the extent that their relationships help us understand something about their professional lives were like often in Hollywood star's choice of mate or other details about their personal lives become part of their star persona and would play in to the level of opportunity and power they were able to leverage in their career in the case of Jeanne Seaver the idea that she had sexual affairs with one or more black radicals helped to destroy her film career and had a huge impact on the deterioration of her personal life and mental health it wasn't the relationships themselves that it thus it was the public perception of those relationships as distributed by the meaty ass with a helping hand of the FBI the contents of the relationships themselves has been disputed we know the team that did welcome to man into her life in some capacity one a self styled air to knock Max and the other a key member of the Black Panthers nearly fifty years after the fact it's very difficult to say with any certainty who did what with whom or felt what for whom one of Jean's biographer is Gary McGhee who seems to have had more direct cooperation from see Barack's family takes great care to avoid categorizing jeans relationships with these men as sexual another biographer David Richards details to romance is between Jean and Black activists quoting the observations of sources such as jeans third husband and the wife of one of the man in question the story that follows here on the podcast combines the version of events put forward in both biographies as well as other sources which will as always be listed in the show notes for this episode this version of events that I've compiled is what seems most credible to me although I've tried to note the cases where there are versions of the story that diverged significantly and now on with their story the the the October nineteen sixty eight on a flight from San Francisco to Los ANGELES A man nicknamed her chemo Jamal sat down next to Jeanne Seaver and started chatting her up about black power though he volunteered his life story to Jean Jamal wasn't exactly friendly to her in fact he was open about his general disdain for and distrust of white people Jean was intrigued enough to try to convince them that she was not his and the bar in Allen Eugene Donald said he had adopted the name Hakeem and Jamal after marrying a relative of Malcolm X Dorothy Durham and subsequently converting to Islam and remaking himself within the Black Power movements after Malcolm X was killed in nineteen sixty five Akeem Jamal began presenting himself as a direct cousin of Brother Malcolm and using the slain Black Power leaders name to promote his own activist efforts which included the Malcolm X Foundation a nonprofit which aims to build a Malcolm X museum and a Montessori school that Jamal started in Compton for preschool aged kids a former heroin addict Keane claimed that Malcolm himself and taking the needle out of his arm and cleaned him up and he pledged that his school would only be open to kids whose parents stayed off hard drugs he preached that drugs were one of the ways the white man oppressed the black man Hakeem carried guns and threats of violence were part of his rhetoric but to a great extent he was playing a character in order to add urgency to his cause and to align himself further with Malcolm X said that his work would be taken seriously the FBI did not see the nuance of this performance and declaring him armed and dangerous they watched him Jamal carefully and they were watching in the fall of nineteen sixty eight planned after that meet cute on the airplane C Byrd began devoting to the kingdom all causes in late October there was a fire at the Malcolm X Foundation headquarters Jeanne he was not safe in Compton says she called Sammy Davis Junior who was the house after Harrah's in Tahoe at the time and Sammy agreed to send his private jet to pick Jean and Hakim up and take them to talk how this trip would have two purposes to protect Jamal and to give them a chance at Sammy Davis donation to the Malcolm X Foundation and one trip to Tahoe the penis wife Dorothy and six children were on the jet and present for the whole weekend in another version of the the one related by Dorothy Jamal the family but while they were there Mom called Dorothy and pass the phone to Jean who assured Dorothy that her husband was now say Dorothy had to stifle a laugh when Jamal had told Gina about the fire hit embellish the incident into an assassination attempt he told her that people want to kill him just as they have killed his cousin now can and as Jamal his wife Dorothy put it Jean had fallen for its Dorothy her husband work his magic on movie stars she knew he loved celebrity he had served as the liaison famous people including had wanted to meet Black Panther is Hakeem was a good move talk or to make white curls like Jean C Byrd believe that they were different from the white enemy he railed against and when girls like this felt special they can be useful to Dorothy wasn't worried at the time spending with Jean at least not at first Dorothy believed that the relationship between her husband and Jean C Berg became sexual during our after the trip to Tahoe Dennis Barrie who would become jeans a third and final husband believes that Hakim Jamal was the greats most passionate love of Jean's life after the Tahoe trip Jean started trying to in grey share herself with the King's wife Dorothy Jean opened up her house to the whole Jamal family she confided in Dorothy about her affair with Clint Eastwood bought her some jewelry and hired a limousine to take Jean Dorothy and Dorothy's kids to Disneyland when she went to Iowa for Thanksgiving she invited the entire Jamal family to stay at her Beverly Hills house in her absence whether or not Jean who is separated from her msg every vein I get divorced from Han intended to steal Dorothy's husband and commit to him romantically Jean was committed to the causes he introduced her to and to take her involvement in the next level she asked him to introduce her to members of the Black Panthers in the November nineteen sixty eight after a benefit hosted by Friends of the Black Panther is an organization Sutherland wife Shirley Douglas Jamal as Panther co founder Bobby seal if he would like to meet Jeanne Seaver deal reportedly quote We've had Marlon for ten thousand dollars so we can take Seaver twenty thousand dollars that night Jamal address seal and Raymond's mess I hear it's the Panthers Minister of Education to Jean's house in Beverly hell NSA Redgrave was staying with Jean at the time the black radicals sat late into the night drinking with a white actress isn't answering their questions about the movements feel was impressed by genes apparently an earnest interest in learning help the ER this would be the first and last time that body feel that she would began regularly and time to his organization the team was and I left for Thanksgiving she gave an interview to a French journalist acknowledging that she had opened her home to Hakeem he was she said and Jeanne plan to stand by him no matter what if he is killed or his wife or one of his children Jean vowed I will understand the and I will participate in violence the French journalists ran the story Jean favored men in the United States she harbored the Black and his family the cousin of the assassinated extremist leader Malcolm at the the Christmas time Jean flew to Paris to spend the holiday with her son and her estranged husband in late January nineteen sixty nine came Jamal followed her there or he gave a lecture at University in Paris which Jean attended sitting of her seat as he explained to the audience why he advocated violence against whites the FBI noticed that C Byrd match a mile at Orly airport and a plan was drawn up to publicize their connection through gossip columns by J Edgar Hoover to hold off for the moment within a couple of weeks but he moved where he stayed with Vanessa Redgrave Jean went back to states to make the biggest blockbuster of her career and her last significant Hollywood movie The Eye the I love digging into the world around me exploring learning as much as possible and one of my favorite ways to do that is by watching The Great courses plus it's so satisfying to learn from engaging award winning expert about the topics that interest me like history psychology even photography and genealogy I have unlimited access to their huge library of video lectures anytime I want I can stream them from any device or download to watch offline much at home at the gym and they're also great for traveling one course that been enjoying SF be doing for this season if you must remember this is history in the United States Second Edition This is a massive course consisting of over eighty lecture is an over the course of it explores in great detail the breath of American history including the powerful convergence of the antiwar and civil rights movements in the nineteen sixties and seventies and I don't want a lecture on which has been really helpful for me to understand some of the issues that impacted Jane Fonda as anti war activists for incense and lecture seventy six Professor Patrick and all its PhD he begins by explaining how the US is initial entry into Vietnam was due to their negotiations with France over NATO I really like Professor Alice reminds me of professors I had in high school and college who presented historical material in a conversational style without sacrificing depth I skipped straight to the lecture that related to the research I was doing this week and I'm excited to go back and watch this course from the beginning to learn about things like manifest destiny the Civil War the suffrage movement and much more I've learned so much from watching The Great courses plus I know you will to sign up today and as one of my most nights you will get a full month of unlimited access to all of their video lectures for free but you must go to my special The Great courses blasts dot com slash remember the Start your free man today you'll love it up now at the Great courses class dot com slash remember the great courses plus the dot com slash remember the airport had half a thousand including Jean Burt Lancaster Dean Martin Maureen Stapleton and Helen Jacqueline du sac and many more it helped to set the template for the dumb massive ensemble cast disaster movie that would become as much a force at the box office in the nineteen as the cool smart blockbusters made by people like Francis Ford Coppola and lean freak and the airport will become huge hats and Jean commanded the super sized salary even though she was only cast because she still owed the studio a film of her contract but it was in a satisfying experience she complained old acting teacher Hayden Price the movie like this didn't demand from the cast anyone to stand swooning ridiculous situations she is also increasingly paranoid during the she believed was being followed and she would often call producer Ross Hunter in the middle of the night and beg him to let her stay at his house making airport a movie that she thought she could have made in her sleep and for what she had been paid more ever made for all made Hollywood making scene all compared to causes like Jamal is the gene deposited five thousand dollars of her airport earnings into an account with the mall's it she bought his Montessori school the school bus in from nineteen sixty nine hosted a star studded fundraiser at her house for the school the guests included Vanessa Redgrave Lee Marvin and Jane Fonda Jane who had not yet embarked on her own and its mission which will get into half this episode by one account donated eight thousand dollars to the Montessori school but Dorothy Jamal was not impressed by the turnout she said the fundraiser about two thousand dollars total and this didn't seem like enough to make Jean seabirds present and her life worthwhile and Jean seem to be becoming disillusioned with the balls to the she gravitated more to the Black Panther is the L A chapter of which was now run by my side whew it's the genes Hills house became a meeting place for the local is a place where they could casually have a meal for without having to watch their backs the Sometimes they asking for small amounts of money according to Dennis very there were times helped them get guns but this would have been extremely risky and seems somewhat unlikely given that Jean went to some lengths to conceal her significant contributions to the Panthers by using code names and go between its likeness I hear Wade and his girlfriend Elaine who became Jean's friend and confidant the first brown in hue it would be stitching together then Brown started letting less I house on his own in her Brown's wording implies that the relationship between and Jeanne the asexual if short left I never resented what mess I felt for her Brown wrote it was understandable Jeanne was truly beautiful Brown was less cynical than Dorothy Jamal about the involvement of white celebrities in the Black Power movements done and surely Sutherland John Voight Jane Fonda and producer Bert Snyder were just some of the rich Hollywood folks who Brown Roach had began lending us their homes for fun reasons why raise that produced thousands of dollars in hard cash they subscribe to and helped obtain other subscriptions for a newspaper they sent monthly checks for our breakfast program and paid our incessant bales as most black artists along with other black professionals steered around in a way for mass we clutched Hollywood and did not analyze it we thanked our stars Brown recognized that there were opportunists white and black in her midst she sighed Jean was not one of them Jean was genuinely interested and genuinely wanted to help and she put her money where her mouth was six she began regularly giving money to the Panthers in small increments under deep cover she'd leave a message from a sire calling herself Aretha as an Aretha Franklin a pseudonym that all three thought was funny and which later morphed into a reset or resell was the pseudonym for gene that just shows up and her FBI files after a wreath out horror Reese at left a message of an envelope of cash would show up he was in Brown's house this subterfuge was not because Jean was embarrassed to be a supporter of the Panthers according to Elaine Brown it was merely practical Jean felt if she was known as a major contributor to the party she would not get work in Hollywood and would not in turn have the resources to continue Brown wrote It's unfortunate me exactly what Jean had tried to avoid would come to pass nineteen local newspaper ran to meeting local leader that was having with a white woman an action offensive for a number of including that one of the ideals of the Black Power movement was about raising children responsibly and non broken home Dorothy J Mol hired a private detective to prove that her husband's visits to Jean's house not innocents her to leave Hakim then Dorothy called one night Dorothy over to Jean's to barge husband in bed with a movie she saw his door he knocked on the door the head according to Dorothy Mae Sai he answered wearing and holding a gun Dorothy recalled that Jean the it's the mad she's coming to get me believed he lets her husband out the following month Jean Rome where she started dead of it seems that whatever her them all and he would were they tapered off conversation that was mine shared by the FBI she told a member of the Panthers' that Jamal in a fit of desperation propose marriage to her Aunt Jean had cloaked turn him off and tuned the damage had been key up and both the Malcolm X Foundation and shuttered for want of money the FBI both the and gene and Hugh it through their of the men activity decided to promote gene to a key target of their investigation in June nineteen FBI G C recommended quotes discreet investigation actress who is providing assistance extremists shortly thereafter the FBI of
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111: Jean and Jane Become Public Enemies (Jean & Jane Part 6)

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