DiscoverGood Job, Brain!193: Under the Sea

193: Under the Sea

Update: 2017-02-20


Set sail on the H.M.S. Trivia! We're back with the sea's rich bounty of quizzes and facts: we got ghost sharks, sea movies, Dead Sea, and sea riddles. And move aside pumpkin spice, make way for sea salt caramel craze! From candles to protein bars, we trace the flavor's origin from ignition to popularity BOOM. Colin quizzes us about Sea Monkeys, Seabiscuit, and more 'sea-words.' And Chris explains how and just why the English breakfast ties into our marine-related topic.

Also: We missed everyone!, Serena Williams title update

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the in the the the the the the the Burroughs babes and buds who bask in being bold and of bit of bizarre in B C Ching brilliance look and a good job brain your week we will kind of quiz show atop each or via podcast Episode one hundred and three and of course I am your humble host Carrie and behold we are your belated and backlog movers but back for boosting brain waves on call and I'm Dana and Chris N Today Show Is brought To You by Penn State World Campus learn how Penn State World Campus can help you reach your educational goals by visiting World Campus dot PSU dot BD you we all like learning now in State World Campus allows you to earn your degree from nearly anywhere in the world through convenient flexible and online form and offers a hunch twenty five graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates own wind so again learn how Penn State World Campus can help you reach your educational goals learning the things you want by visiting World Campus the PSU that UVU hey guys hi hello oh my goodness how that scare That's the grade the the you feel your face I mean Hans Hauser what he was the bad and good know the we are back with The God engines actually know we have no vengeance were backwards back to a yet to be nerdy neighborhood hangout oh yeah oh yeah off podcast great and that's typically may re post a picture of us hang outs of these like you just use turn on the recorder just the guys are all there right there I am excited to be back because I found out thing and I really wanna share with you know this but like that and maybe you've heard of this before but I just found this out and I'm blown away especially because I feel it's my country a Sunday this song It Must Have Been Love by rocks and I that's the one appeared on the Pretty Woman soundtrack that's that's how it was really nice okay that song was written as it is that it was a Christmas song why you would never believe this unless you already know this that song was originally written and released and was a modest hit in in Europe in nineteen eighty seven from and the song's original title was it must have been love her rent is C's Christmas for the brokenhearted the regional written by them because they want they want to add a Christmas song it was low key like anime like an adult Christmas are like an intelligent Christmas song and he originally only of your changes in the second verse she things in there in the song that we now see things the hard winters day the version see things and it's a hard Christmas Day have to change which the hero here is the method end of the The Beauty Bar in the parentheses Sanchez lament ye also yet so if anybody ever asks and then my It must've Been Love my right easily on the sad and not festive Christmasy yeah it's called Christmas for the brokenhearted you know what good for them for repurposing their song a head not to be tied to holiday perennial thing like really sick twelve different versions in and substitute yeah the Jam Christmas songs every year they played Mariah Carey song you like it my whole life ahead of them I hope it feels like every year for as a darn good so yeah it's really good song Crazy Party ok yes so I fell on the rocks in the hole after this you know as you do share she ya brain cancer in the early two thousands of the lead singer yet but she beat brain cancer and she still they still want or just boring like my God that's amazing I curious that the sins we haven't been back for a while we still have the use of a good job bring on the brain what are some of the recent week e hols you view fell into I fell into Zelda Fitzgerald on the whole Zelda thing is like the game in Iran you know the synopsis for every team that I read a bowl is old is named after Zelda Fitzgerald and I fell into that hole was the Amazon show no but I then read the episode summaries for the I you know it's funny as the mention that at first I was like Well what have all known though I've been reading a lot about recently about medieval fortress defenses like castle defenses like it's actually I started off you know what it started off so innocently I just I was just researching the little arrow the arrow firing slits that the council has called this year that is immaterial for the conversation you know I was just looking into those other types of fortifications in the walls like built for specific weapons and then from there I just fell into another and all kinds of just catapult and crazy that one I love the most is that giant bows that are basically guys would lay down their back oh yeah my string it with your feet and your hands and fire it lol it's good for quarter the Warriors machine yet true it's true yeah yeah I was reading something about these sham that make little bubbles that pop and make a spark of late when they pop in because it was like Oh we don't know why this happens but people do have a reason like a theory why but I don't know enough about science to be able to touch it knowing nature it's either related to getting food and reproduction or defense right I don't mean the motivation oh how oh like that wow I just saw a tree from somebody that took a picture of their um Lake biology textbook and it's talking about hype if Allison it's like the hype if Alice is is directly associated with you know me tour of life survival functions which are locally referred to as the four ass fighting fleeing feeding and mating I I I heard I was the shit hits better the three s and one of yours might be aware of this we wrote a book and it is for sale and since we since we last graced the be getting a lot of positive feedback from our fans our listeners so thank you to everybody yeah and who's been sending us some love we really appreciated and you can find our book wherever fine books are sold yet the animal barns and Nobles in the McLean Virginia this is in the store yes the actual you've walk in see there on the shelf in weekly routine I was just so happens I was in that mall to Virginia to visit my sister for the holidays no no in the bookstore yes so what you can use you can go to like you know that the online versions of physical bookstores can see they have in stock ah it's a game to see if you can find it to stand next to it for really why the I only see the spine the immediate future posted on it let you know a great book I did anyways without further ado now we're back let's jump into our first general trivia segment quiz hotshot the members of the everybody had their voters in I have a random trivial pursuit car from our box at sea during a break because I didn't move to a new place to live I called a lot of the Christmas stuff out in the inner big giant remarks there was a lot of like Christmas trivia the coming clean of sins and now the trivia boxes maybe like eight pounds versus thirty how Cache The cry of how the cars like Christmas to you know years you know you're serious in a trivia game when you measure your trivial pursuit cards and pounds ran from the box the edition is an entertainment singles move the thing people learn with the one off saving homeowners aren't the Merry Go Blue mage for TV what nineteen seventies TV series featured a weekly presentation of comedy play lets starring big Hollywood names such as Phyllis Diller Milton Burl and Sonny and Cher the those in a laughing now no gall and Love American Style and never have people wait for music what member of all girl rap group TLC died while filming an autobiographical documentary in Honduras He knows the left eye loop is corralled six who has Lou Lopez still Lopes the foreign movies white nineteen eighty five Akira Curacao a film was loosely based on Shakespeare's he will hear the current SC five eighty five Dreams encourage the college was that Ron it was Ryan Hill rag I only watch that in school and was kind of traumatized because it was a lot of blood was last week Blood Games purple for beans which game did Alexander Cartwright invented in eighteen forty five who was in Entertainment Entertainment Game one which is that okay nineteen forty five yeah we must and hard about this person at some point right it's a monopoly all O's the puzzle of the physical game eighteen forty five it's not the Chris to the bathroom now James is mad yet it's not passed balls up is is it isn't uncommon yeah yeah Chris American football it is based the the the ER I know who he was in a car was in the electoral trivia questions the Well I mean I'm far from like Mr. Baseball but I thought I thought baseball head lice was murky origins of their latte can be competing claims to produce best buy I don't I'm not going to stick my trivia reputation on the wall with the Yeah all right Alexander will have somewhere you have talked about that before given all right the Greenway age for ye Olde Book The One Christopher issue would book is the basis for the musical cabaret me and the U The Yeah ticket to see the TV movie version of how Chris is it something you would selling balls like it is now it is goodbye to Berlin ok yes and that they heard that at some point my life no not the gospel it's like okay last question or two with four wild card here was the first Miss America pageant held in nineteen twenty One college by the day was the Atlantic monopoly I was a Ghanaian trick question no plates trade was also a good week you'll have a location on Lake able to remember I only know Miss America move fascinating on so he should have said this before we work we won't play trivia so we have to remember the monopoly board that interview all that I hollered Yeah Yeah noh properties the other thing I remember him making a mental know is the color of pool beckons of the number Yeah I wanted he be on the the fuzzy the patterns least you know one through seven is the same as nine through the members of the white the my mom how hard I tried once before we get started Karen and guys I have a a quiz slash news related update for you on a recent episode of the show I had a quiz called I believe we're number two yes and please the stripey of famous people places things that are Number two second place at a question on there of the players who hold the second spot in record for most Grand Slam singles titles by a women's tennis player and at the time that I ask the question there were two women who held the Number two spot Serena Williams and static rough second to Margaret Court but Serena Williams this past weekend just won the Australian title she is just incredible for kids on Roland she is alone in second place my mom won rises every drop is now in third on the list of most Grand Slam singles titles as a twenty four twenty three the I she's got one more to go to tie her for anything that's right trooper to be true she is already the leader in the what they call the Open era of tennis but Margaret Court who played before the Open era with their rules about professionals amateurs she got one more but yeah I will keep updating of you dear listeners again that's the that's a very trivial like the superlative that you have to know my thing she'll do I think she will catch and pass marker court yeah just like I mean now it's like the World Series now everybody has had three caliber it know the least the end yet the second longest drought for Rio Texas Ranger know them alright this week with a question only an airy be ready by the riddle riddle it's a it's a riddle for you care what you see Pirate's favorite letter are in a PR but it is the C I I guess I The It's pretty cool Lego yet he says are when you kind of fat usually it's the right is the over at the R is when he's mad as it is today's topic I see Under the Sea of pertaining to the sea to the sea that's right care in this we were setting sail on the HMS trivia the the uh the and I start us off here on our sea voyage I have a grab bag quiz for you guys called the C and I of course means S C A B in the years the C all of B whole of the questions or answers if the eye all the questions or answers in this quiz will be have the word seen somewhere so that maybe a hints it may just be a convenient hook for me to write questions related to the sea was ready I write an And here we go specifically from what kind of animal are sea monkeys be the novelty hat as advertised the back of many comic books over the years Chris I believe his first error range trim correct they are Brian ashram and they are I mean I know we talked about them and passing on the show before the really cool you have to admit that like an animal you can just dry out and the sort of go in the States is a new re animate them with water no of the scene for a few highly the created in the casserole really set you up for dessert with the old initiative has been Leo you can re animate the sand flies and water yeah I bought them I definitely had them as a kid and I was definitely disappointed when I got them and I think after like maybe maybe a day like done with them I don't care anymore you say that even as a kid goes price for all cools going to grow up to look like a shrimp shrimp like it's not going to fit in those tiny little plastic I also fell down that we keyhole about about and how it's like some dude found out do you know what they were originally called before the forthcoming with or how it was sure far as they're called instant life the like that better oh yeah I mean it's not quite as vivid a picture of the set you up for less disappointed to live yet but I thought they were going to be monkeys like I really do I I an orc survey might build their own little castles like as shown you know this may have assumed and straights in life is good please God it hit ten he could trust I know you guys are not big horse racing fans but you have surely surely heard of the legendary champion restores CVS to be thrilled America during the Depression what is a seen this skit on Wine is Vista what really ended yet so it's a slang slang term the dishes clean for Aerosmith Queen for error is it like a clamor and oysters from now but it's something that would be eaten outs are on the high seas yeah yeah yeah it's only like heart attack or whatever the sealer that what it is a CIC BIS was the clear I know it was like sailor slang for like Abe took a hard hat basically you know just as dry the the it's a This Is It The O C based its father his sire I suppose in horse breeding K was named Hard tack I joke I joke with the breeder you now it's like Oh hard tax you know ah spring is the best in the queue yeah I like that and read it yet and maybe a smile much like Alvin bread Poland is he really was the token bread was the only start it's hard to distinguish parody the real I mean it wasn't fear the air dirty for Levinson was the only European capital city below sea level whew law Karen with the guests happy told yes yesterday Sam see the way they have dams to keep the water a day in that city as well as many other parts of the country yes thus the yeah Amsterdam capital of Netherlands is seven feet or two meters below sea level proper in fact there are only two world Capitals oh below sea level whom the world Capitals national Capitals as one hundred fantasy points if you know the line might not come across this in your trivia travels at a staggering ninety two feet below sea level is Baku Azerbaijan know now anonymously and the only two world Capitals below sea level Baku and then Amsterdam the way below its pretty sad day as to feed it's it's the largest city below sea level as well and I Yeah the Baku is another's known in my life there I guess that's either the man I married guy if you are served Patagonia into fish in a restaurant you probably ordered it by what alternate marketing name Karen Chilean sea bass that is better yeah yeah it is the the Patagonia in to finish Patagonia gas and so yeah I know it is caught the partially at least in waters off of the cozy part of reading that Chilean sea bass isn't even bass or bass or chili from the sea the land and we like the chalet in awe it's been a trade name since the late seventies I guess when they were the the hole so to come up the name also considered Pacific sea bass and the exotic and South American sea bass you can see he's getting closer and closer no chalet and see the wear I guess also the Antarctic to fish also is legally allowed to be called Chilean sea bass in think you get the the fish to have a human like teeth I hear Oh those are just freakin going with the severe dangers yeah yeah the advertising mascot for this American household staple is a smiling blond holding a golden scepter Karen what is chicken under the sea is so close want to give it to you but Dane on this circus now Charlie you just you just got the name just like the Chicken of the Z There you go you got it the the sea was my prom theme the earth yet chicken the chicken of the seed to a customer may have a knee that's the question I not in the research that I found in all new week a hole on the Chicken of the sea mermaid she's just there the mermaid her mirror she a million when she's older than I thought company's been around since nineteen fourteen and that chicken of the sea to sleep he went to the fish was a sad honest the apparently apparently honestly part of their company story was that fisherman really said that Al Gore today was the Chicken of the sea they didn't they didn't come up with that who knows who knows maybe lost the mists of time on average this will be a close is to answer hears us He gave me an answer if you want on average one percent of sea water the salt what the oh ago around with the anger phase year analysts say here will accept a precision of two half a percent that's as close as you need to allow our will to half a percent and maybe that is okay to me it does it's not ninety percent three point five Chris as three point five percent Dana says two point five percent of water that seawater all what on average what percent of seawater has sold ten percent ten percent alright I have a feeling that Chris may have been done some research has yet to write on the nose the three and half percent according to the National Oceanic and atmospheric Administration I looked up I know I was looking I didn't end up doing anything on this for the show but I was looking at like the Dead Sea I actually wish that the Dead Sea is not ve people to call the hyper say lean or hyper Sal unaided late is not the sole just like when my body of water but it's close it mom it's the name of it some water leak somewhere else but like the dead sea is salty it's a feat he means the may be getting that wrong I do remember seeing for going five for that for the normal but like the ditzy like you know that the waves on the shore over and over and over again and it builds Sol on the shore as the waves come in and bills like these mountains of Saul and like balls Saul apples yams thus the river washes those up Mead of salts it's not me yeah I'm feeling salty right now during the break I know we still read a lot of the release continues that that listener is in fans and us and we got this a lot which was a lady last year there was announcement of the first ever video capturing the MA of something called that goes to John and I thought of You Ghost shark and it is kind of a really rare creature turns out you know this was the ocean and it's really hard to get video because this kind of happened by chance yeah so this video was released at the end of twenty sixteen though the video was captured like a couple years before video of the elusive ghost shark it was cool it looks like he kind of looks like a smooth them up yeah and it had day and moment while they like blue have the channel yet looks like it has like only the very slimy kind of student who has beady eyes fun fact though the go shark is actually not technically a shark it is a crime era which is also a car her car last the fish like sharks their skills in is not bones its cartilage but they're not sharks their crime errands the other owned in whole group which is the crime era this ghost shark can capture the attention of the Internet not be in school but because they had been down with a retractable loose like sexual organ on its head is the Dino and the reason I know that's a clear because I work im working on a book about ocean
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193: Under the Sea