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194: Gimme A Break!

Update: 2017-03-09


We're taking a joyride on the road to 200 episodes, and here to share facts and quizzes about taking breaks and getting away for some fun! Treat yourself to Colin's advertising slogan quiz about getting away from it all. Chris has an extra hard (but fun!) music quiz. Our resident game designer Dana breaks it down for us and explains how to define and design 'fun' and Karen's got an air travel challenge for all the avid and savvy fliers out there.


ALSO: Nematodes and Zealandia

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the in the the the the the the the wise cracking wondrous wall of these welcome the good job bring your weekly quiz show not be trivia podcast this is episode one hundred and ninety four in of course I am your humble hosts Karen and we are wise ish one bat swooping down whoppers whiskey and wagon wheels while high and Collin I'm Dana and Chris Oldham Road two hundred The longer than expected road to hai really twisty and double back on itself you tie it at last took a sharp increase there and there the end yeah you guys notice my my Aussie fill the kind of hinted my little mistake on the flavor of it now and the wheels which we have are here on Australian snack C I knows there's a whole assortment of Tim Tam is another Australia right yeah right no trees laid out in front still a bag on wheels that are like Moon pies but with jam in the because our friend came back from Australia and brought us some of these goodies along with I want to share some Australian facts oh okay this one I've been saving up for for a couple weeks now they produce a lot of ginger in Australia ginger farms ok so there is a certain passages such as ginger but for a lot of leg room fruits and plant pumpkins and turnips and stuff there is a type of media toad which we talk about sometimes on the shelf unit owners like a microscopic worm like creature sometimes I was going youtube and look at like Mimi tote infested the just like me are following Qantas engine lacks a little fast and so there isn't even a neat o de Col route not name a toad that route not group not okay and what they do as they burrow into like that the flash of ginger or beets or whatever really it messes with the cellular structure and becomes the site kind of monster nightmarish like knotty stringy roots the confetti ginger look like they have my hair because it's all new Mentos in the plant cells growing around the Mentos with the hair is the worms with folate the yellow yes like the open it's a worm and the really really tiny in Australia they just develop this like special trick which is the mix mole asses into the soil them and so the soils like sweet mole at Lakes soaked with sweat like my sugar in solution yet doesn't unless if well in so the new A toads would then eat the molasses in the soil rather than narrowing the route and they can't stop eating of course they just keep eating until they die their bodies become fertilizer for the ginger it's the circle of life it's the circle live in seeing the soil maybe because I know for the job I mean if you're in the amount owed honestly there are worse ways to go right down the need to qualify if you're the man they gross me out so much but I'm so fascinated with them allows an Alaska The head of the ice on the Glacier has like a weird pinkish tint and I asked the usher the dog sled drivers like wise the snow piano ago to algae that grows well that's kind of cool and the lead at night there's new Mentos they live in the ice he would borrow up to eat the algae that's already cooling discuss the recall that's pretty I guess he can be both a CAN be buff there's one more like another video I saw which was of a grasshopper they had a parasite in my tote and what you do is like you are not killing the grass have grass Hopper but they submerge in parts the affected parts in water home and then they basically drowns the name a toad and it's trying to look for an opening to my first cow and a purse out from like the blood of the grasshopper eye well there's a parasite in my brain called trivia The impact the only than I would bring a bag of those might hit coolest or the Okay so I'm not really in the mood for the the key of my chocolate things and desire has waned and this brings me to a kind of related big fat did you guys here that we might have a new continent the convo about this from you the reply was That's all I know I can cite terror and yet what's up Kenzie Lee India move and its role includes New Zealand imagine it correctly imagine as if there is a continent with the highest peaks of mountains that is New Zealand above water most of the land is under way under water yeah so that's how it's the whole land masses under water in New Zealand is the one that pops up ok above water so they they're basically like Look just because it's underwater does it mean to CA na CA it's not a contract if you go under water yeah yeah great fits so well here goes and the crisp colors not much going the aye aye so what's the what happens now I know immediately I think it can be that we can call it is stylin may technically be a continent it's not like the assignment yet as geologists politicians exactly the sooner dude seven marathons on seven continents sky as I really want the Easter Island Marathon know the content of Babylon to Israel is we are there a couple places that just don't belong to any continent well if their protector of another country turn the rice doesn't mean the part of right theologically in the house was true for housing which caught the the places they just don't have continent well neways I'd turn into Yemen to Antarctica Mayor Hon that's the US's like video games it's like when you when you're like you when you get like the rarest video game console then it's like okay well I have that so I'll fill in the whole rest of the set now that I did the hardest thing first you have to figure out how to run a marathon in Antarctica and then after that it's all downhill yeah yeah the marathon you run it yeah I was like twenty twenty oh really they only allow a hundred people on the island the unlike the I don't think I'm running on like the polar cap you know in that area the island and so what happens is I think you are in Buenos Aires a take a flight down to like southern tip of Argentina on a take the research vessel yeahh the really nice as you reputation that research the the like multi day trip just a sale to the play's run the marathon and then you're done hit and run and come back yeah there's like pain I hang out others like whales they hang out and it was pretty crazy it's crazy now is do you race against the Penguins or they have their own time class with Z Yes really yeah on landing I could take a penguin nose or the I could take up and went over twenty six miles on land in its Arctic I'm not that great a runner like the most in I think the American who was here in the penguin suit home with the do I assumed that was what you are going to be the respectful what if you are the absolute core of the pain we hear the virgin the The Eye Hat Monica ll write a little waist coat with a couple years I think of one of the the fifth of the Queen of England they don't feel like it's just that she's she's with the Penguins are a whoa la tarde let's jump into our first general cheese the quiz hotshot you guys have all your barnyard voters let's remind everybody Chrissy or the roost time the noble rooster fallen on they humble horse the I am the courageous couch early so this isn't home but my son also Chris Christie younger been reading Doctor Seuss book Mr. Brown Can Moo Can continue in which a man makes a whole bunch of like crazy noises and he loves it I've had versions were treated to you but he thinks that the phrase copy has the funniest thing in the world the eye that runs up the sun I did the I O U now were that good yet alright I have a The I have a random trivial pursuit card from the boxes from just the whole genus the standard in hearing the blue as for geography what's Scottish castle is the British royal family's longtime summer retreat oh those Scottish casserole Chris and Amber can incur the con scene Andrews Winder on elephant and Castle with the Bal more unit was one of those nights I would never guess the moral now very Scottish alright P quest for inner team and what gross out game show did Joe Rogan hosts everybody's fear factor or you fear God or more there was that's not that's not fear factor by Marie was like around the same time it was like a glove and ball behind the had the one I believe that they had as many sticks of butter I there was a there there just that data period where the is the difference yet alright I guess you're about to stick in half of salted the eye of the I Q lately are the warmer tops are golden we have snacks a good read for history what he was given to the political economic reforms made in the nineteen E B's by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev hand column it was a Paris troika yes Paris streak a purple wedge for privileges oh and something he literature oh no in what field of design would you encounter Kearney track the end justify bombing of the croissants the traveling in just a few I feel the come later what is this high and tight fate I think I have time to be the camp was the OK we know that you do that with her partner photography yeah okay scones jam and this is Chris's day him home video game console introduced in two thousand and six has wireless motion sensitive controllers that differentiate it from other gaming system the the the had the was why the in the wee Nintendo Wi oh this is good one last question wildcard which deck is higher on the ship the quarter deck or hoop Day theme was fifties the quarter DAC incorrect it is the poop hand was cold and I was just looking this up to the day it's not because of Putin's now known as not because of actual poo now really mean something off yet another goal tiny colorful sea faring word look it up on with only positive ok I went to PD a research assistant to the library without look through to the card catalog each home they found the Dewey decimal System is the lowest that they wrote down the number and went to the shop so the poop deck is the roof of a cabin built in the rear part of the ship the name originates from the French word for Stern poop the the ass which means yes no no no no means the return of the boat from Jefferson as the stern deck yeah okay gotcha and it's oh so you go oh course to see the boats to have a little cabin built on the back of it yeah that's the top of it yet so I was so that's the color because it's lace top of the pirate ship thing that is where I think that kept the captain would live like yes the happy gas the pirate show yet no time thing oh yeah so today's episode is one hundred and ninety four thus the road to two hundred er er us taking us a long time dead to get there but we're getting there we took the only scenic route didn't work sometimes life is hard when you just have to take a break so this we will celebrate taking a break of my time now some fun trivia about Greeks and fun fun diversions on Brandeis kid away from it all I took a hit with the the the start us off to have a quiz for you guys called Take a break this is about advertising slogans jingles advertising campaigns and the common thread for all of these is about taking a break a stop work and getting away from things vacation maybe travel you know treat yourself or I can't reach its no big grey eyes to get to Buster's Ready we go and buzz on and for many years beginning in the nineteen seventies this restaurant ran ads with the jingle You deserve A Break Today day now McDonnell that is McDonald's yes it was there was a very successful campaign for that yeah did you ever do like the hand clapping the Big Mac Fleet fishing no chance for you guys will perform Big Mac fillet a fish quarter pound of french fries ice cold milk shakes and a The papaya you deserve a break today at McDonald's yes hand copy thing you do as a little kid knows that before you know you know I for the other one but this is changing but it's relevant is the true story that mentioned a friend's Facebook page or F and Maddie who was um she's really into Hamilton she's memorizing a lot of the Hamilton soundtrack The Yeah Yeah when I was your age memorize the McDonald song would listen all the menu I use it you doing I'm like Oh yeah I do remember this because like Big Mac was the second one you likely remember the second one was Make Deal teas so I got it again because they limited him to feel the I think we'll see a quarter pounder with Cheese fully efficient cheeseburger hamburger Happy meal with nuggets he prefers regular largest salad chef or guardian or a chicken salad Oriental big break this up and I saw his baby biscuits bacon egg and cheese sausages hash Browns two nd for height and seventy three varieties saucer cones shakes and chocolate cookies and drinking Coca Cola type of threat of coffee decaf or into something something uh oh haze is a mom but that's not what you're doing this no this is like you I know you talk Yeah the whole day and think Oh my God have the money is the Patty cake kind of yeah all of those were alluding to the original campaign You deserve A Break Today more so full of more traditional jingles the for all I remember my whole life it's been on loving them when they changed it to I'm loving it and I was like I do not I loving loving that's in Australia I make dolls is officially called Mac as a socio officially it is hard on the media industry and the MACC a registered I know weird usually get out get out in front of that if ABC and I'll be better without those really impressing me if this was that the biofuel yeah I mean these are the eye the third largest airline in the United States is famous for ads and promotions with the tagline One a getaway Karen much and yeah okay is this Southwest is Southwest Airlines largest third largest yeah yeah yeah it's it's Delta and United are one and two and Southwest is the third yeah and a bigger than American cheapest fare classes called wanna get away from the I know that we keep with the since the nineteen eighties this candy bar has implored you to give me a break give me a break the Qaeda everyone here that Kate as yes that jingles been around for a long time to get off its back yeah gimme a break man the week of raya physically make sense because if the brake it do as it makes sense to pray at the outline of the song old as of yet for the Yes for several years does cruise company's slogan was It's more than a cruise it's the Love Boat whoa oh I that's snow from her Colonel and no not carnival and the inches that is because of this cruise lines overt connection with the TV show The Love Bug from the seven this region the ceiling no no in fact this is Dana has it is Princess Cruise Lines their boats were what the love boat boats the of the exterior shots the fly in a time they showed an actual cruise ship there was a Princess Cruise Lines and that must've been like a license deal yet for the great work great for the Yanks the advertising absolutley in the nineteen seventies and eighties commercials for this bath product featured harried Housewives pleading take malay the crests how god that is Howell gon lie products yes you have it from the good job brain perspective for the bonus point here did you know that the cat that held on the name of support meant Oh Word who of Portman has on the anyone anyone care to guess or door know California is going the the way California cool and calm I know it's a pork bento so there are so of course Cal gonna have a whole line of bath products the things that would relax the life of a harried housewife their original product was was primarily a water softener Cal gonna shorten from Kelsey gong in calcium year before they moved out into the wider loss than is sound so chemical like you wouldn't wanna say yes the marketing man since nineteen eighty six writer radio host and voice actor Tom Bo debt has been lending his voice to the signature line will leave the light on for you from what national hotel chain Chris has a guest at motel six that is motel six about it that's right yes the deed the well known voice of their all their radio internet ads now later on you know you're out of the load you try the late of notice the room were actually stealing power from the city can turn that light off in the middle of the night if you need a place to stay the night yet how exactly yeah yeah don't worry weary traveler will leave the land on for you all pay half our last one last question here are this is a chewy balls you can each egg answer true false part of the reason that United Airlines uses George Gershwin zz Rhapsody in Blue that is advertising is because the song is in the public domain oh and therefore virtually free of charge ash fall sure falls we all know the song than three years the Apple at a great tune and still associate with you but is that is the part of the reason is a false assurance is false I have felt like it a trick we go once they fall because of the great song but I ask this question OSA true but I see fall and bonus or Vimeo and trying to trip the one and yeah it is false the however it would have been true if Congress had not extended the right term maybe twenty years in nineteen ninety eight so currently be heard the term of copyright as ninety five years meaning that they're not to that song which was written or that orchestral piece written in nineteen twenty four still covered by copyright until twenty nineteen so I was actually going to say fools because of the copyright out like he wasn't that old now eighteen hundred yeah yeah yeah yeah so Among with numerous numerous other creative works from that era you know not just Rhapsody in Blue but also Superman you know things like of that vintage look now would be covered by this extension that's right nineteen ninety eight was the last time Congress passed a major extension but if they hadn't passed that then yes Rhapsody in Blue would have passed and the public domain usage means united as a team they are still paying the estate of Yes curse of the Gershwin family and the song now a cool good song is itsy I'm safe to say it's work that whatever their project callously I grew up as a kid with it and it's like the songs for me always you know Ireland some right where you guys earned has earned that break good job doing now right now right now this is the brake the brake is now over I would so I don't talk about this before but I'm a video game designers have the remains of a big part of my job is thinking about what's fun know how to define find how to make things fun of how to help other people make things fun so when people ask me OK how do you make a fun video game like this is not finalized this not find there's a lot of tools you can use a lot of different lenses you could look for to figure out why things are fine here but you know you have to look at goals and progress and feedback but I think one of the most important things to look at when you're trying to make a fine game for somebody is flow there's this concept called flow it was developed by psychologists cold is attacking him and I have had professors who couldn't get his name I watched the video and had a hundred and seventy four thumbs up into themselves I think this is the right to name his name is mi hi that's a first name six sent me high cheeks since my weigh in from Ed Lee's is really okay anyways the flow was Flo Flo is this um this feeling of ecstasy when you're so engrossed in a task that you kind of forget that you have a body forget you exist or just get really really slow as ever going to flow yeah cause I use to play in the office which I did gold star or rock band The on drums me on guitar and we will even talk like her on expert level were staring at the TV and just like the Latinas oh yeah yeah it's that feeling of in the yeah yeah he got into the bathroom like you don't move for hours like you look up all the bat but it's really the feeling is so good I mean honestly some of the like the one major criticism of flow is that it's addictive is repeated in a very successful people get into flow all the time very successful creative people like Martha Stewart for example is somebody they say get into flow all the time with her projects social to sit there and go to town making it so how do you get into flow was Flo Flo is this balance between your skill level and the level of challenge lol yes so you're trying to come with a challenge that is oh little bit harder than their their tops go but you make it soo much harder it is not funny but makes them feel really anxious really frustrated and quit he make it too easy is boring why are you doing oso like your rock band example is perfect where you guys are trying a gold star is hard because they're very good at it like know it's wrong to do it again The Yeah Yeah sustainable it's attainable the funny thing is the people who walk by in Like It looks were released in there not talking to the ER having fun the gold star that was a key part of making a fun game is coming of the challenges that are slightly more than their skill and then when he developed the skill they can master it gets a little bit easier to give them a break and then you give them another challenge it's like slightly harder the always kind of dangling the carrot just just learned it and so sometimes it's like
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194: Gimme A Break!