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Soak and soothe your brain in our hot tub of quizzes and trivia! (And on a related note, find out why we may never go into a hut tub or public pool ever.) Revel in nostalgia as we try to answer (and draw) Dana's newspaper comics challenge. Say yes to rocking that denim-on-denim look in Colin's national phrase quiz. Chris belly flops into failed rock albums, and Karen's got an easy music round but with a very difficult theme.

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the In The The The The The The The Oh anxiously anticipating enjoying anecdotes and intakes this is good I bring your weekly quiz show and Poppy trivia podcast today's show is episode one hundred and ninety five in of course I'm your host Karen and we are Clyde of he said the other whopping Westerners whacking about tools and support I'm Paula and the time we know the grace we have an awesome off they land on as previous episode solicitor on Twitter Sarah Kay Stephenson tweeted at us she found out so in our sea related episode the are one of the questions calling us was about chic in the meantime yes yes n how the mast on the CAC was a mermaid and I remember a weird time of the mermaid had in the Army has a need of course she does one listener Sarah found out is it Catalina on that's a good mermaid and I cannot even pub trivia finals CNN you'd lose because you wouldn't know this yet nobody knows but no we do know Thank you live a news item here for you guys in the headlines you probably saw the speaking of water related news updates MSU has a question and be honest okay honestly say in all even go firstly for years waiting we usually live the ER with home have you know at the know when you should know better and never peed in the swimming pool the the shower shower I have P and some people in an age when I should know better I will go first to say yes I have had a shower I harshly judge people who pee in the swimming pool those were all swimming there I was sitting at a swimming pool once with this girl I'd just met in the the scene and she was like Oh hey not go to the bathroom I was like OK God the God of the school went to the other side of the pool got back the the good of you and my friends the the the the the little kid the the the inside of the yeahh i know the we Ivy's to the ones who go the bathroom you're already out to him the courtesy Dana you know Lisa moving at the next and the the whole bed got a God of peace and I I do like is it warmer uh I you know I I don't really know the phrases like invading the home or I you complete the filler care and don't remember Chris pleading the fifth to go to RI ok Dana a principled stand a good citizen you are also the scare you with stories like if you pee is going to change the color the water then everybody's going to know the piano we ate Diana died an hour or so she doesn't meet all the kids that when I was a can't every stall absolutely it's only the offense only defense is telling the kids of bright red cloud of hair around them if they peed in the right well guys so the news items solve to see that the University of Alberta have done a test to determine how much the end on average an average public swimming pool for the measure was watered the exact was over let me give you the science behind this site ostensibly a knowledge and learning oriented show yet so the researchers their technique was really interesting they decided to track how much urine is in the pool they would trace a specific very common artificial sweetener called Ace our asses so Fame player as a salt and potassium and pay and the reason they chose this is because it's a very common artificial sweetener and it doesn't get broken down by the human body has completely unchanged in your urine stream it's easy to attack truth is and is not you know doesn't overlap with any commonly used to and what if someone spills a drink with filled with that in a pool you know I mean it's possible that the occasional can of Diet Coke or whatever is thrown in the results off they found that on average they tested two swimming pools okay yeah okay you know it's against our somewhere against her there was a hundred and ten thousand gallon pool and a two hundred and twenty thousand down pool there were eight gallons of urine in the smaller pool twenty gallons of urine on average and the larger percentage of that what this equates to is that over four hundred people probably peed in that first cool oh over and over a thousand people probably in the second pool swimming into longer period this was over a period of three weeks you dirty monkey oh my the eye are we counting the beans though now I mean this is a very this is a modernized P study let's say you know they they they're just analyzing on average the results they don't they didn't identify any individual hears they weren't there to like single anybody out the fun counting a gallon of pee from one day and I'm counting again next day the county still there I mean it's not new pee again over the unique four hundred people P four hundred Kings in the pool they also sampled a lot of hot tubs and smaller pools and and again they would sample they did multiple samples care to account for it being cleaned out every I mean this is over the course of number of days right yeah they found they found the ace the sweetener in one hundred percent of the samples they took every pool every hot tub every public cemetery that had some in there yes I the years they said that they found high concentrations in the hot tub which is worse the smaller maybe knowing that it's it's hot already know in television notice exactly what's creepy about the hot tub though is like those are mostly adults like a swimming pool my name Leo as kids in the hot some like these are like forty fifty year old people peeing where where is this where was wearing these this was all across Canada will the baby is mine yet the gallon I mean I should say is just the average concentration and you know Canadians that's right I think you may you be eye according to one survey of nearly twenty percent of adults have said that they have pizza maple at least once on the equal to lower that slower than I would have guessed yes the Dana is our solid in the majority are solid citizen so you know of people think they're like Oh well you know ping the pool is ok cuz it's sterile and it's true urine is sterile but it breaks down and other compounds that are not good and can hear it can also impede harmful effects on yourself I know I mean not to put a taboo stuff on peak of where you go swimming in the beach that's like assuming the ocean that's filled with other measure oh yeah I mean I guess some people do put their head under the water in the ocean really go swimming yet was like touching your pores and staff you know I mean like you know where you go scuba diving your breathing is ruin everyone I would want our fragile snowflakes hanging like a porta potty thing or something yet I feel like it and whoosh in sample of germs and stuff is higher than say a public pool filled with chlorine and P interesting times I'm in salt water though the sailing is pretty modest of living I was a dolphin pooped on me know if I were the cause of the worst day or today I know I did like a dolphin encounter conservation thing happening at Epcot and yeah I got the moves with funding comes in you you pet them yeah and the May flight back to inches here in CA who didn't like the idea that the school was like mall and not them in the Small been already of people who got pooped on by a dolphin to mark the The Rose Man away from the eye you can get back in after hours if you show with its color from the eye so we went that way when you know what suits nothing cements the Canadian was more of the story is Don't pee in the please please get out of the get out of the Politico your bathroom will you excuse I share the eye off and on the the the the uh anyways Home The time for first term bullshit you think we make good the the shot the good of the I was in the eye I feel great the Soho here I have who have a bunch of random trivial pursuit cards from different versions of the game should be pursued when you guys have your partner advisors and reconnect Hickey card read them let me tell you the category of the right version Okay alright silver screen all was always a favorite scene from one of them for you know here's the what is this baby Boomer in the genus for and no ninety five the normal trivia pursuit or if he's not ninety five what does this version of window of the the one we're using the eye ok Colette can bring in right hand ok the intellect Henry much and let him who Jesus for change compromise yet here we know you have your buzzer zz people and places blue wedge which is pee pee the one seed contains Europe's lowest point Chris and one of the Dead Sea with your visit it's not during the the college was at the Caspian Sea the Caspian Sea yeah I was just looking at this not to ah yeah uh Oh yes yes as recently as one episode again yeah I went for our dinner team and what historic year did writer and director Chris Columbus choose for his production company's name oh Chris fourteen ninety two yet the little on the nose there are in Columbus not you the way need too much info I will wait for history what New England state was the first to declare slavery illegal in seventeen thirty three New England state the cross and the call in New Hampshire incorrect everybody a manual one state Rhode Island Connecticut it is Massachusetts The Massachusetts first New England steam but years of Ian seventeen eighty three ok guessing her weight for years scientists age or what de hydrated lay and the animal was clocked slamming back fifty six gallons of water in four point six minutes what did he the land of camel incorrect I don't understand the question so there was a land and lows yesterday ok not like a jerky version the The Chris is a horse in cracked de hydrated land and clocked a record four point six minutes drank fifty six gallons of water college and all of whom are now off the It's more of a like a scale okay okay alright just taken what could suck down water really quickly to requests for a sport or leisure what Florida based pro sports team is named after the rarest American mammal Florida is really again sorry what Florida based pro sports team doesn't say what sport is named after the rarest American mammal services have to guess the Jacksonville Jaguars New rarest dolphin new land Landau more it is ma'am rarest America ma'am all rarest American mammal no not the Dolphins Miami Dolphins ok guess I was so here's the thing I don't know the this was no longer than oh I looking for Marlin know I guess on a minimal amount of the Yeah Yeah war is hell so not only magic the heat I go to the Tampa Lightning is pretty rare but the honour killing some blank on the air defense at Florida Panthers oh okay okay was the talkative Arizona market teams have the chance to play the Tampa Lightning yes there's not a nice and yes I know it was nice and hot this is not a nice nice animal the animal to expect it's like we were going to come out of this ice like a bunch of people was the the phone doesn't zoom very steady there's like this are the Coyotes deer I also really says is that yes in a sense of what is lost due to the ex I threw water for their aquatic shirts to buttons like oh but the cut through the the sharks can live in the Arctic environment Q Last question wildcard the orange wedge what Christian Science Leader was falsely rumored to have had a phone installed inside her white marble who the in science leader was falsely rumored to have a phone installed inside wait while you recall is so good thing when you recall that word for word just read it I I uh I don't know he was seen weaving in of all new for me Do you know the name of the person they get the familiar sound from the sky oh you know what it always sounds so familiar because I'm thinking of a different person the I Know Who am It is Mary Baker Eddy would not and I which a guy with the the that name is it's rattling around in my head I would like to know any of those never facts you never knew Mary Baker Eddy okay alright I love good job Bahraini the guy was our pop quiz hotshot today finally episode one hundred and ninety five year high in for a long time listeners of the show or for losers show who listen five episodes ago you'll know that every fifth episode instead of having a fixed topic or fix theme and we all prepared with his and puzzles to stump each other is dump u guys listeners so this week it is always been and the Number thirty The The The The The last All quiz before Episode two hundred which will itself be an all quiz but this is the end zone for a quiz that is the Number thirty nine who wants to go first ok I have a cruise for you guys will get this party started it's a comic strip quiz hohoho these are all classic newspaper comics maybe the crossover another thing that they're all newspaper comics I mean ask you specific questions about them you all seem like you know about comics their faces lit up the mall you told us to get some pen and paper and I have to draw haha i see you each have pen and paper this will be scored scored with some answers have multiple there like a number of answers and you get points for each correct answer you get there you get points for drawing pictures it's a little kick it off with question number one what is Kathy's has beens name all near the end yes they got married near the end of this trip were off again for much of the series and then eventually got married I think it ended with her getting pregnant which is interest Timberlake plays to get points for what we call on us and they kept the whole hamburgers haven't heard it I want to see I feel good about my gas it's a guess but feel good about it ready yet R A Collins is grey the crys says Henry Karen's the grey eye is Irving the yes having the gospel with Greg the just meows like a Gregg the senior in the alphabet yeah and we and we all drew the ad he ran to the point for the pics are the next question What item usually tops dad would sandwich and it like not the bread what goes on top of the purity I've got ah live I thought of two dollars Yes zero correct day I see Collin Campbell drew pictures Chris did not the The Chris menu take any flinching and here is the soul this is how it would be as a teacher the next and took care of our soon to even have the same angle of perspective for the Senate I think the parade the martini of soon to follow the Big Red is yup that all of a toothpick what soap opera style comic strip began its run in nineteen thirty eight oh to this day the soap opera to bumper style for me it's fifty fifty as I'm just hoping a gamble right I've got Mary Worth and I drew a little picture of the TV here I put something as mentors or something startled her and the star yet the reporter the the image of a dove soap aisle to put Mary Worth manager a picture of Mary Worth sinkhole I so Collin and Chris are cracked the home everywhere but the Brenda Starr thing that the thing yet and yet British arms around for a long time so many comic strips have been around for ever and still are being published I don't know don't get it is astonishing that there are still able to pray I don't understand the economics of all I know that they keep making them or that by the fever to read it the sort of three panel comic I think you just get to have it I just assume it's kids know it's not really sure you're a kid in all this I know I uh I don't know what is beetle Bailey's military rank I guess I don't often think of Gomer Pyle or not but I put private first class and I got a picture of his sergeant yelling at him here in the background when the tree this tree was consensual the writer of Udall and one sergeant I also put private first class some reason I felt like that was his rank and reveal Bailey who was in case you're much better the bad that's not bad Chris is the second yeah right so everybody put a picture everybody get the point for that the I I agree it's so he's a private it I don't know the difference the private first class but I'll give it to you on to have a point but I like it we don't do half points ok there's there's high which I appreciate it Larry there are five main character mean case of animals in pearls before swine I don't know what the O and you know that there's one in the name of the comic even so to maim as many of the five animals as you can name more than five or more points for this pearls Before swine hurls the force girls before April before anything is a saying I knew it meant at one point but I don't remember getting something good that somebody doesn't deserve it ok like Shakespearean actors Jack in the audience is understand there are references we're throwing pearls before swine well p a r l lot like knitting purl right I don't I okay I did I tell you what the animals with the answers are you home when she got ok we are very so the five animals are pig rat zebra the goats and crocodile the conflict and change the last second to bear it I just went with like shows where kind of yeah I got one when I got into bonds the new guy oh Johnny finishers in Group A OK I drew to a pearl necklace greater than symbol of the town and I think you appreciate it a point for me I could run I mistake that will trick my back are not consistent with giving up Prince that was okay which Popeye character asks to pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today I'll give you two points if you know his full full name are a wow I know street name is wimpy sir and somewhere in the back my mind I thought it was wimpy when Bolton sought but with the Whipple telling Mike that I have wimpy and when he's eating a burger yes they will be eating a burger person I so good the work on your courage I can see in my head I can try right right yeah yeah yeah so his name is J Wellington wimpy year so close to different day parts right but it is not fix everybody got wimpy everybody has a picture I got a little calendar with a hamburger on Monday in the dollar sent to the straight the stew to more questions more questions What is this the menace is last name ha ha the album knew this day it was uh I've I amazing Karen and I just cut a website but Henderson the Hatteras in the Mitchell The Mitchell adds Mitchell how do lost a lot of the Black my TV show on Nickelodeon yet all the of the live action yeah yeah how do we the man are just on the same level even the wrong answer the of July I drew a little picture of Mr. Wilson's grave which destroyed the I hear that sir that looks innocent here I raise the hair right ok last question there are four kids in the Family Circle Eye law are their names before kids going into this round I Chris has thirteen points Collin has full points Karen had nine points carrying its all four of these crafts for kids who said work is ok for this all tell you the answers and yet somehow many points you die and if you have any whimsical names for the gamble yeah we'll see whether the Billy yes Ali oh we oh yes Jeffrey and PJ and the just got Billy and Peter and Billy Dolly Jeff and Ringo Darlene since the boy was really nice happy right now and here I never really read the damn here's my picture the writer about the actual the eye the UAA you are a family circus room and the kids are are talking to each other and there's the dotted lines showing the kid walking to the other in the pool the Sorry I have to go to the grave of the great Mike Molly Saleem of course when you get do you have zero yeah the picture is not much job
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