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196: We Could Be Heroes

Update: 2017-04-111


Come one, come all! We're celebrating heroes that comes in all shapes and sizes: from the underdogs of the fast food world to life-changing inventors. We got a grab bag hero quiz, and Chris has an epic music round of heroic songs. Colin found a town that features not one but two heroes in the food industry. And what sandwich is made of french fries? Karen is pleased to finally share her hero sandwich quiz. 

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the in the the the the the the the a la striking alliance of alert attendees walk and a good job bring your weekly quiz show a copy trivia podcast this is episode one hundred and ninety six and of course I'm your host Carrie and we are your Squires is scavenging and sifting for Science in Findlay tings stop on call and Dana and I'm Chris Karen you've got to have sooner yeah that's the theme of the time now I don't know maybe the judge of that we're we have a book yet the road with the trivia with many correctly spelled words ya know it's called Good Job rain then there's the subtitle you can find this I want to see wherever books are sold because you can't find it wherever I find it on Amazon and you can find it on Barnes and Noble lots of our greatest greatest hits from the show also a lot of new materials and paper puzzles illustrated hundred percent by us yeah by us you mean you guys because I did the you you are directed you I guess if you're like right when you drop something like this right it takes a village to illustrate a good job Brenham book indeed we're proud of it yet yeah and we will probably be having some more in person events coming up then we will let you guys know whenever we do and anytime we have a person that we will bring some books with us we will sign your books if you bring them will throw books at random passers by just as we're driving on the street anything we can do to get it yet I still watch out the teacher can I really like the sad let's jump into our first general trivia segment put his paci I didn't hear a random assortment of trivial pursuit cards drawn from the box completely random different versions you guys have barnyard Blazers am and random Zo Kris luster and an okay day left are in right hand column left and yet this is G is for good to me that you were pure genius I took the year ago blew its first question Lou it for a people and places one African country has thirteen official language in MO so interesting D A South Africa it is the means with this I allotted to try sleep no wake ups says it has eleven oh the consolidated two of them was the man so yeah so it's been so in Sept thirteen as of right now there are eleven official languages of South Africa Afrikaans English the belly northern so so so those was either Tsonga won a then de Sosa in Zulu so yeah light revealing ridges in English and Afrikaans I wait for our dinner team and who did Richard Burt in quoting Churchill referred to as quote A C crew wrapped in an enigma inside the mystery the time Chris was that a lurker and yes his wife two times twice what he referred to her and Winston Churchill quoting was unsure ok I know and for history who fail to heed the advice of his scouts Mitch Moyer and bloody knife I Chris General Custer the Kyle Gann I don't know that part of history George Armstrong Custer of style that not only in the way they were like definitely don't do this and was like whatevs I do I want the upper led force will brown it's brown oh my God was with purple to me the water blue and gold urged science major what's the common name for a cubic guests DSC meter cubic death the meter yeah the cubicle desk the meter the common name for Jesse meters ten meters and then it's you may know that most are yes he needs a centimeter ten centimeters and meters minutes you may press one liter the merry go ya metric system metrics is the leader is and yet is because the than my target inroads to the hogs in the cat's Eye I think those guys go to a green light for sport and leisure What seven foot two Chicago Bulls booster was the first Australian to play in the NBA now his name is very free like okay so I can base in the booming call and of course on the that is was Luke Long Li I the because of a strain for the last question wildcard orange wedge what Robert Heinlein book title can be found in Exodus two coal into to the high I don't know how the heavy say the honey honey for notes to call into to do what is going to twenty two existe un twenty who I was never behind one fan on what the garden has something biblical what is it is stranger in a strange and I took a good job rainfall the the the We didn't Start the Fire with newness injure the person the wheel of a mad Heineman fans but maybe we made it back is unhappy Billy Joel fans in the but they were like the the loan alright today's episode was the freezer because those usually we would carpool together think of concepts themes for for future shows calling you suggested villains and we in Wells on that area we have done some villains of four dollars I call him it have we ever done my heroes show you you said we had never done here show i were called you a liar who made the week done villains we talked about anti heroes and bad guy is in super villains but never celebrated the actual Euro like you were like Oh good I can do my sandwhich with the sandwich is definitely a way to tip your hand I can so this week were holy for I hear of the The The The The The The The The Who The the the the the kind of be good with the with the The The The The The The The human mind as he The The The The The The clearly in very specific yes I am going to start us off with a quiz a general quiz about heroes heroes feast a pu platter a hero who planted the road so all of the questions have something to do with heroes of heroic thing you guys buzz than with real life heroes fictional heroes maybe it's just the will see were Texas listens again so my dog mother is Laura Mary song in a while instead of buzzing in the two thousand and five version of the video game series Guitar Hero players could simulate playing which roles in a bay and two thousand and five or so later they added more instruments but in two thousand by when the first releases video game oh what did you play in the band over Collin I think it was just guitar and bass know you're looking for is Leo and rhythm these yes the great Puritan added vocals and drums later a couple years later the hero's Journey is a common narrative template who introduced was here the uhm Collin got it for his cousin Joseph Campbell Joseph Campbell the song Hero by Enrique Iglesias was released eight days before what historic event which actually gave her some more meaning Chris September eleventh September allow I remember that the hole and then like ten days later at the benefit for the the first responders he performed in and then it became kind of like the first responders while OK which nineteen eighty one TV show was about a teacher given superhuman abilities oh oh I love this kind The Greatest American Hero yes I love the song for it I love singing in choir when I was in elementary school I really was so eighties and finally this one is a science the one hero is the genus name for what type of mall us all whole HDR oh yeah it's the raw oyster now Chris muscles no good when no man lake here O'Hara the elegy always like doing a unit is the barnacles clams and sea slug for Heil the hero yeah you know the most smallest RC third Nazis like slugs okay I think ally in the they just don't have the little eye probes yeah he's real scientific turn the everyman style sides of the eye I saw the holes we've been here say no mo well David let me thank you for implanting the Enrique Iglesias song in my head for the next two weeks candidates live and die right now yeah the yeah just blow him a shirt that the RIAA my turn in those keys already then not an five minutes ago in the show I've been sitting so a little back story there to bookmark Wikipedia links that have in my brothers to permanently bookmarked her Millie be that way one is a list of cakes and one is a list of SEO which I keep an eye you know maybe like once a quarter once the season I'll revisit I am I to read although she was changing the law it's not cold yet the Senate in New York the the the all the Star Purple Heart was like oh yes miss him with the on the the just like to reread a housing yet how well that's the oak leak into the league's best pitchers to heel is both say the name in the picture of men like you know little description sounded like this whoa the answer interesting to me um you know I've done a desert quiz and in the passenger was like based on that we had talked about the hummingbird in Seoul while Ike is because knowledge because I like cakes which is I like reading about the variety of of these food items and also like kind of their origin and its desire know it's so captivating to me just read them over over finally I watched this before been years years the episode all feeding on Saturday because of this with the law like this is really specific the ah understand the rules to the see the potential the field I feel inspired now I would do up a set on the the ones we decide that the topic of hero was my hero is all school board for the I five to lead you might say which was sins we have a sandwich themed show hence this is the Back Door Santa after the quiz only been sitting on it for awhile now which is all have very colorful means it very clear origin stories and we are continents and basically wanna do is I'm going to read the ingredients ok the contents of a sand wedge and a last image is having me and have really colorful stories about how it can be and so I will be real ingredients and then you will be riding down the name of the sandwich RI for example if I said thinly slice steak and melted cheese sauce you would say She's day yes origins thing or two ok so here we go from the start out easy and I'll go hard okay and buy her a meanie beanies no no not like a hard roll okay alright I am reading the contents if I need to mention the type of bread I will read the contents are a number one sauerkraut corned beef Swiss cheese thousand island dressing right Chris you say Reuben Reuben rude been correct is Ruby is in and usually served on Rye bread and some of these may be international or a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff of you know originally I was going to do a quiz where I'm going to read each ingredient in the of the buzz in the few cars and wrong I get super nice if I see him better you cause you're like oh it's going to be PB and J C Iraq he was right pris for Nutter Governor fluff or not in the New New England day out because the company that makes the stuff got marshmallow fluff it doesn't like it doesn't travel very well you know yeah you know I myself love on the west if you like the specials plus world market or something I can find it but that's like it yet oh and in different different from the family craft with marshmallow yet knowing this and the child named seeing things whoa really is different I've never had before the flu for the original hurricane in which I agree with your kid is an adult maybe the next sandwich salami morning Bella Matson Roll a ham provolone and olive salad them needs are more to Della salami ham cheeses are monster Ella and provolone and olive salad as you said a disclaimer I mean these are the common ingredients there may be some variance is some variance these are the common ingredients all the salad being your big differentiating factor in the right answers out Chris you say the Italian combo to go with the combo of the Italian heart attack but the Sicilian this is known the in New Orleans as a more full and that word lanai as you see in the Round Barn bread on a bun but it's brown it's not like in the sleigh sorts not in a submarine long bread omelette I heard that before I did none of us ordered it yet alright next wine ham roasted pork Swiss cheese pickles and mustard ham roasted pork oh ever regatta are a Christian Cuban sandwich cube in about oh right is the Cubans damaged in a notably it is also grilled around the bread is like flat and kind of like the present and up a knee pressed doing good you guys doing good here the next one now a source in beef assorted needs are the peppers Soul on tro pickled carrots and potatoes assorted meat peppers full on tro pickled carrots and potatoes I expect everybody is rooms no one pressed upon me on me Bonnie for me is On Me mailed parents pushed me over the time for me it's the tale tale that gives the soul so Bonnie is a famous view knees style sandwich in it what's interesting about it because it's it's you knees it also kind of shows that the traces of colonial French colonial for the pact a dry through the But get this image is in but get bread but here's the thing the name Bonnie applies to brag it's not the sandwich oh and all this and really it's referring to the bread yet very interesting that while I didn't know which was the VP of R A K next one ingredients are peanut butter banana and bacon what's see what is this peanut butter banana and bacon was tasty to me we need a hand no I didn't like OK here can prescribe I know most of this for me now from Lake I feel a thing out and though the house and a lot of areas of the hymn is on the whole thing is deep fried afterwards all right Chris your answer reveals to OK the BBQ the BBQ because it yet P B B B colony I put the Elvis Presley it is called the Elvis another international one ingredients are french fries salt in vinegar or ketchup called Buzz Feed always a picture of the ball in the town has a very British John's team than us or you know I'm going to put yet Christians say his answer le alright college has put the white boy I know it's not that ups the shop you get from the my tongue it is a British British guy for you press I believe this verse would be called inning when the ship but the Horry Yap Yap about on the back here it is literally a sandwich french fries and you're in your preferred card what you imagine it looks like okay yeah yeah there's nothin' I was serious about you it is a very french fries than we like very straightforward the app ok next war we got a few more okay here n cheese from the Alsace oh and an egg on top that's was when the last bit there yeah a good one ham cheese special sauce and egg on top and I think it's not in fact that's why of course na natin na to make it right crook Madame Monet The Stow took me down yes crop of Dems raise yes the atmosphere to be a lag which is kind of makes sense i e one has the AI and I'm not exaggerating when I have been in Paris and then looking up to go to Paris Cookman and every day every day you will sir Yeah I like about her this year I do like the Yeah Yeah last was last won him she's a french toast in gym all right Chris Monte Cristo month Christian the Monte Cristo Monte Cristo yes let's make sandwich with french french toast as the bread yet some practice the stuff inside their ego that may have been like I'm thinkin back like my first introduction to the sweet and savory concept as a kid you know Ali you can to the Martian how no eyes so I only exposure of a scene which I remember generally of the Clean plate Club but like we went to Disneyland after leaving the restaurant does the money Crist us we ordered this thing they make a ham and cheese sandwich on bread and everything then they dip it in enough basically like donut batter to create a whole donut because the triangles and then they give us peace in ie half of the fan which I was like I literally just eaten half a sandwhich but also it was covered in two don't know her Rosberg is the strain of trying to murder me wants me to mourn don't know half a sandwich or knowing that this is sitting and then go on the teacups well you know the law to Chris does all about revenge Chris was in the phrase and Monte Cristo is right I I I am pretty sure that's all for MC was buy one share some cool scene which effects the likes of which highlights like yes there were times that you know like nobody because I try to find C which is that most people know not going to go to sites in which the we would mention Dad would before is named after the comic there's the dad would say which that's pretty much just the double triple roundtable whatever Decker of any yeah the giant giant giant that with all of my dad to call those like one of the China's energy needs of that with there is a sin which cold one whole load to Okay I'm sorry five nine zero this is this is in Spanish the whole Oda it is Molly in a role on the way this is a Somali who sounds like the classic some of the classic Earl of sandwich sandwich birds like me with my hand yes the Taleban I was told yes well it's like that's the way I mean the is are already pretty easy to turn the tides hot Cruces man tamales like steam holder yet true little family since they are right I see this all the time I do know how to head a regionally a juicy Lucy all I've never heard that the cheeseburger with cheese stuffed inside the meat Patty O O K Gold a juicy Lucy ok yes yes the hot tubs the cheese is a no no the reason the hamburger little blue so yes I highly recommend the list of sandwiched right in keeping with the Master the stern yet because this has been a hotly debated topic on the Internet in the last couple years the yellow pollen know now Karen I have to ask is our expert Sharon has been so good is a hot August day was interesting I say no icing no ego id say it is assiduously a hamburger is a sandwich because it's cooked me inside a bread but those Leo but is a corn dog a sandwich which is like the so to me personally and on no expert but to me it's all about sandwiches usually are the contents are flattened yeah where is the hot dog is circular in around you know I shouldn't have dragged us yeah this whole due to this more of the Koran business in which the content is round enough and friends well that's that's between two slices of bread that's flat he is flat but use that you do that with the RI RI RI have been using with the rest rescue us from this is I don't care it's all good it seemed okay to be thinking about the theme K K A theme is Hero so no points for the inconveniences hero the song title has the word hero in the song titles may just be the word hero if he doesn't have the word hero in it because it has the word heroes in it I did and maybe the handles his heroes anyway doesn't matter the song title is because I'm to play a clip from each of these pieces of music I'm going to ask you for the artists that we were going to write down your answers so here we go looking for the musical artists of this piece of music The The The The The The The The The The The
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196: We Could Be Heroes




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101: Um, Actually...


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196: We Could Be Heroes