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197: Let's Make a Deal

Update: 2017-06-021


Time for some wheeling and dealing, and let us haggle and dazzle you with trivia and facts about making those deals! Why don't you *~come on down~* and take Karen's quizzes about our favorite game shows? Let our yard sale expert negotiator Chris teach you the trick and psychology of haggling. Dana's got a grab bag quiz about mongering, and Colin shares the ultimate story about some epic maneuvers in one of the greatest (and drama-filled) contract deals in sport history. If you're a Storage Wars or Antiques Road Show junkie, then it's time to find out the greatest (and actually REAL) garage sale scores of all time.

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the in the the the the the the the of civilizations and nations who is in starvation for illumination and the sensation and mental lubrication covering your weekly quiz show and copy to be a podcast today shows one hundred and ninety seven in I am your humble hosts caring and we are do you seen these doing delectable deeds while distributing delicious detail and data I am call an Ambien and Chris recently the listener than me all she wrote a message to us over facebook and this is what she said of course with these I always ask the person was a kid I share this on the show yet she said yes so Danielle writes This is in her voice when my husband said I need muffins from scratch the other day I was curious about where from scratch from Nina's their cat is named scratch the pollen do you know your other hand read this one before yeah from scratch sporty I a sports like now is like scratching plays in football or will you meet your bowling you know you put a line across the you know that the scoring table if you got zero around for a sore and the score scratch scratch yes it was an the know all the time from one to four images can apply to other sports so this is why Daniel said it is the world of boxing that has given us the concept of starting from scratch the scratch line there specify the positions of boxers who feasts each other at the beginning of a fight scratch later came to be used as the name for any starting point for a race or an event that term came to be used in handicap races for example in cycling those who were given no advantage how Cap of starting from scratch while mother started ahead of the line kind and so golf took up the that the term scratch golfer down with no advantage or basically from from the bottom or from zero and so that's where it came from and now it's like taking this down home cooking yes the media as you guys know I was riding a shark trivia fact book and it's about to be off to the printers so lesions it is yeah I know so much about sharks the more than you thought you never know for all your good job green fee rate the things we like to talk about is in the book to show a result of the insurer sure team yes I know I'm not pro yet you're not pro will you not like a shark Doctor expert called that is in the book is called a sharp eye on the uh like a marine biologist biologists and pretty up on the eye it's not it's not very excited I think the O J he like a grass so it feel though that is one of the no show his interest sharks theology shark the shark is the eye this is Marie I like how you had leg the scientific ones and answers short exposure to the well this are wondering this book is like you have to ask a good question like a good fact the now so have to provide two additional writing in all multiple choice hard you know make your fine so it's not you're just like Castle was you know is a theory or seven years I don't care I the kind of make it funny in that that's the lot of the effort was kind of good bad and there's like ten percent back to ninety percent new jokes yep the whole lot of puns get my shit William Shakespeare in their William all weight but there is a sheet of vinyl time there is a Shakespeare was all that for the price of the pond is available on pre order him sign my shirt but in all so we we have our our uhm good job bring book that is also available in fine bookstores and book stores online near alright without further ado let's jump into our first general the segment with a hotshot the new batteries in the Buster so the fresh backs for a buzz is strong crowd yet nor says and this loud in a while Mary hear of a random assortment of trivial pursuit cards from different versions of the game in in half of these are all silver screen to get ready our college and my right hand panel of him right and left and Chris love him soo nineties that ninety is nine old that we have so many of these cards I I I think we have a ninety five is always ninety five however ninety three or ninety seven boys ninety five okay see I'm dreaming this card it seems familiar but then some occassions I don't remember her as the hours and we again this mystery box may have repeats here we go this one's a little little bit blue oh no on most of these Christians are little I remember the casting was family friend the pink wedge the pursuit of Buster's Ready big wedge what movie about the spread of a deadly virus hit theaters in nineteen ninety five killing plans for a movie based on the hot zone the college was that brave yet thou for an outbreak monkey yeahh yes killing plans for a movie based on the hostel isn't a book as in that Alex Yes than much of a book a mocha flu what seventy four year old cooking icon took her red spoon on lying to me everyday homemade day no Betty Crocker correct the error who is not in the open the lake the the answer is yes seventy four yet in the cooking make the present I the brown wedge who appeared in epic films Live nude Girls import keys before sex in the city beckoned and the Dana can control corral all right Samantha yeah and manages the gifted the lead the title role of ritual or an orange wedge what retired newscaster topped all nineteen ninety five media poll categories except most attractive the way what retired newscaster topped all nineteen ninety five media poll categories except for most attractive hire to conceal anybody retire the old retired that year I think of all Walter Cronkite the yes that although wait to lay out the sexy Grandpa thing like you who's active in the nineties the life of those earlier Professor yeah oh no I can say that real edge who did South Africa picked ahead of the truth and re conciliation commission that investigated apartheid atrocities the That was the horse which is calm Nelson Mandela incorrect in South Africa picking it wasn't Nelson Mandela don't know it is Desmond tutu has been to yet they think of the SEC in South Africa it right but unlike the open seat in the not the reason the punch bowl that a mission of the last question blue wedge what fifty four year old senior took everything off her boots for a Playboy cover in nineteen ninety five old Singer make me find the college fifty four year old senior five Tina Turner incorrect data Nancy Sinatra the new SU made for a walk in eye is the desire of Ages yes I am in NJ for the YES YES they CAN juvenile been a good work Ryan the new he was kind of blew the little bit yes but your eyes you come or Baby Boomer know as long as it's unreal to feel pursued I will take any card I kidding I'm sorry I got to share with them this is from Baby Boomer Boomer ka na know I'll take the cart every gallon is what color was see three people the TPP a whole is cold yeah goldenrod I Who Shot Spider Savage a bit later see what the Calderon Idaho and in national news not news I mean I need to know this is a real person something spider in the last name writers as CBI see h ow ow ow spider Jerusalem is a common character dancer Claudine long J Car get the this is really about all the that this is not the answer is the answer Donna was on the road whose buck a Roos were the buck a Roos whose Bo whose bunker is for the crews were the Booker room was the category rpm okay category matters rpm record a record liao ok so as not a bad guess there are only a buck a Roos Gene Autry I mean it is howdy Doody law Cohen's all bah or a comedy an alley about the unsafe and no one won first in Miri in Matta Layne Collins and achieve in the October nineteen seventy issue of Playboy the nineteen seventy well it was the first wins in the center as all other years Marianne Marianne first First Wind play on the right questions and one he ran to last one who said I've kept my identity separate from Edith if I keep on in the role people will never think of me as anyone else good in the O O chem identity separate news I continue on the role category probably TV TV to talk laity in the know it's it's you that bunker but what's the name of the actress was stable to the the categories others are not the right job brains column you know the trivia of what was the first item ever sold on eBay right I do we talked about this yes it was a a broken laser pointer purchased by a collector for him yet proving in one shot the magic of eBay buyer out there for every day is the that's the real story because the items they have like a kind of murky maze even there yet this story is that um is that the wife of Pierre over the yard was a Pez collector the dispensers in the trade Pez dispensers but really they had the hit for Haiti made from a very kind of abstract idea of like the perfect marketplace the beauty is is you're right there is you don't need to worry your audience will find you get every deal there is someone willing to make that deal with pain Craigslist and you know we have all of these different ways for everybody involved in buying and selling really in the last ye see that a lot more on like automated and easy so that got us thinking about buying and negotiating and haggling make in making the best of the situation so this week let's make the old the the the things in the free uh you can get them to their butts and be the the the the the the the the and let's keep it up by talking about negotiation will talk about bargaining going on a yard sale guy yes you are a few words are in the Craft Examiner craft I mean going in going places where prices are as words assume that you're going to be negotiating going to yard sales and flea markets that's just that's just all part of the game you are I've witnessed your work and you are an unabashed like just slash and burn Hagel or you know person first gets a price increase is like giving twenty percent of that well it's very important aid to do stuff like that I mean the thing is you know what I come to realize in life is will have a lot of control rules for a tag or not and the only rule is this If the person that you are talking to has the authority to change the price you can haggle so I mean certainly the markets and yard sales if you're talking to their first time stuffing as you can haggle of course you can handle they might be receptive to it but you can try different things if you're at a store that is a small mom and pop shop you can haggle if you're talking to the owner of the manager the person who has been has authority vested in the game you can't go to Walt aren't yet one person to bring the work but there are people who will tell you that they will go to like Target and find something useful in box or damage has not been reduced in price and find the manager who actually does have the authority and how we should give the managers discount on something that busted and get on the floor and yet get rid of it and again I can say is independently owned store I mean you gotta cuss us out like ooh my talking to here is a person that I can negotiate with so there are psychological things at play here and people have done a lot of research on this and so there's some there's a lot of fascinating stuff about Frey seeing seller and you're putting a price on something you know pricing trickery you know everything from this is available in just four easy payments of nineteen ninety nine Your attic that nineteen ninety nine versus twenty which we talked about in the show before we talk about pricing that comes from what is left digit bias which is we read from left to right and so is the first thing we encounter is a wine then were already thinking Oh this is ten the ten dollars on something so it's nineteen ninety nine is actually twenty bucks but you are really improving this were really thinking it's in the ten dollar area so one of the major things I want to talk about is the idea of the price anchor or anchor along yeah this said I mean first of all the basic this as is the first number that gets thrown out that is what gets held in everybody's head the It's like throwing the anchor off the ship the ship could move around but it's but it's anchored mostly to that point and so it kind of sticks you there that doesn't mean you go to a car dealership in say ten dollars I am a hit the the um but but it does it's not extreme situation if you are sort of in the ballpark in that precinct does work it is an advantage of your negotiating be the first person to throw out the price because that because that anchors the discussion on your to your prayers ok so for example you're at the flea market that has a sticker on it that says fifty dollars or something out now don't they don't say fifty year like I'll give you twenty So you're like trying to anchor it low lower yeah yeah for us and yet a different sticker to them yeah you can often save you twenty bucks but then you know what the seller really wants is fifty CU to you you actually risk offending them and employ me cannot work due to low balling that has to be at that point see them again for you mentally look the price is already seven fifty zero for twenty yet the US for five the twisting so ok well here's the view is that the studies that they've done you can get anchored to a number that isn't even the price of the Ida could be a random number so they did you know and now the store looking for this in real life they might say this item is thirty nine ninety nine and fifty thousand people have taken us on this deal so far so you might see fifty thousand even though it has nothing on And now your brain is thinking about the number fifty thousand stupid prayer for forty nine and nine sounds the eye way to the study with college students and expensive bottles of wine to college students wouldn't know what but for the expense of our class and they're like Okay first recite your social security number don't I don't want us to this case it first recite your social security number and then in the short of the winery said How much do you think this one cos the students whose Social Security numbers ended up hair a higher digits now guessed that the wind caught it was literally like the rest of the wine costs like twenty five thirty dollars and the students if they're so security number and in lower due to the guests of the wine costs like eight dollars and they primed themselves in a play the because he would recite their Social Security number and if they're so security number in higher digits oh say like a weenie yet they would guess that the wind was more expensive because the land in the high number I I think SEO ninety nine dollars and someone's whose Social Security as is zero and zero for twelve oz gave Eli a dollar yet yeah if you're going to buy somethin have like four models right and like the cheapest models like this is eight ninety nine they don't really know that no one's going to buy the cheap model but they're just setting the anchor of the price right to prime you that Bush says this is not a wine list try to put the really really expensive wines at the top so you get a thousand dollar area but well not going to spend back of the well haven't you spend three hundred dollars in this bottle you like the with the other way you would start with the cheapest wines and then you see you like Oh okay Well going for the the thousand deserting the matters the order matters are absolutely matters yet they don't put dollar signs front of one of the dollar sign away it's not money anymore like that's that I all this is here's something you really totally blew my mind this is from this abstract of this of a of a study consumers and non consciously perceive that there is a positive relationship between syllabi length and numerical magnitude I believe that this means that I tell you that the prices something is um seventeen dollars and seventy three cents versus if I tell you that it's ah bt no one you would perceive no one is being a cheaper price yeah no more syllables that better in the numbers when you say it outloud people absolutely according to this any perceived that the more expensive I I I can't believe that I can believe that I hate my brain for that seeming logical but I can believe that ok so what's a negotiation techniques and get out of the degree I would never talk to somebody and say See this is a lot it's kind of sad and but it's just like would you possibly willing to go ol four dollars I think this is much better to state it as a factor like um ninety four dollars you know and then to really create the sellers mind a sense of urgency oh it's not four dollars or he's going to need all the money it's this is the deal and I'm going to walk away if you don't agree this deal you have to be able to walk away even if you're not willing to walk of faith you need to actually make it seem as yet yeah you're gonna walk away and my out by the wave never to say no is this a fifth yeah okay yeah I guess if I buy the book I'm reconsidering what was even though so if a five dollars Also definitely don't negotiate the price is already way too cheap because that could backfire on you right um I mean they don't call attention to my attention that if the prices huge super steal to pay money and get out don't try to negotiate down because then what could happen is they might say none well let me look it up to see what goes well you I don't know your Yeah this ACEO painting this is really true of the of cash in the face you know something is four dollars and in the same the twenty don't just say we take twenty literally get the twenty dollar ah and having to when you take this to be like this you should I was at that we've created a situation where at the money they're turned down money at the abstract its actual money that's sitting right there was money the side of this if you're gonna have a yard sale and sell stuff you know this is the stuff to watch out for that you are sure making the right decision and you're not sort of like Yeah for these and be ready for it not the worst tackling experience I ever had I in the thrift vintage shop in Portland Oregon with my wife were traveling and they for whatever reason we're having like a blowout of this like antiques in curious and random junk stuff it was like Everything Must Go so I found this cool old tiny you know look like if maybe the twenties like a segmented folding dress makers ruler hey this is really cool how much is this how much you want for this to guys like make me an offer of feasts on like a dollar yet and the guy makes the most disgusted face is like I find the well if you excuse me for insulting you might Here's your dollar jewelry the press likes of the reason why when somebody says to you You make me an offer that she's putting you right in the driver's seat and he did the right thing because I was as if the sellers and honestly as the seller you really have a responsibility to like help me what the price on these because like all buy anything at the right price yeah I know going to Target everything was everything was fifty cents I buy all of you whether or not I want to buy something is not just about the thing it's about the thing and also how much does it cost price elasticity of demand and micro economic level being the micro bead meet the you have to tell me how the If I Want List which is so that was precisely the way to play Oak and yes exactly yes no or don't want to sell the way to use it you have to set the prices the seller is to your advantage to set the prices on yeah I don't walked out of there feeling guilty and ashamed you know ruler granted by I have heard the story multiple times where somebody goes to a yard sale they see a rare video game because that's that's why the sea or air video game it's like two hundred dollars and they're like This Is It This is why go yard sailing for you know I get up early in the morning like I finally got that big score they're like Oh it's marked three dollars Well this is what I'm gonna do I'm going to be the nice guy and I'm going to say to the person hey this is worth more than three dollars so I give you twenty bucks on I heard this story and and what often happens is the person says what do you mean it's worth more than three dollars and then they look at the twenty two hundred dollars Not a Penny the YES then you've completely ruined the whole thing it's not even really being a nice guy because you're still like the I'm going to rub your face a little bed yet it's sort of like a psychological way to assuage your own quilts you know I mean after is your property and you know one of the really important things is that negotiation begins before you even know if there's anything that you want to buy especially for walking up to yard sale like this is an easy tip to give because it's just it just be a nice person you should do is a nice person which as we walk into somebody's driveway look at them and say hello to you might be already doing this well if you're already doing this that's great you're very nice and also it's an excellent negotiation payout because if you scroll up into someone's property and you ignore them you don't look at them you don't say hi don't make any gestures toward them and the first interaction you want to have them is to walk them until like five bucks for this you're going to be in a much worse situation than the person who showed up and was nice and said hello because that's the beginning of the greasy of the wheels the economy Tina are also paying them by letting them help you can people get hired for that hello I'm a nice person you wanna be a nice person to me was the day manipulation that the also I will never get anything unless you ask if you if you do go the market you see something sitting there in smart fifty dollars and you think Oh that's cool but I would only buy for twenty dollars He really us to us to know like what your top dollar is and then you can say that person he was twenty and they might say yes yes they might say no but they might see no only because they think that you're going to start raising your offer higher if you want to just throw on a price and then they might say no is it okay he put it down and you walk away and mind sometimes before you get two steps away don't be like OK now and you'll call their bluff and the land will take it doesn't work if you're like oil only have twenty members you don't do that its true im not lying or telling the truth is that I can give you twenty for this I like it knowing I only have twenty days on that yes sometimes that if you literally take out your whole entire wallet you're the oldest areas like you're like I'm actually serious I don't have anymore like this is all I have to that can actually bending not bluffing but definitely don't do that if you actually have more money well there's Chris's negotiate to go on a field trip to the flea market the acting is a alright my turn as you suggested that actually the title of the top let's make a deal yes first thing I was getting shells of cars of famous game show Let's Make a Deal revive was made yet Brady I felt inspired and so I have some questions and facts about the new shower and I apologize to your yarn on US listeners are international listeners because this is kind of U S centered but some of the shows have versions
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197: Let's Make a Deal