DiscoverThe Tim Ferriss Show#246: Building Strength, Improving Mindset, and Becoming the World's Fittest Man - Jason Khalipa

#246: Building Strength, Improving Mindset, and Becoming the World's Fittest Man - Jason Khalipa

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Jason Khalipa (@jasonkhalipa IG, Twitter) is one of the fittest men in the world – a title that was officially his when he won the CrossFit Games in 2008.  He is an 8-time CrossFit Games competitor, a 3-time Team USA CrossFit member, and -- among other athletic feats -- he has deadlifted 550 pounds, squatted 450 pounds, and performed 64 pullups at a bodyweight of 210 pounds. This podcast also has a bunch of video bonuses and tutorials from Jason, which you can find at Beyond sports, Jason is also a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of NC Fit, which has more than 20 locations in 8 different cities. And he is the co-founder of 'Box to Business,' a non-profit that helps gyms become profitable businesses. Jason uses the proceeds from “Box to Business” to help fight pediatric cancer. In this episode, we cover a lot of cool stuff, including His training and diet The hardest workouts he's ever performed The mentor who taught him how to sell anything How he and his family has coped with his daughter’s battle with cancer How he’s navigated going from competitive athlete to business owner And much, much more I hope you enjoy the episode as much as much as I did, and don’t forget to see the bonus videos at Show notes and links for this episode can be found at This episode is brought to you by Inktel. Ever since I wrote The 4-Hour Workweek, I’ve been frequently asked about how I choose to delegate tasks. At the root of many of my decisions is a simple question: “How can I invest money to improve my quality of life?” Or “how can I spend moderate money to save significant time?” Inktel is one of those investments. They are a turnkey solution for all of your customer care needs. Their team answers more than 1 million customer service requests each year. They can also interact with your customers across all platforms, including email, phone, social media, text, and chat. Inktel removes the logistics and headache of customer communication, allowing you to grow your business by focusing on your strengths. And as a listener of this podcast, you can get up to $10,000 off your start-up fees and costs waived by visiting That’s This episode is also brought to you by LegalZoom. I've used this service for many of my businesses, as have quite a few of the icons on this podcast -- such as Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame. LegalZoom is a reliable resource that more than a million people have already trusted for everything from setting up wills, proper trademark searches, forming LLCs, setting up non-profits, or finding simple cease-and-desist letter templates. LegalZoom is not a law firm, but it does have a network of independent attorneys available in most states who can give you advice on the best way to get started, provide contract reviews, and otherwise help you run your business with complete transparency and up-front pricing. Check out and enter promo code TIM at checkout today to save 15% and see how the fine folks there can make life easier for you and your business.

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the more the his this episode is brought to bite him to tell use them personally ever since I wrote The Four Hour Work Week I've been asked over and over again how I choose to delegate tasks how I do eighty twenty analysis and so on at the root of many of those decisions is a simple question actually two questions number one how can I invest money to improve my quality of life he's an investing as well the second how can I spend a little money or moderate money to save significant time Intel is one of those investments there a turnkey solution for all of your imaginable customer care needs I used Intel during the launch of the for our body which was very very involved in the provided twenty four seven customer service from a land rush campaign because it was critical for me to take care of every person who purchased my books and participated this allowed me to focus on the things that I am better at my strengths like the marketing plan that would work on for six months implementing 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your business end important there are no surprises Legal zoom provides complete transparency that means upfront pricing customer reviews and a satisfaction guarantee check out Legal zoom dot com today to see how they can make life better and easier for you in your business if you're pretending to be a lawyer then you are asking for trouble put together the safety nets get your T's crossed and your I's dotted enter promo code Tim T I M at Legal zoom come to save fifteen percent that's T I M for fifteen percent off check it out Legal zoom dot com The The Hello boys this is to embarrass and welcome to another episode of the tenth Air Show is my job to deconstruct world class performers of all different types from the worlds of business military entertainment athletics and sometimes combinations of different fields and that is the case with this interview of course the objective is to tease out tactics routines habits specifics that you can use and my guest this time around is by popular request chase in Cali but that's K H A L I P A you can say hello at Jason Khalifa on Instagram Twitter et-cetera He is one of the fittest men in the world title that was officially his when he earned it at the CrossFit Games and won the cross against two dozen eight he is an eight time CrossFit Games competitor a three time team USA CrossFit member and among other athletic feats he's dead lifted five hundred and fifty pounds squatted four hundred and fifty pounds and perform sixty four pull ups at a bodyweight of two hundred and ten pounds This podcast very important note of course you are most likely listening to this as all you only have a bunch of video bonuses and tutorials from Jason recorded in my home gym and elsewhere which you can find at you to come forward slash converse to ours and two S is keeping in mind that beyond sports Jason is also a very successful entrepreneur he is the founder and CEO of him see fit which has more than twenty locations in eight different cities and he's the co founder of Box to business which is a nonprofit that helps Jews become profitable businesses Jason uses the proceeds from box to business to help fight pediatric cancer we cover a ton of stuff in this episode lot of specifics a lot of stories including his training in diet the hardest workouts he's ever performed the mentor who taught him how to sell anything which is hilarious how he and his family have coped with his daughter's battle with cancer how his navigator going from competitive athlete to very very successful business owner and much much more so I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did Jason is a great guy and he is very very generous with sharing and don't forget to check out the IT tutorial videos his favorite warm ups et-cetera at youtube dot com for slash Tim Ferris the the juice will do a quick sound check you please tell me what you had for breakfast I had kale smoothie and an egg with bacon on top one egg with bacon one egg whole egg no I was on the road at four am I went to Starbucks and took the sandwich I took apart his head the egg with bacon on top nice and the kale smoothies before the House cacao smoothie at the gym before Ikea shortly after what is in the kale smoothies as kale kale peanut butter on some projects protein powder like and all milk fantastic I think Regis can keep rolling since that subject was so successful and while my pooch mowers can make a racket thrown around an elk antler just going to get to it so welcome to the Levitt my living room yeah it's great to be here and we just had some fun demo ing things and certainly learning things I was in Deming anything I was observing in the gym in the garage so for people who are want some additional video which I highly encourage just go to Tim the blog for such podcast click on this episode or go to youtube compares to our stresses you can find a bunch of video now you are considered and they are not going to say this but a Demi god within the world of cross it by lot of people people look up to you for good reason and I'm curious to know if you would look back at your peak a competitive success what you think the advantages that you had are developed why successful as you were and of course you have incredible work ethic and so on but if you had to sue dig into that what do you think the the the elements were that made you as successful as you were I think primarily enjoyed training I didn't do a lot of people they like to compete in this silly computer or do like to be I enjoy competing but I enjoy training more like the environment that just pushed me a light I like getting comfortable and comfort I like leaving the gym and feel like I did get my butt kicks me me feel really good about what I accomplished and then I went on and try to accomplish that same concept in the rest of my life right I think that was in that I really picked up on early on when I first crossed back into the six and then I won the cross gives it away and I was able to compete eight more times mainly because I just love to trade in the by product or the expression that was my ability out there can be are there any particular workouts that come to mind or exercises anything that you find particularly enjoyable even though they might be very painful I like the ones I give you the biggest return right I mean I think you're doing thrusters yes the very challenging to give you a huge return in terms of benefit in terms of the way you look in terms we feel the bite of strange sighting thrusters burp these things if I had to pick several do are several movements and we do for us my life to be things like that if we were to say look over to look for in the second I want to keep focusing on that for a moment any particular if you want to gauge say the the fitness ride the cross fitness of anyone for that matter there any particular tests that you put them through to evaluate that whether it's lack of certain variation of Fran or anything like that I would just look like differ much from the get you know what is your mile time I pulled you complete what is your max deadlift back squat press on and then again if you like the movements that combine both rides I think sometimes people really get a running and there some people are really good at lifting the beauty is when he can combine those two and so a lot of like the Franzen that the different types of work like a fight gone bad score those are good ways what is a fight gone bad so fly combat created with BJ Penn Greg Glassman long time ago in b school was this was back when BJ was probably training of health Gracie Academy in the new old school long time ago and essentially what is one minute one minute one at five five movements and anyone address and after three rounds of the five movement to its hype will there's a push press there's a row or a wall ball in a box shown and all the movements are lighted to keep moving on and so when DJ finish the story goes and BJ finishes like all manifesting a Fight Gone Bad is that's how the story goes just as a random note days to go to these chiropractor the Jensen's who worked on a lot of fighters and remember they described BJ Penn's hip lectures as the hip fractures of the camel they said they were the quadriceps are normal humans if you were to say want to get someone hooked on exercising because you enjoy the training not everyone enjoys training so let's say you're taking somebody want to get them hooked on that drug of training as any particular push EU taken you've coached a lot of people you I'm sure encountered every different type of person from NFL player to say engineers never played sports and everybody in between what you do to get someone honked so that they continue to come to the gym yes I mean I've been really fortunate over the years I sort of company and see fit we have a ton of members look at it and say Hey what is generally get some kind of stay with us and more times than not it's starting off slow and then working the way a lot of the gung ho right to come in oh lose weight I want this one that all eat whatever you tell me I didn't tell me that all this a month later they're gone right say the secret to success is a sticker time right this is not a this is a lifelong journey race like a one month you know fad it's I want to be fit the twenty fifth s My Life Inside it's important recognize that and make small steps resurrection to cut sugar do this to that small little steps going to gyms are doing certain stuff I think finding a camaraderie finding a coach can find a community support your rule number one I think they're doing on your own is very challenging you never time of cooking earlier it's like to learn to cook really really learn to cook I can learn from a book to learn from me watching a show but to really kind of dive in you wants is to have someone to show me in the kitchen what I would do nicely for me right I don't have enough experience with it so if you're going to the gym sure to read books use of but I think having someone there a coach and advise them on different things is going to an easy way to get more success from the Just to reiterate that I think the social credibility piece is huge having some type of of social cohesion just gigantic and for people who might be in the sticks don't think you have access to that you can certainly find communities like Coach Tommy in other other other sites or services those lines but the the premade also that I think is really important to underscore is in the beginning focusing on the good program that you follow versus the perfect fur and Fey quipped lot of people come in like he said okay I haven't done anything since college now going to do a two hour workout five times a week as my new year's resolution that is flame out or they get injured or film a blank and like said they're gone a few weeks later suppose saying look you're starting from zero all it's just too whatever might be how our workout twice a week so that you develop the habit and then you can always make it harder more complex later but if you make it too hard too complex in the beginning and be gone yeah we have a program that we've incorporated cause the rise program incorporates nutritionists a mindset coach and I and a fitness coach and for a lot of people it's all a mind set right all for decades they have an exercise leave use food as an outlet or whatever may be right that's okay but the need to get over that in their head to truly make an impact on and change for for a long time Rice is making it like the short term thing the really good out of the root of the problem in making as more of a part of their daily routine since it is something they do right and that source but to start a slow and work it up is much easier just to get to go crazy and then it just I haven't seen work as well and then have a nuclear meltdown at the restart again for next year's resolution that's right we'll take a couple questions here that have been a volley over via the Internet because there's some really good ones and from training to family to business gets that second but I want to ask you up you mentioned see fit how many locations you currently have twenty four twenty four locations you see you've been a very successful as an athlete and many people who put in the effort to focus that you did in athletics are so singularly focused that they have trouble and have observed this and friends transferring then to a career outside of competitor sponsored athlete if you were sitting down with accomplished athlete or not who wanted to say get into business just for the sake of simplicity sits similar business there somewhere in the Midwest they want to get into a fitness in Jenn's and so on what advice would you give them more resources would you point them to to increase the likelihood of success yeah one of things I'd ask why gas is often is you have one open the gym we think ok will let some of these three simple questions right number one on are you qualified to do so right what makes you qualified to open up this business you have expertise in it due how are you going to basically give yourself this competitive advantage they you know that when you go to open up your going to win right what is your competitive what's the credibility right just because you like to work out doesn't mean you should necessarily be open to the gym I love to eat I love food but I sure as hell I'm not pressured to do so I don't have the training expertise right and it's okay if you don't certain issues go find an expert in those other areas right to ask you as you know are you doing it with a strong intention is strong Why I Write Like What is your WHY WHY you want to open his visit to make money because it is just to make money just like to peek at the Cross the games you have a strong internal why when your backs of the guests was very challenging he revert back to that why to push through and in business not always rainbows and unicorns right there's challenging times and senior will revert back to your internal why of why you started to really do well so it's a win right tell me how you're going to win why you've gotten the other guidance tree to have a strong reason you open it and then three is a good time in your life to do it right is a good time to open it you just have a baby on the other tons of mortgages in different of stuff right or is it a good time your life to the open of this business is really what I like to ask people what are the most common mistakes that you see that you think you avoided like the look back your business another way to phrase It's exactly everyone is what were some of the most important decisions that you made looking back I think looking back it was under center that back in the day you work to make money off your competitive fitness career and I had open up a business and I had opened and I think one of the best things ever did was I recognize that Ryan Robinson feels much like and knowledge from people around me so I was in high school work the front desk a conventional Jen then when I graduate high school I went to college I started working as a sales associate there s are making good money says I'm going to Junior College with a vast valley actually I was there I just got woken up like no one cares about me I was like a jock and I was like the class clown high school college it's like they don't care about you right so I really turned a corner I say Hey look I need to responsibly when I get done I want to be successful in sites are going to school full time working full time but I also did what I learn to talk to people learn to sell which is really important because in my line of work in the fitness industry you're coaching you're you're talking you're coaching but if your business I'll steal or sell one of these are also due is on the twice a week I'll go ride the elliptical with the owner of the business now just pick his brain understand what's going on I think one of those things early on was recognizing I want to learn everything I could from his mistakes I didn't make as many and one of things we've done a lot is delegate out things right not you have enough of the humbleness to be like Hey look I can't do everything best the best idea hire outside people and I think I learned early on from him leaving hits on his mistakes how did you convince him to do the elliptical with you what was the Petro euro did you get the owner to hang out with the former class clown on the elliptical so funny enough he really took me on as a mentor he really did like he really meant for me really well and he would ride the elliptical as part of his fitness routine and I would just go over there to just go meet with them and I don't think he disliked it because we did Bush have a conversation to convey the time go by quicker got it so you just roll up when he was wearing a doubtful eye and when your back is against the wall Y so when competing in and say This is actually question the keel up at least once from people who are listening to the podcast one wanted to ask you what why did you go back to when you're competing in the games at the time right or Sorry to keep my questions but had to much caffeine and that is when you behind and gaining on you why were like What is the self talk to make sure you don't fall out of your drop a ball or otherwise just gets that site down one thing positive self talk is a really hard thing to learn but it's an important trait to develop and I learned that over the years with them I say Coach I work with where you try and find ways to reframe things here have something going wrong said saying Oh my legs hurt you say Hey folks on mid foot strike if you're running or whatever I should rephrase positive and reverted back to your why I think it's really important going into these games row do is tell myself that I've made a commitment to myself my family to go out there do this and I want to do it because I want to get comfortable uncomfortable I wanted to see where I stack up against competitors and I want to do it for me right at the time and have as many other obligations now as life changes spray things change but at the time my wife was having a community this and I remember one year his campaign and ten race and I was ten miler just crazy hill run halfway done I guess I'm like going to like this does or look around there's no one around was like oh gosh and icy treacherous a true story just walked across and is looking like What the Hell or big ass spider was interested because it's like what am I doing out here right instantly revert back to my head you know what I made a commitment document was in to finish out the games so I better slap myself a stop in a way it unfinished because if I allowed myself to give in then what other things I allow myself to give in to I mean a commitment to myself and I want to live up to that over the years because other things happening my life have been able to make that strong a commitment so therefore I choose not even go out there in in in a tent in the I'm very fascinated by these little moments or days or weeks it can really affect the complete trajectory of people's lives and you mentioned a couple minutes ago you get to college age you realize no one in class Kanye school and you did of course correct race or go to school full time what triggered that was it a particular conversation was in a particular afternoon what was it so you know so going out of high school doesn't play football and am now working out so I ended up going to West Valley and first day wasn't that big a deal I get I get to the first day on the calendar was no big deal to transfer another school a couple years but all my friends are gone for your second verse where ended up scratching from right but I just remember first day of school going around are all saying our names right it's like hey John this is my first second year hai Meri this is my no whatever second semester as the setting you have this woman next me and I kid you not write my first class my first day at West High and layers high many of his The Suz and I can remember the name exactly as that for fact this is my seventh year West Valley Nationals are looking at her and looking at this teacher is me I do I get my ass in check and get my shit together right as I told myself right that moment I left there I went to the cancers often say hey look I mean figure out the fast way to get back to school and so I ended up on taking full class loads you ever had to do and a plane to Santa Clara two times after that and not being accepted because I tried after one year thing except that traveling here and happening excited that after two years I was excepted which got me on track to graduate before I graduate with all my peers which was great I graduate my wife actually which was really cool but that was the moment that really like a Spartan like dude like playtime Is Over High School's done it's your really cares either your ass in check and when you replied me think of Rudy little bit he applied the implied and get in that applied and got in what did you change in between the not getting accepted in getting accepted one add more courses under my belt ok they didn't have to use my high school GPA anymore only the call they could use your trip your credits transfer that's right got it right so so many questions going to pull some in from the audience is from Fern Hernandez what are your thoughts on the frequency of doing cross it as another way what benefits do you lose or gain from doing twice a week versus four to five times week I think by design when you look a like a program and if it's constantly varied by designer Sheila do it five days week and should be OK if the program is an appropriate volume is good and you listen your body she'll perform that program five days week because of the variance ratio along one day have un de lo para one day and that just depends on how much effort people put in the program itself so today's better than no days but she's also challenging to going to get really sore and then you're covering the really sore again have I never get his rhythm is a Sunni region as good programming I think even go five days a week and you know are also though just to touch on good programming in the gym were messing around messing around here demonstrating backs were talking about Five By Five and so on his five five sets of five reps and so and if the variance doesn't exist in silence trying to do five by five seven times a week with the squad yeah he of a program has various race we did our gym is you have one purse increases template the skeleton many crates the workouts and we have a pure reviewed by six other of our coaches and then it gets back to him so we try to like checks and balance emperor because regardless of whose programming the program has always been the center of a bias towards what you like share and always does he have other people of checks and balance on that how might someone created Skelton a vapor and I'm not saying just Joe blow in St I'm saying one of your coach is right what does that process look like what are they thinking about or considering as they do it I think or look at time domains right you're looking at you know are we talking five minutes we're talking twelve as we talk in twenty minutes or ten thirty or forty met lots of work I got the total duration total duration of the actual ham wrap whatever they're doing right now just for non cross camera as many rounds or reps as possible and then you're talking about in the skill work right what is a theme for the monthly China develop someone can stand we tried a lot of things in play it's it's a challenging topic to discuss briefly but in theory it's Hey let's have a let's have some big macro goal right maybe it's your body ready for a five K coming up maybe it's to get the skill of our gym members need benefit in Acts let's create a macro goal and then during ups make sure we touch base on it several times week his other goals were its like so heavy to three times week right we go longer met concert metabolic conditioning workouts couple times a week and we added the short burst I intensely want couple times weeks in skillet in one thing about a push pull you want to squat once week right you want to incorporate the limitless as you know when you can and that's like the big picture stuff but also with the program you one thing about this idea of you know if I'm going to work out I want to think about what's going to keep people moving so you wouldn't want to do for example my squats lunges jump squats jumping lunges and was like a bunch of whatever will end up happening is people just burn out their legs to sit there and stand there until they can recover any of you did you know jumping lunges followed by push ups are not the same muscles are at their different functions as you can keep your body and as you mentioned when we were chatting before recording just the audio the Olympic lifts generally would come after say a familiarity that leads from there to maybe a mastery of the mechanics of say power lifting movements and some gymnastic but I think we incorporate the limitless early on we do id do that safely I think it always comes out of the coaches are doing right have you you start off you make sure that people can do it right with just a PVC pipe or light bar in the quirky way out but I think the difference is that whereas with the powerless it doesn't take as long to develop the all the techniques incorporated it with the Olympic lists a dozen so yea be okay with being a big lead early on right almost from beginning it's okay the new dawn at a moderate controlled level versus actually kind of push little bit more me to push them all we don't want to push a little of so much so these are developing bad habits in the same thing applies the backsplash is little bit less technical so she will be easier to acquire their highly technical sure let's say you have average person off the street for power lifter comes an Olympic weightlifting if they have really bad thoracic mobility and shoulder extension rights are there here thinking barely
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#246: Building Strength, Improving Mindset, and Becoming the World's Fittest Man - Jason Khalipa