DiscoverThe Tim Ferriss Show#250: Myers-Briggs, Diet Mistakes, and Immortality

#250: Myers-Briggs, Diet Mistakes, and Immortality

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In this episode, I'm answering your questions. I'm responding to the most upvoted questions from subscribers to 5-Bullet Friday, the newsletter I send out every week. It explores five cool things I've found, including apps, books, gadgets, albums, articles, new hacks/tricks, and — of course — all sorts of weird stuff I dig up around the world. It's free, it's always going to be free, and if you want to check it out, you can go here: If you're a longtime listener to this podcast, you'll find at least one or two actionable pieces of information here. Enjoy! Show notes and links for this episode can be found at This podcast is brought to you by Audible. I have used Audible for years, and I love audiobooks. I have two to recommend: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman Vagabonding by Rolf Potts All you need to do to get your free 30-day Audible trial is visit Choose one of the above books, or choose any of the endless options they offer. That could be a book, a newspaper, a magazine, or even a class. It's that easy. Go to and get started today. Enjoy. This podcast is also brought to you by Four Sigmatic. I reached out to these Finnish entrepreneurs after a very talented acrobat introduced me to one of their products, which blew my mind (in the best way possible). It is mushroom coffee featuring chaga. It tastes like coffee, but there are only 40 milligrams of caffeine, so it has less than half of what you would find in a regular cup of coffee. I do not get any jitters, acid reflux, or any type of stomach burn. It put me on fire for an entire day, and I only had half of the packet. People are always asking me what I use for cognitive enhancement, and right now this is the answer. You can try it right now by going to and using the code Tim to get 20 percent off your first order. If you are in the experimental mindset, I do not think you'll be disappointed.

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the more the his this episode is brought you by audible which I've used for many I absolutely love audio books in there one of my favorite ways to pass the time when I travel home on the road all the time inaudible allows me to consume many more books than I possibly could otherwise i've to audio books to recommend right off the bat the first to suppress my favorite audiobook of all time it's the only audio book I've wanted to listen to twice in a row The graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman's it's amazing and you'll thank me there are few different versions I like the version that he'll narrate himself one of the most soothing voices of all time the second book is a vagabond ing by Rolf Potts P O T T S which had a huge impact in my life in form the basis for a lot of what would later become the four hour work week so go to audible dot com forward slash to him and you can choose one of these two books or any of many many other options that could be books magazines and much more as a listener of that unfair show you can also access a free thirty day trial just go to audible dot com forward slash to him you can take more time but you can make the most of it so turn your travel or your commute into something more with a free trial at audible go to audible dot com forward slash Tim to start now and get your free thirty day trial the this podcast is brought to buy for Sig Matic I reached out to these Finnish folks young entrepreneurs very talented after a Acrobat introduced me to one of their products which is mushroom coffee the specific one includes China in lion's mane and it knocked my socks off I highly recommend if you try it you start with half a packet it's been very strong and light up like a Christmas tree in the best way possible people always ask me what I use for cognitive enhancement and for them right now this is the answer I try to force this on all my houseguests is a hell of a thing if I have employees or people come over who are working on projects with me I 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Matic dot com ports iced him that's for cinematic F O U R S a GMAT I see dot com ports iced him and use the code it empty I am to twenty percent off of your first order another expensive anyway if you're in the experimental mindset I do not think you'll be disappointed to try the The boys and girls this is Tim Ferris and welcome to another episode of the team very show which is job to deconstruct world class performers of all different types of all different stripes to tease out the habits routines and someone you can apply to your own life this particular episode is a cutie naps a day do these every once in while these seem to be well received and specifically I am going to respond to the most up voted questions from subscribers to five bullet Friday Five or Fridays free newsletter the sat or Fri with you guessed it five bullet points of cool things that I found or that I'm experimenting with that guess from the podcast to introduce to me articles books and reading et-cetera It's free it's always going to be free and if you want check that out you can go to Tim the log fort site Friday that stemmed out log forts on Friday has more than sixty percent open rate which is outrageous compared industry standards especially for a list of its size to ten million people and I'm going to just jump right into it and I think that if you're a longtime listener of this podcast you'll find at least one or two actual pieces of information here but I will answer them in the order they were afoot it so we're going start with something maybe seemingly esoteric question everyone this is from Nate corn it had to fill the personality metrics such as Myers Briggs et-cetera What are your types I am and I and T J but I only because as I've been told that so many times have never taken the test and the value I think in something like Myers Briggs or other personality tests for personal use if you're hiring I think they can make a very useful first or second pass assessment if you have a large funnel of applicants for said division of Unilever and a particular level position but otherwise I enjoyed studying questions from tests like that because the lead to introspection of some type this is also in the Tao te Ching which is a book that has been recommended by many guests in this podcast is one of the five most recommended and all those are listed in two states but in the sense that questions and the promise from the Tao te Ching are in of themselves only interesting to me because they prompt you work you you to create some train of thoughts of the Tao te Ching says weakness a strength and strength is weakness what does that mean really it sounds just like a collection of fortune cookies but it could and does prompt me to start asking questions immediately or soon thereafter where in my life might feigning strength be a weakness or feigning weakness be a strength and so on and so forth and I tease out that thread and pull on it and it often leads to very interesting places particularly if I am journaling I collect questions I find interesting questions in interviews I will borrow them take photographs of them put them in ever to write them down whatever and I buy books of questions and I by France's went with it and I expect nineteen of twenty questions in books like that to be useless for my purposes there are also boxes of questions that are sometimes turn into games and grow the toss is one school of life the original box of questions I think has some real winners in it which was co created by a lender but Tony has been on this podcast and so on so there you have it the value for me is in the prom king n queuing the providing of some type of train of thought the thread that I can then explore and I use the Tao te Ching almost on a daily basis by flipping to random page or having someone else select a page for me in that way because we get stuck in routine and I like the scheduled use if that makes sense in profits next question this is by Doctor Sergio Andreas ergo quote us this question to Doctor Doctor Money mustache not Doctor Mister Money mustache and I loved it what are the most common misconceptions that your fans have about your work or philosophy where do most people get it wrong to say that most people get this wrong but the most common misconception certainly that fans or readers may have is that the goal is free time or idleness has never been my proposed objective I think that controlling currencies like time and mobility allow you to multiply the lifestyle impact of each marginal dollar that you earn but the objective was never to sit on the beach for the rest are life or rubbing cocoa butter on your ever expanding waistline that's not the most neglected chapter because these go together is scalding filling the void in a four hour work week and I would say there are many other mistakes that they make in the Four Hour Body and Soul and the folks up for work for second another one is that your choice of business matters your choice of product matters and in the ie strongly strongly recommend and this is going to come up again later question that you choose a product and service that you'd be proud to put in front of your entire family all of your closest friends or in front of people you idolize or look up to so if Richard Branson is your idol would you be proud to gift him on his know how liaison and fifty his birthday or whatever it is this as your one opportunity to give him a gift if the answer is No then you might want to think about why that is the case now perhaps you're just creative muse that is an automated cash flow business that provides install it yourself amounts for flat screen T V's that's fine you wouldn't necessarily be proud to give that to Branson but you wouldn't be ashamed to explain your business and I have seen a fair number of people who use very questionable or just flat out un ethical approaches for multi level marketing approaches to try to create automated passive income of one type or another it's very very common and I do not agree with selling garbage or any type of promise of say income generation that you can't back up with a lot of track record so there you have it in terms of say for our body almost every mistake that people make related to this low carb diet which still has the highest adherence rate of any diet that I've seen that I've now met probably close to a hundred people have lost more than hundred pounds and some of loss for the two hundred and you can search just low carb diet hundred pounds of UNC for some amazing photographs and case studies he can get all that information including the diet for free don't have to buy it for a body would love that but you can just search one hundred counts low carb diet and it'll pop right up the most come see people make is they think it needs to be complicated because most diets are complicated because the model is complicate the Prophet let's make the diet or the extra super complicated enough so we can send sell you extra bands you don't need sell you extra meal plans you don't need sell you additional followed CDs that you don't need whatever might be tedious get old and in this low carb diet case it's four five rolls don't eat anything white don't do this don't do this go crazy once a week every day et-cetera There are five or six rules and the guiding it and it should be if you have to ask if it's okay don't eat it ninety nine point nine percent of the time you already know or if you have to ask leave it up that's it and you will not die if you have to leave out garbanzo o cut short as you can actually shouldn't but I cover them for our bodies second chapter on that but if you're not sure if you pour portion control something don't need our carry on a month next is what just missed the cut for tools Titans and this is Zach Zach I am going to read you an example of something that didn't make it in and I've based on this question I was inspired and on a A put the other a blog post its tools of times a few goodies from the cutting room floor you can find it in the blog for such extras and a plug for such extras and in their bunch there are in fact there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cuts that we had to make because the book was long enough it seven or pages we do want to be fifteen hundred nor to the publisher so I'll pull one paragraph from Nov alr of a cop who is the person I call most often for start up advice I would say neck in neck with Kevin Rose they have different areas of expertise but overlapping incredible track record in incredibly good as an investor in multiple asset classes and a very ethical brilliant brilliant time so the question he was answering is What are the things he look for and founders or the red flags that disqualify an investment or founder and there are a few he goes into intelligence and define what that actually means he talks about energy and why that is critical of people are customers looking for positive feedback for instance there are probably not going to make it to the end goal if they're in the often zero sum game of the track starts the last one is where I want to focus quote and finally is integrity because we have someone who is high intelligence and high energy but their low integrity what you've got is a hardworking smart crook especially in the startup world things are very dynamic very fast moving people are very independence of someone wants to screw over they will find a way to do it fundamentally ethics and integrity are what you do despite the money being as the current excuse known to English again if being ethical or profitable everybody would do it so what you're looking for is a core sense of values that rise above and beyond pure financial incentives and now of course he's not implying that being ethical is always profitable at all but is often profitable to be an ethical therefore his point are that is one example you can find a bunch of others couple pages of extras that are fun to Dublin for such extras next this is fifth oh you know it's actually a few other things because there's a follow up to that which asked about other books and there are few things that I think very carefully about putting out into the world if you see if you hear have some type of flip the If you hear anything back I'm in the Montreal offices of shop of one of the companies I've worked with for ever since they had six or seven employees I think that now have two dozen plus contracts guys beautiful offices by the arts are there certain things a I hesitate to put out in the world to think very carefully about one is any type of instruction or step by step process that could be used for very dangerous or illegal activities I always cringe and get quite upset that journalist or media outlets who will say put together a feature piece and it's about how to put together a dirty bomb for less than two hundred dollars Here's what terrorists could do and I find that to be incredibly irresponsible and there in the layout details and I think that is is is really just irresponsible and pretty despicable for clicks or whatever their metric is to create that type of public risk I think is is incredibly incredibly irresponsible so one that fits that category for foreign body I had written up the chapter about how to have genetic testing done anonymously because I do not like to have my name associated with a lot of my biological testing why well their number for reasons I'll give you one that you may not realize that is that feast on your full genome probably only small portions of it since we at this point only interpret small portions you can reconstruct can say you are certain companies that are really far ahead you can reconstruct your face your actual visual appearance based on your genetic code so that in of itself with the deed think well then it's never economists and we're going to get to that point but for now I like to keep my name out of it because there are such things as a special Ice pilots weapons you may think I'm a complete crazy person I know people who can design these things and it's actually not that hard not that expensive so I could just be blowing a certain type of seat race medal into someone's face if they're predisposed to certain marriage entered of disease I know a lot more about this than perhaps I should have this because I've spent lunchtime with odd but very competent scientists here we go so the anonymous genetic testing was something I didn't put out because it would in effect to the week that at that time you have to do it even now that the way you have to do it in many ways would be a how to manual for money and acts of terror through anonymity now if you're really smart engineer you can figure out a lot of this war is just generally smart person who can think hyper rational you can figure it out but I didn't want to put fuel the fire and here's the key to peace the benefit the the max benefit the utility to most people is not that high so the public risk and the illegality engender was not commensurate at all with the benefit there are other cases where I'm putting out seed pieces on how to swim how I learn to swim where I assume the one at every thousand people is batshit crazy I also assume that a few people out of this out of them are really haphazard may be stupid and will will read all of the warnings and potentially not fall so I have to write things very carefully for risk mitigation but even recognizing that some people might do things completely counter to my instructions I think the benefits to teaching thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of people how to swim out ways that nominal risk and therefore get put out these pieces like think it's how I learned to swim in ten days I didn't learn until I was in my thirties so you can check that out as an example of what I thought about very carefully and put a counter example would be chapter in the four A body with David Blaine given seen my episode on TV with him you should I'm not sure if this link is going to be active by the time that you hear this but a TT dot net for slash fearless you can watch a TV program that I did with David which was awesome he taught me to hold my breath and I went from forty five seconds to three minutes and thirty three seconds with about fifteen minutes of training I did a chapter on this and for our body in very quickly decided that the risks outweigh the benefits it was removed from additional printing next question we get Vista to this The okay with that they have no idea on throw wacky acts on that just because the hack it is what you see yourself doing in old age would you take mortality if it became available are you hoping it does any yet here she really wants me to answer the third question in depth Russia will be enough but in old age I hope to continue doing a lot of what I am already doing learning exploring finding things to experiment with and then teaching the cream of the crop that has fantastic benefit risk ratio for the the greatest number of people I plan on continuing to do a lot of intense physical training and I look to people like Gone Wild Man for instance who is one of Laird Hamilton's heroes who at eighty three is hella skiing snowboarding in this case I think a month to month a year right our Div a knee and another has been on the podcast Jersey Gregory these are all models for me and then use menu me in my case because the melon a meet and then but also Gabby Reece Laird Hamilton's wife is a great example of the people who are say well into their forties fifties sixties seventies even eighties who were doing fifteen to twenty pull ups who are hella scheme it removes age as a complete excuse certainly and I will not only train but spend time with people who what can be done despite common excuses here the question what I take immortality became available I'm assuming we're talking about scientific immortality not mythical and mortality in other words assuming you mean that by using film a black combination of metformin stem Cell Therapy wrap my sin all these various things vampire like blood transfusions with eighteen year old who knows that you're able to extend your life hundreds of years for fifty years whatever or forever in this case mortality that also assumes that you if you're like that you know I'm tired of living forever all my friends you can for this are already dead you can just off yourself so in other words you're not some type of Demi god who can never die whatsoever you have the exit option of taking the kiddo route while Kate was ordered to kill a killer don't think it actually just kill them soft center goes or tails off in any case you're able to take that exit option so assuming I that option roundtable take immortality sure the new always have the option to hit escape and I hoping it does this is trickier one eye on some level do not I am not pining after immortality and there are many ways we could dig into this I am all for extending my functional health spam certainly but if you look at the average life span now two dozen seventeen you look at the average lifespan say nineteen fifty average life span nineteen ten average lifespan eighteen fifty if you if you if you isolate your socio economic class and infant mortality because infant mortality is what skews averages in the same way that if if if if Bill Gates walks into a bar the average net worth has few hundred million dollars that doesn't mean anything it's ridiculous right in the same you're counting all these babies that die at day one day ten day fourteen the average life span gets dragged down tremendously but what if you remove infants newborns and you and you remove people outsiders social economic class of releasing this podcast chances are the is the average or median whatever lifespan really hasn't improved that much in the last fifty years certainly an I would just say that I worry about having all the time in the world or the perception of having all the time and will This is my personal concerns or other economical and or see economic and environmental concerns that I would have bought it without getting too far into the swing of his life and so on the free concert and illustrated by Ives that question do you think you're more likely to write a book if you have a year deadline and a publisher holding you accountable or if you have thirty years to write that book I would argue you're much more likely infinitely more likely that Scorsese adoration in the first case the former case having a tight deadline so I do think that there's the possibility I were immortal I would feel no rush no compulsion to do many many many many things and I like the fact that fire under my ass for exploring the world to be taken away at any moment and also for assuming that I have scientific immortality that is barring any type of catastrophic life ending event so even if boring being hit by a bus or having first chunk of ice lemon your head you're gonna live forever you still are guaranteed a long life so there you have a long answer to a short question are the next question is from Paul for life's him and Paul asks the following hymn us a few guests about this but what is your current view on balancing future focus goals and enjoying the present moment too much of one leaves you forever chasing the Joneses well too much of the other seems to lead stagnation and maybe even aisle is thanks this is a this is a question that I think about a lot and I think it I think it can le the focus on present state appreciation appreciation in general and achievement let's just call that future focused can certainly shift over time when you travel up Masters hierarchy of needs and you achieve greater material success financial security et-cetera These things can change my current view I for myself is that by routinely exposing myself to simulated poverty to difficulty to cheap food cheap dress fasting for extended periods of time which you shouldn't do without medical supervision read the tools takes chapter and please I am come basis that I can be happy slash content and those tricky words to use them sparingly with a very very little and that the financial position I am in provides me ate all of the security that I would need with very rare exceptions and for that reason I've tried to temper my drive for achievement if it is primarily financially to our aid I also have this I have on my schedule I would say daily practices for self awareness and the exercising of gratitude five the five minute journal would be an example of that I did that smart have in my backpack right now I have weekly practices that allow me to be more present state aware which I think goes hand in hand with appreciation if you have one you have the other end an example that would be screened free Saturdays when I am avoiding for instance laptop social media and saw I may still use my phone for her and other apps that maps and so on that are necessary for me to function in a city then quarterly resets or two to three excursions to the three day excursions or retreats could be say a silent retreat could be a hiking trip without electronics could be any number of different activities or lack there of that is on the calendar so these are things that are on the counter is take extended trips with my family meaning my parents in this case and if you're if you're not spending a lot of time with parents these days read the tale and is an article by Tim Urban on weight but why it might change your life check it out that Ellen by Tim Urban and so and so forth now if you want to get I would say tissue different perspectives on this and that the philosophically
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#250: Myers-Briggs, Diet Mistakes, and Immortality