DiscoverThe Tim Ferriss Show#251: How to Live Without Limits - Kyle Maynard

#251: How to Live Without Limits - Kyle Maynard

Update: 2017-07-09


Kyle Maynard (@kylemaynard) is a motivational speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and ESPY award-winning mixed martial arts athlete, known for becoming the first quadruple amputee to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Aconcagua without the aid of prosthetics. Oprah Winfrey called Kyle 'one of the most inspiring young men you will ever hear about.' Arnold Schwarzenegger described him as 'the real deal,' 'a champion human,' and 'one of the most inspiring people' he's ever met. Even the great Wayne Gretzky has spoken of Kyle's 'greatness.' Despite being born with a rare condition that left him with arms that end at the elbows and legs that end near his knees, he learned early on with the support of his family to live life independently and without prosthetics. Kyle thrives on physical challenges and, following a few rough middle school football seasons, he went on to become a champion wrestler, CrossFit Certified Instructor and gym owner, competitive MMA/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, world record-setting weightlifter, and skilled mountaineer. This episode comes from my new television show Fear{less}, where I interview world-class performers on stage about how they've overcome doubt, conquered fear, and made their toughest decisions. You can watch the entire first episode with illusionist David Blaine for free at (To watch all episodes, please visit DIRECTV NOW.) We recorded three hours of material and only one hour was used for the TV show. This podcast episode is almost entirely new content that didn't appear on TV. Enjoy! Show notes and links for this episode can be found at This podcast is brought to you by WordPress, my go-to platform for 24/7-supported, zero downtime blogging, writing online, creating websites -- everything! I love it to bits, and the lead developer, Matt Mullenweg, has appeared on this podcast many times. Whether for personal use or business, you're in good company with WordPress -- used by The New Yorker, Jay-Z, FiveThirtyEight, TechCrunch, TED, CNN, and Time, just to name a few. A source at Google told me that WordPress offers 'the best out-of-the-box SEO imaginable,' which is probably why it runs nearly 30% of the Internet. Go to to get 15% off your website today! This podcast is also brought to you by 99Designs, the world's largest marketplace of graphic designers. I have used them for years to create some amazing designs. When your business needs a logo, website design, business card, or anything you can imagine, check out 99Designs. I used them to rapid prototype the cover for The Tao of Seneca, and I've also had them help with display advertising and illustrations. If you want a more personalized approach, I recommend their 1-on-1 service. You get original designs from designers around the world. The best part? You provide your feedback, and then you end up with a product that you're happy with or your money back. Click this link and get a free $99 upgrade. Give it a test run...

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work that I and your fellow listeners for that matter have done on ninety nine designs at ninety nine designs dot com forward slash Tim and right now you can get a free nine dollar upgrade on your first design again this ninety nine designs dot com for such to him the target is journalist in Paris welcome to another upset and Tim Carey Show where is my job to deconstruct world class performers of all different types This episode features Kyle Maynard and you're going to want to check him out I promise in on Twitter you can say love at Kyle Maynard K Y L E N A Y N E R D People often ask me who inspires you we look up to one immediate answer is Kyle Maynard despite being born without four arms or legs he has gone on to achieve feats of athleticism and much more than most people would only dream of mine Vince think of dreaming of these things this includes being the first quadruple amputee to climb Mount Kilimanjaro without the aid of prosthetics being inducted into National wrestling Hall of Fame as in collegiate wrestling believe it and competing professionally mixed martial arts he is just a few know him to be actually a chance to do a short wrestling demo with takedowns and almost broke my knee and arm throw on video which you can see an instance of a cover many stories that Kyle has never discussed or shared publicly before the audio comes from a new TV show fearless and that is fear less with less princes it's about learning to fearless where I interview world class performers on stage about how they've overcome doubt and fear in me that some of their toughest decisions you can watch the entire first episode with David Blaine the illusionist and endurance artist for free at E T T dot net for such fearless and that's a TT dot net for such fearless into what all of the episodes are ten of them including the episode with Kyle please visit DirecTV now seen as Google now DirecTV with one T so not direct tv but we recorded three hours of material only one hour is used for the TV show this podcast episode is almost entirely new content that did not appear on TV so I hope enjoy it as much as I did for the ado here is the incredible Kyle Maynard the the most embarrassed and on the stage will be deconstructing world class performers of all types to uncover specific tactics they've used overcome doubt that the hard decisions and ultimately succeed on their own terms my guest tonight is a member of the National wrestling Hall of Fame near Times bestselling author and his summit Mount Kilimanjaro among others he inspires audiences around the world with his message to Congress challenges with his own unique style please welcome the stage athlete author and Mountaineer Kyle Maynard the uh the uh the uh the the many siblings do three sisters three sisters what doesn't kill you the uh the uh yeah the one little brother so the bastard in the lag in each other's wrestling move on here like running around the house don't want to if that was I was on the inflicting side unfortunately there was a grown man I'd rather fight my sister knew that teams like tough dude the bad like tough former wrestler show His love in life in fairness but how were your parents parenting styles different there was a difference for sure and I think it was like isnt good balance and less lame my dad was like he wanted to be an ex wrestler now my mom was like she told me he puts in enough pain on a map with you like to find a way to get out to find a way to get off the mat and leg that was that she was like had this like tenacity like a Cobra Kai the kit was based on the wind in your grandparents enter the picture in terms of your close relationship with them like hours after I was born and they were there the whole time and what was your was your relationship like with her grandparents and spend the vast without them and they are everything to me now I get I choke back the tears sometimes this and my grandma so she passed last year and it was really that big moment for me in terms of kind of like that awaken or if like what is my life about really you know my grandma you know you know she can said this from her experiences in like a religious background I think it can be certain even like a more universal sense of the pie this like she said that Kai like God doesn't make mistakes now I can I take that to you and mean to you unlike the universe doesn't make mistakes right there and whether or not that's true it doesn't matter but it's a cool it's an interesting place to come from right the Stokes talk alot about like say I like how are on this path this trajectory unlike whether or not that's true it doesn't really matter if we go and you know act as if Izzo and that things are as they should be just a better place to be I think they used to pray every night like I was a kid I just like wait wish that I can wake up and have arms legs and I had spent my entire life focused on that it would have been a different life but she was everything I mean she she think that the most powerful lesson that she ever taught me was on these to go around in her shoe Source together to stop in now in the aisles the purchase or in sometimes you know in ah we would meet people and she just she teaches as soon as people hear your voice will see your face and shake your hand will totally forget about the disability and now it's like an embedded Blake had not a command was you know it's like that's like so much my life has been carved by that everybody I meet now you know a lot to me then and fifteen minutes after not really the disability not like that the big deal yeah I kind of funny because I can read people lies in terms of like almost like you can see some tiles from across the I like fixing the fan and ninety nine percent the time to get a normal handshake back remember this bun B and the like that one percent I'm a girl ask me out a couple hundred AC this like his fear and panic right now to shake their hand in there like pas and its like to have an arm wanted me to the way to come into the corral the bombers on the ride was awesome because I like a process that could work with a grandpa or he that my grandpa on for one super smart and I didn't I inherit those genes he and I mean like super smart he was like valedictorian on the shore and add yours in Illinois as an engineer news in with his mindset when Dad died as a engineer as well and they really were just great being able to figure out ways to go and act different things you know like the actual tt was of what would be helpful problems or sad totally man I don't learn to swim believe it or not those in my thirties when did you learn this is funny as I know Howard Stern and he called my dad and ask for this I had basically put me in the middle of one of my back and as soon as he thought that was like good and I got it then he got out of the pool is like now figure out how to get out I really start trying to stay to the bottom of the four I suppose you know kind of as a pri four years olds like that therefore wow was the writing radio eating swimming was the most difficult of those and is there something else I'm missing aside from asking girls out that was particularly difficult for you the physical stuff was was last taxi mechanic like figures in and I had this idea disbelief like those be a way to be some tool and writing in particular is little bit trickier as little or because it was on I wanted the in terms of like the adaptations equipment they use a lot more serve Spartan II want things to be very simple very mechanical like very low a few points of failure and nine first on this group an amazing group that helps people with spinal injuries while and wanted to go out have the drive is this massive massive Ford van news like this huge thing with like I was like at these touch screen computer that is back in two thousand and two or three I saw in touch with computers unlike joystick for the outcasts the break I'm like alright this is crazy right and driving in like tile lanes in Atlanta rush hour traffic with this like giant debt trap like there is this just ain't going down barely down the highway and like the IDE Now Never Again not doing that again like not control the lien on the freakin highway like there's no way and I sell this case the object but now I mean they have petals that drive just that I can see it just got basically lifted up an extended pedals very simple pop in my car and drive it it's like legs underneath the neon now he's my left foot to hit the brake my right foot to the gas and gram scale farms and I'm tied friend actually has done some pretty scary things like climb Everest and stuffs like one of the scariest moments of his life was when he's driving with the first time I grab my phone until a cancer in the eye I like the Bluetooth thing going mm I want to talk a little bit about Cub Scouts sleep in general the law should I join the IRA story about the cave can you talk a little higher experience I think this is like where I found my my environment on my homeland McGinley this on video I mean there's some training environment I realized it was like his great equalizer so we went to this cave in boy scouts meeting my dad my grandpa were there how to crawl through these like tunnels in the right its like these tiny wet cave tunnels I was like awesome like to spread past everybody around her and the true view to the Athletics and what came first guest street hockey was that some of the first competitive sport I don't know yet I didn't so the first like a team sport they played was I was football and wrestling but it was like on those had this interest in sports obsessed and had this delusion and liking I'd be in the NBA someday or like you know I'd be like a big Atlanta Braves fan and like John Smoltz who Greg Maddux like throwing fastballs and you know change ups and stuff might think the really cool thing was that my parents to let me have this like had this dream and like squelch it my mom is a bit more pragmatic I think so I did go to play football you know she was telling me that he might be like maybe the water when the team to find a place for in my attic I sat on the quarterback on a beach on the spiral touchdowns and is interesting how those dreams that didn't like Hezekiah am sure is you know you can really write that the dreams you may have had a certain point in math test exactly how you saw him go but it set you on this path in this journey that then takes you down other turns in court or zany go into other directions you never would've imagined before city agencies world's strongest team for ten pounds got up to two ten each arm what was that the world's strongest team for Jian see those bench presser guess who's on base as seventeen eighteen years old it was like God we just had a pick like a way to enter and forty pounds and just did in the repetitions a good sort of like a Kanye task kind of situation and on the competitions to twenty repetitions of that weight about LIFE hundred and twenty thousand time there it was crazy because like i think i open agenda by eight years ago and frequently when some of the college and like talk to me a lot of times or not Disney but whatever coaches they were going point somebody doing something amazing a good going say like there's no way can go into that now I had on time that's like needs like I have no idea where that person started no idea like the massive amount of failure that when ending being able to go and get to that point where then they're doing something awesome the difference is they stuck out the good work and that was the result so yeah it's like at I think I can go back in time and tell that ten year old like that was really struggling like ass someday be able to join a list that waiter travel world as a speaker you know mom had businesses and you know it's an amazing girls are all that that system experiences or climbs the highest peaks in the world are like if I could tell that ten year old that it would almost seem like a fantasy story and I think that in coming back that question and talk about a bike veterans you know and so maybe it's really hard spot if they could talk to someone ten or twenty years version of themselves ten or twenty years later after they had really face in many spheres I think that they would have their mind blown as to what they be able to achieve for sure I I mention the gym which brings to mind have already alluded to this is like the red door knob and six cents on get to my question which is Georgia why don't you guys move to Georgia and my grandparents moved out I guess what's expected today to members who died in just like we're in Indiana it's just there was any news like the snow and like all that is the best thing that happen to think and in doing the moving going to Georgia but was also highly felt like the worst Eunos I tried to stage a family could eat I like trying to overthrow my dad go back to Indiana was like I just noticed that alot you now kind of gets you sort of cause I mentor and help a lot of different kids with disabilities in when I noticed that those transitory periods in time like that is in major transition in someone's life on with the move are going say are going to middle school high school or high school college or college you like the you know the world then it's it's those periods of transition and the most difficult and it's like my friends in the ass on me as Kyle is on as normal and now I've got to go in like reclining ties an entire new group of people in Georgia how how did you imagine sports is huge too and took it for that I mean I mean job or a few dozen people that our bodies in war president has raised as to what the what helped you in that transition aside from sports and was the self talk or what did your parents or grandparents E I think we were there very much my mom especially trying to con saying she was she's like a big cheese do is talk about like cyclists in attics you know in all this race like he knew it would just talk about mind might just be trailing things I had like folks in the positive in all that those really am super glad that she she had that perspective but you know was always the case my mind to know is obviously go there in different poly that one of the most difficult transitions I faced was going to frown as a freshman Jordan write a book and as you know in going launch a book and it's like it changes your life pretty dramatically a new book to all the stuff got to be on Oprah Larry King when I was nineteen and it was like this I went from being a full time college student full time business traveler overnight and in my community people knew not that I like that is billions of like that was as big an issue really be gone and traveling especially those traveling by myself and many people looked at me very differently and you know of course they want help and things like that and I've had some pretty hilarious events where it was like for sure I learned that one of my bigger challenges was like except in how there are some times where I knew that it just be better and easier if I like whatever it was dim our I one time in the New York airport LaGuardia is a really super steep that way and on this guy in a little bit of an argument where he tells me he works at the airport is Tommy Hass that push my wheelchair down this jet lag might not be better better if I did like he's like now after his liability and Mike go back and forth find it and this guy was like that whole scene EVER same literary heroes and takes about three steps down the jet way its foot caught in the back wheel chair and he goes down so he isn't just like Lego has launched a down night that I think the people their eyes at my like this is the the to grab the wall the slow myself down and it was like this big streak of blood came out Crime Scene and I bought a mirror and all that like for her and she's laughing hysterically when I'd survived by a good liability coverage oh was like you just saw good never ever help me get the right stop helping me move my coaches to stay after practice and even Lily tuck his arms into sleeves and rather wrestle from my perspective now in China for hours like just try to figure out moves that can go into the light times do we look at things we forget like you look at one person's achieve something great or I calm and that one that that person right we'll see the NASA lot of people hundreds of people thousands of people that poured their life in to try to help the person you know for sure I I read an essay by us were seriously which was I'm not a self made man and he does commit the same point people ask me all the time as a self made men always like when we stop here and there you don't see these all these other people all the other input digits to come in the picture first before opening of the gym that she can kiss I add sauce and Gracie videos now is like I want to try and sizes and price increases the tax and the footage of the cheetahs the new DHS ninety s is an eight he like that yes someone like that bothers me is I was like whoa like taking another human's able to do this to another human like that to learn and I when I got choked up by a girl I was like the super quick to see trial judge me slack den i was like out you know I was like wrestling club level but still like preparing to go to the Nationals gave wrestlers home away from worst to bad habits like I really wanted the trial took now but will grace the just the time the eye and soon due to I need to do that another human being choked people yes must do that are this chick do this to this guy was going to get it together as a two hundred pounds and as I was like How could this be you know just to get bitten by that bug before opening the gym or was it concurrently was the timeline for I've been training for a few years in an open age and actually chose to pursue a fight and they may like within a couple of months and it was like fast in Leon I had tried to in the May five four needles and seven and got denied and so is the state wouldn't commissioner or the Michelin sanction and yet was it had commissioner has a will to actually tell me I think is doing here for people with disabilities my support again s and an attic mission meeting will be probably a license amateur fight George and unlike a couple weeks before the fi there's a big outcry and internet lot of people had opinions about things and said some pretty gnarly stuff in my sister's bike ride dreams and the stuff you know people saying as little as freak show giddiness on TV and come take a chainsaw and cut my arms like saying Auntie to like that classy classy you to comment and the sea as it was kind of first time doing something is very polarizing like that and on it was the experience is also coupled around like white tile edges of an age and training for the fi you know and like some nights like sleeping and jamming open open up those like classes I like the CEO knowledge and or you know so the Lakers and keep stirring workout go clean the toilets like all those things are going on simultaneously trying on pair for this fight which is likely because it is my life and it was an experience that it was back and that was amazing to me and my best friends actually some of them one of them is here's the director of a priest documentary on it has been bought and now it's on Netflix but it's me during the cold called A Fighting Chance think those are first timers are being thrown to the Internet Wolf I think they're hungry enough thinker to eye about that what did you learn from would you take away from that I mean it is really no matter what it really difficult experience but you also then at them in your family reading these things what you learn from or actually liking for the different way he can tackle like you were to give yourself advice just before getting into that's again what would you said have compassion for me have some empathy for them and understand that like a demon you all they're doing is they're projecting my capabilities based on their own experiences and then imagine like fire and Kyle shoes then of course you know what evidently going to do this or that and if you don't have any experience because I've never trained with you or whatever then it would make sense guy going into a fight no punching kicking his loud choking as loud all the stuff it's like seems like crazy and ridiculous until calm train together can change your perspective right then it's like I know that they do it in their map of the world in their understanding that it was like Get it makes perfect sense and at the same time in the cage gets in there and be the first time in there looking out not as a spectator but as a part is that I was like such a cool being that it was like wow like ninety nine point nine nine percent of people it said those things would never have that view because they're so busy talking shit that they don't live their life to then have that experience and there is on the Teddy Roosevelt thing a quote from a speech he gave but this excerpt called Man in the arena where I I really encourage everyone here and to go and check out made a huge impact on the river definitely check it out you know I also wasn't middle again Jackson but at one point for some like minor infraction of the universe Roy was just like
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#251: How to Live Without Limits - Kyle Maynard