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63: MGM Stories Part 8: Eddie Mannix

Update: 2015-11-03


In the new Hollywood satire from the Coen Brothers, Josh Brolin plays a studio 'fixer' named Eddie Mannix. The real Eddie Mannix was a New Jersey-born reputed gangster who rose through the ranks at MGM to become the studio's general manager. His position required ensuring that the darker, more scandalous actions of MGM’s biggest names were kept hidden from the public and press at large. While devoting his career to protecting the personal lives of MGM’s employees, Mannix had his own colorful personal life: a chronic adulterer with a history of domestic violence, he married his mistress Toni, who went on to have an open, Mannix-endorsed affair with Superman star George Reeves, whose death under mysterious circumstances hung a cloud over Mannix's legacy.
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63: MGM Stories Part 8: Eddie Mannix

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