73 - Chill Satanist

Update: 2017-06-1512


Hang in there, it’s a new My Favorite Murder! This week, Karen and Georgia delve into Berkley Hostage Crisis from 1990 and Fall River Cult Murders.

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my brother here with Dan of a current the like guardians of the galaxy tilt you like this lectures to enter all talk or Triple T we're a lot of pants down action here texting a movie theater all all broken down by our good friend Chris you do once I am doing so good so happy to have Taser phase a phase you of the two nd Taser phase there might be a little surprise you at the end you're gonna want to tune and on yes wakes the the time you need coffee for a coffee once again a tear in the cool people in the school coffee and then copy and it's hot some call you Can I sit here and there are companies like them they have in my favor murder planned and they support artists which is super cool yet so it's seeing a thirty percent off right now by going to read or coffee to calm the promo code is murder we really should go the the The surcharge sir and we are here and we are phony this is how you the cats are now on I hope you like it we were told by podcast consultants that we should actually just the beginning of the podcast This podcast you can go to the ground person you are pro that's right the great job you can trade any you can go to h e double hockey sticks and can also email us that Sears has to get that the social going correct weather and wear and were and I were both on bumble even though George is married with another one and I actually um we you might have to cut those out Stephen Hazell say her name to year but I don't know if that is Lizzie and I were talking about bumble we were just talking about dating a nightmare as Nell and that stuff and in the composition of her trying to get me to join the dating app I convinced her to rejoin tender what it was the the turn it was like she was trying to convince me in ASU's convince am like well then and they just don't know I just don't know I know you write this whole area here good you just like gonna turn this mother for the runes I never knew how to get to meet someone a fucking gas station something asinine My keep hanging out doesn't he scar the problem is I my arms or his cross been getting gas so that negative the inherently more interesting you don't want superficial shit think Eunice down also I just don't I don't I wouldn't know how to pick people based on their picture because I don't get I'm fine I'll take friends i phones and be like yes yes like to read their thing I don't know because it is African states might I was it before Lizzie for little bits that thing more then you start seeing other people's tastes are the really funny rhyme like oh I would have said yes to that disease like a net cash this is the murder podcast by the eyes this is called Karen's that's how we um this is called the on them this is cold did you hear this interesting true crime based piece of news which lots of people treated to me on Twitter there's a woman named Agnes gun who is basically a crazy rich philanthropist she sold a Lichtenstein worth a hundred sixty five million and donated all of the money to criminal justice reform specifically with the eye to reduce mass incarceration this country oh my God of people sent to us on Twitter there are some good billionaires out there likes like some pop finally some positive in as six grade I thought was very cool I just found a friend of mine in a frat like someone she is going down I'd he's late summer of eight years he was going to prison for eight years for having some pot on him now in Florida though yes she just thinks so heartbreaking his his whole family is not going to have his income his kids are up about him whatever he can do to be a productive member societies Fox Lake just doesn't make any fucking sense to me it's so crazy that some old leftover now seem like blue laws they're just so old blue Laws are like those laws that were and I don't know if they were specifically New England but it was like It's like you can't you can't drink on a Sunday and this county say all that old shit that's like they're just still on the books yet as no one took them off he can spit because ninety eight Spanish live and walk in and track in or how could it should still be legal yeah that would be nice to he okay so okay we're going talk about Mommy Daddy dearest finally because we've been promising and yet you have any other short pieces of business before we get into the discussion business business below the video of Kayla Brown when she was discovered on Todd Cole ups i rmb you know farm or whatever a couple months ago there is that they found this woman should change and storage container a few summers like they them opening it getting to her and I was like I can watch this because I picture her like screech like I pictured the end of Texas chainsaw massacre yesterday screaming and sand and it was nothing like that and it was almost worse I went to watch and I wasn't watching with the sound obvious knew that very bad and the first shot is she's fully dressed she's got a chain around her neck Ray Landers a caller on the deck and then it changes a mattress mattress but it looked so weird she looked like she was for kind of throw down like she was so scared and therefore months I'm not sure and had seen before she boyfriend shot shot and killed at the A and had probably been attacked yet his AF in the second it started I was like No I'm not watching this I just what for like I'm glad she's rescued that's great I want her to get better I want yet herded be strong all positive vibes I don't need to watch that moment of horror I felt bad but I didn't like the champ though and I think it was so interesting to me is how calm kind of hit home of the thing everyone always saying you don't going to be like when I am of what is it the situations of crisis whenever someone gets killed and he acted like so common it's like the dough never know what it's going to be like for someone was like the perfect early traumatic event this is a perfect example of that to me and she was like immediately like I've been locked up and hair by Todd Cole had for this many months he shot and killed my boyfriend like she was just like yours information in case I kick until her last days and it is amazing I also think I that the cop said to her look something like where's your buddy or do you know where your body is which is her boyfriend was murdered which I just hated that I don't know why and maybe the phrasing sounded differently and just judging the written word I just hated that it's like he's on a child sits on his her body to body system yet are here but it's probably just him trying to be like Yes I'm Your friend distance saying Yeah like Loki I I like to be judging the um let's see if Orient to the I wanted I wanted to plug the animating podcasts Twitter I think is a new Twitter is not a follower yet yes that may I just say that they go podcasts on Twitter there's one of our broadcasts short little clip that just brought me so much joy and happiness it's so Cleary if it's amazingly done first especially as fast as we tahan as oval and talking over kind of overlapped yet where that could not have been easy even like they had my eye went boom yes I just made and it was perfect just as hilarious cartoon Stevens an aunt in our oil or its just like they took a clip or a podcast of us speaking and made it animated it was very exciting it savor honorable has also just like kind of cool so talented and can also relate to that they it started me talking to you and pointing at you which is seven I just like us they did Steven O my God when they panned over to see the mike I laughed out loud for it was such a great job great podcast they do it for other podcast go on to their feed talking mast it's very cool and thank us for picking us yes I Steven had a kitten named after him congratulations I think I cried a little bit got in the backyard or I can think of a higher yet if I can think of my God I don't know complement yeah I mean it's just yeah just means a lot it's really cool so the kids name is Dam is kitten Grey by E Ray Moore calling it more as I just think is so her very cute the so cute little tiny the it's like the tabby not you of us it's like a tabby like stripes like brown and gray home so growing up I our congratulations to pay this month Ray Katz rain that kept him going towards the cat the cat I okay Mommy dead deer and people been asking and asking for us to please talk about it and today on on my car ride over somebody I'd checked my twitter and somebody was like Are you in all caps one of the said Have you guys so that they are asking a very polite way of like Did I miss it have you guys talk about this yet and just an all caps a road not yet let's never talk about it every time let's move on and is bring up every episode it it's time is finally time is here to as mommies says bed I know I finally hit that I finally watched A I was the I was the one hanging us up because I didn't watch it for so long and I just watched it like three hours ago really nice I find I caught up in its I loved it so good it was amazing and it's funny because I thought after watching it since I watched the keepers first I was like uhm actually go to Netflix series Kino FS eight part saying in whatever I thought it was really and also I am so fascinated with Gypsy I did I It's like I don't the women were talking about the fact that she was con woman manipulator and so that's all she when you mention the her kind of hot like parody not the hugest fan of the baby and that kind of like the giggly baby was which was forced to act like her mother forced her to have that personality and to have that kind of like the people I'm not definitely a new batch for this not a psychologist ok what are you a psychiatrist once the polls are I am glad I heard view now from some long time ago that when when older adults women have that baby voice it's because they experienced trauma as a kid and never got past it yeah so they sound the same as it did back then rate from school or a CSA say it's real well I've heard the same thing yeah I can though she's being interviewed from prison ya its school crazy I can't imagine what her inner life is like and I wanted to be mad at that Dad had butt Lake Dam a stepmom I but if you like me you're only seeing it through I feel like if the mom was still alive and she was putting in her two cents you'd be like Oh yeah I would have moved seven states away yet even though it's little clips that they had of her were frightening and that she is a frightening creepy woman alike ok the dad while high was a very smart so I feel like he was just manipulating Khan too clearly for sure his her parents were like yeah we had like they were harmed yes well and also when it's that and you know that she is either she has some personality disorder I lie I won't even though all I want to do is say which one as the wells will mean much if you have one chosen by party at which means you're willing to hurt your child to get attention so here's the rub and that salon I know but also maybe Vin maybe even a psychopath yep somebody treated in said SEC the past can feel anxiety I saw that that cool because so they never get nervous or not or what they do or who they're lying to or what they're doing the the twitch in their eye of like lor then like burst out an array like his anxiety is nervous ness yeah and and and anticipation of a situation and our anticipation of something happening ya so thank God I'm clearly not a fuckin so see what it's like a firm yes we know we know you're not a psychopath clear clue literally based on my pharmaceutical history of the clearly I was but I mean ya the idea is that like going through because I kept going when they would say and then she had the surgery it's like how the fuck to get to the point where she's having surgery did those doctors yam those I mean I know that they moved around a lot of doctors want to get suspicious of it and she and her believe the entire length of the first hill is always in a in a pediatrician's should be this could possibly be it has to be there everyone but she's with medicine rate so she's like Oh she has this thing then she's giving her that's giving of the reaction that's me and clearly is when a smart and knows a little bit about medicine in some when they open the medicine cabinet and closet Plaza also the pictures from around the house where there's just like brand new Disney slippers everywhere it's like to see a thing was creepy as fuck everything is pink in Disney and creepy and so she's kind of a quarter she's kind of like this like bunny slippers it's just yet it's the creepy s and the weirdest did is a girl on Twitter who is the light I guess I was like I just realize that I have a photo of them with them it's one of the It's a girl listens she like worked for Ron McDonald House or something oh that's right issues the photo the photo op with and yes smiling Yes honey when you won that and also she think she has her arm around an eight year old and the eighteen that that part of it also because gypsies eyes are like a little close together a little cross to enter teeth like stuck straight out which I'm sure is from being poisoned like leukemia worked for Mike Maker to be fodder for her hand so she kind of has the look about her words that something could be wrong and what mother brings her baby and is like yes well Stephen as the home Brianne this is the one who sent us the picture in it ran its amazing also when you look at this mother you look at a person who used to like in the beginning when they have heard the pageants she was like member something that pertain to or it's like she clearly Gilbert became a big shit about the way she looks yes some section of this other project now and so she can elect oh was living vicariously through her daughter's illness issues heeled shoes eliciting that exact like she wanted peace empathy she wanted like an emotional connection but she didn't believe she could have it the way on her own merit brand if it's cause you're going to post this on Instagram Steven Lee poses as crummy as you know I'll fucking member well thank you it's such a good measure the other talk about the I don't know if you watch it but I randomly watch and you have to narrow and how especially if you're in the Falcons as a bath which he isn't the May to Bernie Made off the with Peck and Robert A Narrows reading a good or is so good ok I know I'm obsessed with a birdie made a case anyways I know it's not her knowledge ship he's a sociopath yes it's really interesting the way they kind of show it's just such a tragic story be a psychopath yet and ya it's so bad oh and then it's um what's her beautiful face as the way I let her name on the ever so yeah she's great it's really fun thing that everyone was really cool I not sent for me that's it for me to get out of here by my favorite shots of Tom I don't know I I I I Australia and go to my favorite murder on slash live band were playing were playing to a place where Rooney an Australian island were coming down so it's a pitcher throw something on the Barbie for me that is not transitory Hey champ all seafood Grille to Grille walk there or We Are We Making Do They Hate Us now I think Barbie is the grill grate so yes it seems like that's a thing of theirs they're like very beachy many so much food we go there are a parent yes soon after doing almost everyday Food Rae Anne Amie and became lot of time sometimes it's on sushi etiquette what he did an EEG at I don't know how I'll tell you ok you get hella fresh it's a meal kit delivery service that makes cooking more fun Karen C can focus on the entire experience care and not just the final play which is I know your thinking Georgia it is my thing the final play the up but here's hell a freshman and creates new delicious recipes with step by step instructions designed to take the around thirty minutes in any one from novices like me to seize and home cooks like year 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it down put up for me that's a separate row that you would call assets like a picture remover and we Age Imagine No me neither lets him and see what they say to contact our common session G O O K I A as a returner let's get to meet Stan thought you are a care in the local it's funny the author now way back and stick my feet up in there and just listen up because this is my favorite topic how hero actually I found the Aaron Kelly fans on life I thought they were there was one cool that I wanted to do and I don't did but then I was just like what the other because I'm not a big coal terminal at Jamestown obviously Johnstown jam some clearly I'm a big fan I love James Jamestown actually are like a really nice little retreat in the camp for children with values is like the first settlement in the colony but I definitely could be wrong because you I can't remember high school at all so I was in no way laughing at you that part but I do love I love of I'm a huge fan of this and then always go with the number of undying life and the theory of Jonestown it is I love it you obviously because it came out of San Francisco Affleck going when it can be that's as a hometown it's just so epic just the amount of people who actually killed themselves is epic I look at heaven's gate which I thought was really fascinating one I suspect and for heaven's Gate is so crazy too because it's so and yet dull that's the weirdest part and it's like we think are going to goes as planned at worst a ship or whatever um we like computers and we and then we kill ourselves in the And there's no blood there's no I think they killed some people I haven't stay at her like a left thing oh ya ya have to do it sometime i really wanted to Waco because in it's way more complicated just like I don't wanna touch it because it's I think it's pretty fucking inflammatory like I know it is your rate because I think the story everybody got initially and I was on fire it's like the children weren't letting him to mount yeah there's a lot to it I think the last time cuz the left do a Waco I'm sure they'd make sure they did it beautifully on how this is the Fall Rivers cult murder boo had never heard of it never heard of an hour outside of Boston the town of Fall River's Massachusetts Palin writes in the nineteen seventies there was a crazy fucking recession me they had the gas it when mine was even only a gas on certain days depending on your license plate and it was like odd Wednesday Friday and then I mean that whenever I remember with my dad
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73 - Chill Satanist